7 Millennials Decide Who Wins $1000 | 1000 to 1 | Cut

Pubblicato il 13 lug 2019
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7 Millennials Decide Who Wins $1000 | 1000 to 1 | Cut
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  • Not gonna lie Aaron is cute and seems like a rlly nice guy

  • i’m not upset with the three that were left

  • why is no one talking about how earl literally called sonne out because he didn’t want him to get away with acting like a pr*ck

  • Sonne is a god damn idiot! He thought that a god damn dog was more important than MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES! I have 5 suicide attempts, and take meds for depression and anxiety, and I want to spin this mans head off!

  • Earl is a fucking king

  • Destiny was so sweet I love her

  • aaliyah definitely deserved it. the last 3 all did a lot!! it probably means so much to her. but pink haired girl was not having it 😂😂

  • Earl or the camp counselor should’ve won

  • Sonne and Tracy's reasons were kinda bullshit. Also, Aaron should have stayed longer, he genuinely was a good guy and deserved to stay longer

  • ok but if sonnes mom is going deaf in her left ear how will he have no way to communicate with her when she can hear in her right ear?

  • Sonne a bitch

  • sign language and pink hair were the Most irritating mfs

  • Sonne's greedy and just want the money for his desires that he had to belittle the need of someone..The girl needs it and he was acting like it's not even important.Hes bitter and not compassionate.How about earning money on your own before helping your community because how can u help them when u cant even help yourself?..So get a job so u can help them more than what u have been doing(if youre really helping them)and I kinda doubt u for saying u have to learn ASL by attending class.Did u even teach ur mom the ASL too?Because your excuse having no time is not even reasonable.Cant u communicate with her through writings?Where's ur money coming from to support u and ur schooling?.I know a lot of poor people who didnt even attend sign language class but can still communicate with their deaf family members more so to ur mother unless she cant read and write at all.

  • The only reason aaron was voted off is bc he is a white male🙄

  • Sonne and the dog girl is annoying af They are just fucked up They were being so mean to others because of they were kicked out

  • Wow, Sonne is kinda mean. Yes, you are somewhat "evil" mate, no one actually called you that and you were already saying "I'm not evil, I wanna live in the communities I'm helping" and all that BS about having to pay for free sign language lessons; the diss towards mental health and utter repeated hate at charitable work. I mean is an unfair vertical system often full of corruption and theft in some regions, but it doesn't seem like that's you're problem with it. Jeeeez, like those dudes who scream "but I'm a nice guy" every time they rape or atempt to rape someone. Fuck off Sonne, such a "nice kid"... petty "kid", lacking empathy and logic, tantruming. I don't think you'll ever wanna grow up.

  • I’m so glad that Aaliyah got it

  • Omg with destiny I felt that. She’s so nice she didn’t want to vote for anyone

  • No offense but as much as I love my dog that isn’t as important as paying for something for a human thing. It is valid but still...

  • i think aaron should have won he is talking about a camp that changes kids life💙 i go to camp kesem and i think he should have won

  • Aaron was such a good dude. So was Mohammed

  • Sonne is a bitch

  • How did destiny get so far?

  • you can’t learn sign language on your own? your dog is gonna develop cancer again lol so wthhhh kids are really dumb

  • I felt so stressed for destiny omfg

  • erin is my fav❤️

  • Sonne is an asshole I swear

  • Sonne is my favorite

  • It's not going to be the white guy, I can tell you that right now.

  • Damn Earl really went for it when he ask if he could vote off Sonne again

  • Aaron please marry me your everything I want in a man. Nice,Reasonable,Cute,and good with kids. pink haired girl can fall though

  • I vote Tracy out.

  • Mohammed deserves the money the most. He was doing it for a great cause and he seemed so genuine, he should’ve gotten it.

  • Okay but the shit eating grin Aaliyah has the entire time is very sus

  • Destiny is a queeeen

  • poor destiny that’s so rude you are making her feel so bad aaron is right

  • can we just talk about how beautiful person Destiny is inside and out?

  • my parents picked up asl dvds from the library for me when i was like 5. if sonnie is serious about learning it to communicate with his mom, he'll find ways other than a college class where 90% of the information won't be retained. also who tf says they're tired of hearing the word charity????

  • I feel like this is the nicest groups out of every other groups. I wanna be friends with everybody except Sonne cause he said a lot of insensitive stuffs

  • You should try 7 homeless...

  • Aaron has resting rich face 😁 That's why he ain't make it.

  • YES sonne was a bit of a jerk, but his reason can still be valid! People still struggle, even if their problems are small and have an easy fix. You can say that small shallow water is no big deal, but someone could still drown in it. The same with personal problems

  • What kind of fucking mental health treatment costs $24,000 other than a boujee rehab facility? That bitch is scammin'


  • why sonne tryna act like he can't watch ASL videos on youtube

  • Destiny’s reaction to everyone trusting her made my melt happy. She seems so awesome and so sweet .❤️

  • Aaliya finessed everyone

  • The number of times the word "like" was said was so fucking annoying

  • The first boy eliminated didn’t care bout his mom cause he voted him out such a shame...so selfish

  • I wish I was able to participate but I live in South Africa.💔

  • Tracy omg..... I hate her

  • I honestly just feel like Sonne wanted to exclude charity reasons because they were a threat to him


  • I’m happy Tracy left

  • I struggle with mental heath issues myself and let me just say that Aaliyahs reason for the 1k was not impressive. I got through everything entirely on my own. I believe you can change your life by changing your mindset. Destiny was the only one not being insensitive or rude. She said what she needed it for and stuck with it. She didn’t want pity from anyone.

  • sonny is a BITCH

  • tüh alliyah's cause was not important like figure it put

  • Why the fuck do they think summer camp for kids with cancer patient parents is the least useful way to spend the money? They all talking about charity but all their reasons for wanting the money was more for their own personal use

  • It’s interesting, a lot of these take the same formula or route to get to a final decision and I think some higher priority uses for the money get voted out early because of their perceived threat to some people. I think that it would be interesting (if the time allowed) to try working this in the opposite way and have people vote for the order that they think is the highest priority other than themselves and then have the person with the least of those votes be the one to be eliminated. I’m curious if the act of having to prioritize someone’s needs above your own in voting would change people’s approach to this rather than the act of voting someone off (prioritizing their needs below yours). Either way, it’s a really neat concept!

  • Sonne is the kind of person I would not be friends with

    • He's the kind of person I would hide from. He gives me strong vibes of being like an exclassmate from Uni who lived by my apartment, she was always bullying me at school and followed me to the supermarket to try to wind me up, embarrass me, berate me for the sake of her predatory personality disorder, and was obnoxious in general. She respectively reminded me of my half sister.