7 Things Not To Do in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Pubblicato il 17 feb 2018
Don't miss these essential survival tips on things you shouldn't do in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.
First 26 Minutes of Kingdom Come Deliverance:
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    • I don't know if this was the case when this video was made, but bathhouses can heal you

    • Should be worth mentioning that a trip to jail can redeem you of your crimes. So if you f*cked up completely, just let them throw you into jail. Sometimes the guards will immediately attack you and you can't surrender. In this case: let them knock you out. They won't kill you. And you'll be fine after that.

    • IGN i keep getting called sir knight because of how good my armour is is this good?

    • Don't tell me how to play my games. Jerks

    • I highly advise learning to read early, as if you don't you might run into some problems with a couple quests that you can't take back. and while hilarious it isn't always optimal.

  • You guys forgot to “always carry a torch”. Because it can become to dark, and also its illegal.

  • Number one thing to not do... Kill more than 10 many chickens, because if you do, your game will crash.

  • 7 things not to do: 1) buy the game 2) play the game 3) look at the game 4) touch the game 5) return the game 6) remember the game 7) tell your friends you played the game

  • Oops. I did them all. Dammit

  • This game is pretty complex

  • Jokes on you, I have my own unblockable attack that requires no special training... Walk backwards until you desync the lock on mechanic and then stab away while the enemy is chasing you, as they cannot block anything if they aren't locked in combat.

  • I’ve played the game twice. Loved the first time (at release) then just started playing again recently and this game is awesome. I love the combat.

  • Apply poison to arrows

  • 999 k views

  • 2:43 *laughs in garbage man*

  • #1 thing not to do is buy it.

  • Repair your armor after every fight with your repair kit. Those guys in town charge an arm and a leg to fix them for you.

  • Need to make a second !!!

  • This game is one of the best games I’ve ever played in my life ever I wish they come out with part two

  • Your forgot the most important step: Learn Hungarian

  • #1 don't play this game.

  • This game is so haaaaaaaaarrrrrrrdddd

  • Never once have I researched this game nor knew about it till about 30 mins by finding it on PS4, now my YT algorithm is going bonkers...WTF CIA?

  • But can you pee standing up?

  • #1 don't buy the game, #2 don't download the game, #3 don't play the game, #4 don't waste your time

  • Just get the human dustbin perk and chow down on rotten meat

  • First thing not to do is to not play this game on hardcore..

  • Bathhouses give health also

  • Just finished this game, didn't have that much of a buggy bad experience throughout. The ending is one of the most memorable father son endings I've ever played.

  • Piss off the guards

  • Your horse's tack can also get damaged, but only by enemy attacks. If you dismount before battle, you'll likely never ever need to repair horse kit. You can repair it if the damage is on the do-it-yourself threshold. Reins and Saddle can be repaired by the Cobbler. The caparison by the Tailor. Armor by Armor kits (DLC only, but I think everyone just buys everything about this awesome game outright). Horseshoes do not wear. Not sure if having worn out gear impacts gameplay in any way, but I like to keep it tidy. A way to quickly earn Repair skill is by using repair kits to repair every piece of gear you find. You can stock up on repair kits on tradesmen and still make a profit. Alternatively, taking evey blade you find to a grindstone or repeatedly blunting and and sharpening them up is a viable, boring but low cost strategy. It's quite easy to do. I find it easier to do with a keyboard and easiest with an analog controller. Furthermore, it's waaaay cheaper to repair a piece after every battle than it is to take it to a tradesman falling apart after a ton of battles. I always carry one of each kit in my horse for that. Depending on your playstyle, you'll burn through kits at a different rate. Plate and chain armor will eat up your armor repair kits, so stock up. Usually the ones the enemy drops are enough, but the bigger kit is more carry weight effective. The ammount of repair kit consumed is proportional to the value of the item. Likewise, so is the repair cost if you take it to a tradesman.

  • Don't play it.

