6IX9INE Feat. Fetty Wap & A Boogie “KEKE” (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

Pubblicato il 14 gen 2018
Watch the official music video for "KEKE" by 6IX9INE Feat. Fetty Wap & A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie.
Listen to 6ix9ine’s debut mixtape, Day69: 6ix9ine.lnk.to/DAY69
Buy/Stream KEKE here: 6ix9ine.lnk.to/KEKE
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Directed by Figure Eight Films
Filmed & Edited by TrifeDrew & William Asher
Additional filming by
Mixed and mastered by Wizard Lee
Produced by @WalteezyAFN
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  • Judge: anything else 69: spongbobs parents are not cookies

  • These youngings are being swatted like flies just wish Tekashi is safe

  • I love fuck boy boy shit fam car wash shit

  • 2020?


  • Snitch

  • psycho

  • 6ix9ine: "These are not my real teeth"

  • I like crip

  • 50 cent is best

  • Я не панимаю а ни идут по улецы и бют всех падрят🤔

  • dalbayob

  • Where you from nigga

  • Rip 69

  • why is Fetty winking at me fruity ass nigga

  • Her: would you step on a dog for £1,000,000 Me: 1:20

  • Lyricks for ya I'll be on the block on the regular With my niggas busting at the cops, on the regular Bitches sucking dick, giving top, on the regular Catch me water whipping straight drop, on the regular Yeah you know I run up with the shit on the regular Bare faced, I'ma hit a lick, on the regular Posted with the drop, gun cocked, on the regular Yeah I'm 6ix9ine with the nine, on the regular Niggas want war yeah, kick the door yeah Niggas want the sauce, yeah, shake 'em off yeah I'm still in the hood yeah, bussin' juggs yeah Rollin' through the city, yeah, with my niggas yeah Niggas want that bitch back, I don't chit-chat Run up, hear a click clack, blow your shit back Baby I ain't a hot boy, I'ma block boy Double trigger Glock, make him Diddy Bop boy Nigga we be busting at the opps, on the regular Nigga we be ducking from the cops, on the regular Bitches sucking dick and giving top, on the regular Shit that's on my wrist, it cost a lot, it ain't regular Nigga if it's coming from my spot it ain't regular Someone's will is on a different side, it ain't regular You can't take the money when you die, it ain't regular Niggas with me really ready to die, on the regular Pull up to his door yeah, get on the floor yeah Pull up, we gon' shoot, don't check out the score yet Different colored coupes, shmoney on the floor yeah They know I got juice, drippin', drippin' sauce, yeah Pull up to his door yeah, get on the floor yeah (yeah) Pull up, we gon' shoot, don't check out the score yet Different colored coupes, shmoney on the floor yeah They know I got juice, drippin', drippin' sauce, yeah They know I'ma ball like LaVar (ay) 'Bout to take a trip to the stars Let a nigga drip in designer Ay, makin' money, flip for the mob I fuck it up, I fuck it up, mmm yeah Shmegular, that's regular, mmm yeah I hit it on the tour bus, oh yeah If I'm a player, you a slut, ooh yeah I told my .38 "I love you" That my baby, when I pull up she pull up, too See the, Hermes on the buckle ooh, and a Lotta bag in the duffle, yeah Leave 'em wetter, let it rain, nigga Put the thirty to your motherfuckin' brain nigga, uh I'm runnin' 'round with the same niggas Same niggas that'll take a nigga chain, nigga

  • "*I be snitching on the regular*"

  • Being free ain't regular

  • I Be Sitting In my Cell On a Regular

  • 1 6xi9ine

  • How is this a song

  • This shit was 2 years ago? Dam time flies

  • Almost at 1m dislikes LETS GOO

  • *Hmm...very interesting group I see.* 👀🤪

  • Judge: is that all? 69: Drake copied my song KEKE

  • for some reason this song make me think of simper times, ABOOGIE verse was so hard

  • Judge : anything else ? 6IX9INE: Yah , Rich the Kid isn’t really a kid.

  • What’s funny is all these gang members are black

  • At 0.33 there is a thing there. I didn’t know IT-tvs would let that be there


  • Tekashi lip synced a boogies verse more then a boogie did lmao

  • Well now I know where mom has been going every day ;-;

  • Lol when they where recording there was no song its just 6ix9ine Moving his mouth so bad😂

  • Snitch😒😭😢

  • 2:02 is best part

  • The first tittle been "on the regular" withount Boogie and ketty and this song from 2017 i think april but may

  • Why 6ix9ine here?

  • Baby Iain a hot boy im a block boy, double trigger glock make him diddy bop boy 🔥 🔥🔥

  • Me gusta su ridmo like si también eres de mexic

  • Judge: Is that all? 6ix9ine: Ever notice how Santa wear red?

    • @AyeeYT Use your fucking mind dumb ass

    • That makes no sense..

  • *These Skittles comercials are Getting out of Hand*

  • When ur high, 6ix9ine Looks kinda scary. I mean like bar devil or something :DDD

  • Two reasons why this video is viral: 1) 6ix9ine used AUTHENTIC VIEWS D0T C0M to go viral 2) 6ix9ine got the infinity stones in his teeth and looks like a rainbow.

  • I Miss Fetty

  • Can't wait for 6 to come back and take over the rap game straight away again

  • tell me why fetty sounds like one of them Indien rappers

  • Hello y love ❤️💜👍

  • These songs r trash.BTW u should be called VSCO BOY not 6ix9ine

  • Like for kobe follow for GiGi

  • I trust these guys with my sister 😊

  • Rip-off of Juvenile “Back Dat Azz Up” in first flow

  • Judge: is that all 6ix9ine: Roddy ricch isn't rich

  • it-tvs.com/tv/video-OEYEBrb3ZhY.html

  • Judge: 10 years left 6ix9ine: I am a snitch

  • This look alike some Boston tea party

  • I am the noisy guy in my place my quad sound high af😂 my nabhors love me🙏

  • Хахахаххв лол топ ты топ лил пип похвали ево

  • I kind of miss this time of the internet. Anyone else?👀

    • me too bro i miss sixnine