  • you can also rest to get rid of food poisoning

  • Don’t listen to IGN they really can’t be trusted with your game reviews listen to me once you master perfect block you can fight whole Army’s

  • 1:37 Do píči :DDD

  • Titled incorrectly. It's titled 7 things NOT to do, yet goes on about how things work and things you want to do... smooth

  • They should make an rpg that takes place in the Americas during the French Indian war. You can choose your path. First person and third. Clothing, food, sleep, medical care. So far as an amputation that will effect gameplay. Sickness. Friendships , court ships with any one in the game word. You can be a soldier, criminal, farmer, trapper. An assortment of different muskets. Fully customizable.

  • I'm like 98% done with the game...6 months ago. I need to finish it but the time it will take to get back into the saddle is scary lol. One of the best RPGs I have ever played, I guess I'll just IT-tvs the ending and wait for the second game.

  • You haven’t gotten far have because after a while you learn Henry’s not a peasant

  • Saviour schanpps and sneak attacks agains that knight asking for a duel is my go to technique for full plate armour at early levels.

  • If you're tired of getting wrecked just get a bow and you'll be an unstoppable killing machine in no time.

  • But You didn't like KC:D!?!

  • Sometimes the "realism" only applies to what the game devs want to emphasize in difficulty. The law system is basically broken and the movement system leaves something to be desired, but otherwise this is a solid enough game. I hope this game dosent get abandoned and actually gets fully developed, because I love it from a historian's perspective.

  • IGN with the most basic tips and tricks just so it can put a video out. Go actually play a game you noobs

  • I barely did any of this stuff besides staying with the main quest and I still beat this shitty game

    • That's really sad. You missed out on a lot I guess.

  • In the old time its funny how people always ganked each other, no honor

  • This is the best game I ever played. I've never seen anything like this. I binged the entire main story and that took me more than 2 weeks and also the game kept interesting till the end. I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn't played it yet.

  • The Bailiffs Mace best weapon, just run in and two shot people in the head and destroy people in heavy armor

  • Don't know when this changed but now master strikes can be learned way earlier. In the main quest you're sent to train the basics with Bernard, have a contest with Hans capon and then you have to report with the bailiff. As soon as you get your orders from the bailiff you can go back to Bernard for training and learn master strikes, combos or simply sparring with Bernard stops time so you can do a lot of sessions before you have to report with Nightingale the next day at noon for patrol.

  • Omg I need this

  • They take the goods from the horses now

  • Playing this game in 2019. Y’all should’ve waited like I did. Game was a buggy mess at release but was still a historical masterpiece. The devs fixed a lot of the bugs. Plays amazing. Plays nothing like the reviews I saw on IT-tvs from a year ago. I love how punishingly hard this game is.

    • But it's not hard. That's why the simplicity of the systems and the way you interact with the world are painfully obvious. I find it tedious.

  • the game becomes too trivial when you bump up your stats, even on hardcore

  • nice, i will certainly do that, not to do.

  • See i haven't gotten any of that training stuff yet. But i adapted to fight many opponents by hedging them away from their friends until i only had to worry about two fronts, rather than three or four, and using trees to shield me from arrows.

  • Combat in this game is challenging and fun I was training with the captain and I got hurt so bad I started to bleed and couldn’t heal myself and I actually died so I had to get better armour

  • I liked a video from IGN? ... What... is happening...

  • I honestly don't understand why so many are finding this game so impossible. My very first playthrough i chose Hardcore mode, german language, and watched 0 tutorials. I'm having a ball and very rarely lose at combat, even against (spoiler......) black Peter when he ambushes you with his poisoned sword. idk i'm not a great gamer which is why i just don't understand i guess.

  • #8 - don't buy that buggy POS game

  • I feel like this is more "7 things too do" not "7 things not to do"

  • I think Warhorse added a time limit to battles. I say this because I wanted to get my defense skill up. So I was fighting a weak armored bandit. Just blocking without counter attacking. After about 5 minutes of just blocking shots with no attack. The bandit dropped dead

    • He had a heart attack from exhaustion :))

  • I never eaten food. Just visit the brothel and have a lady and/or heal wounds, bath and laundry. And eat directly from a pot from any house with a door open/Inn/Tavern or scattered about the game world And once you unlock the free bathouse services perk. Made it much more convenient. Marigold and Lazarus potions to heal after a battle. You know the drill

  • impacent debt collecters thugs you mean the guy i scared half to death

  • I just hope warhorse will expand this game or make another game like it.