6 Taylor Swift Fans vs 1 Secret Hater

Pubblicato il 9 ott 2019
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  • I suspected Fallon through the whole thing but obviously it wasn’t haha

  • It was obvious. Knew it from the beginning. Don’t know how they couldn’t tell

  • There should have been a counter for every time aleisha said Like

  • Am I the only one who thought it was Alesha for sooooo long!?

  • No one gonna talk about how Annie was a genuinely sweet person? I’d love to be friends with her.

  • how many boyfriends did taylor swift had anyway in the past? Did she ever think that maybe she could be the reason why they all left? no hate really no hate. just curious.

  • Who is NICKI MINAJ hater? Please

  • The glue stick with the Afro was like silent how does no one not notice him his Afro looks like an orange 🍊

  • please do 6 pewdiepie fans vs 1 secret hater

  • Annie reminds me of Camila

  • They voted the Asians out first. We like her cause of her eyes. Just sayin

  • these are not fams these are stans

  • I respect the people who’s not a fan

  • I don't know her name but is that black girl ok? Like what's really good sis? Is she on drugs?

  • Of course, they vote out all the POCs first. BRaVOOO

  • Anybody notice how two of their names together made Jimmy Fallon lmao

  • What they should've done was name on album, then take turns name the next one so no one can copy.

  • How is having a least favourite song rude?


  • I’m a swifte!!! And I have trust issues after watching this... whoever lies about being a TS fan is the reason I have trust issues

  • I kinda knew it was alisha all along because she kept fidgeting with her hands and looked nervous

  • "I ThInK iT wAs MiKeLA"

  • My all time favorite t-swift song is you belong with me!!! I love all her music though

  • i thought it was Annie

  • All the white people are Taylor fans

  • These lot are tooooo much man.

  • People who haven't had plastic surgery vs. someone who has 90's kid vs. 2000's kid Jews vs. atheist Doctors vs. nondoctor Feminist vs. non feminist

  • y'all should do a Justin Bieber one and invite me duhhh

  • “Successful white woman” as if not all white women are not successful. The right word in a different situation would’ve been; “a successful black woman”

  • In the 2nd round i felt like i didn't belong😂

  • HOW DID NO ONE SAY “The Man” IS THEIR FAVORITE?? Ah it’s my feminist anthem.

  • Oh my gosh. Aleisha did SUCH A GOOD JOB.

  • i hate her lol

  • Yeah right connected with fans

  • Aleshia said the word 'like' about 20 times in one WHOLE sentence

  • this is how many times they say like | v


  • Jeremy is so cute but SO annoying, I had the biggest hate-crush on him

  • I knew it was aleisha

  • Taylor Swift fans are the coolest and so nice and positive you can tell that Annie is a fan and the last three.

  • “But like her as a person, she’s like kinda annoying” Reverse card sweetheart.

  • They've should brought KANYE

  • if they get voted out, do they still get money if they aren’t the mole?

  • I knew from the beginning 😂

  • 11:37 can someone count how many times she said ''like''

  • 00:30 notice her right eye and u'll know the mole

  • Scott is literally the only person on this series that doesn't say that they knew who the mole was 😂

  • Aleisha is literally missy from big mouth js

  • Makayla put too much sunscreen on

    • StealerEmu what does that even mean

  • I hate thise peapole

  • 4:52

  • Can we get a “6 Billie Eilish Fans vs. 1 Billie Eilish Hater”?

  • Do the same thing but without any moles

  • Bruh who listens to Taylor Swift these days?

  • The first 2 who got out was Asians

  • I thought Jeremy was my ghoul boi Shane since they kinda looks the same to me when they smile

  • scott looks like bob ross

  • annie needs to chill omfg

  • Yes these Taylor Swift fans are annoying but they will never exceed the annoyingness of Erin from the Vegan episode.

  • i mean i aint a hater but its not like im a fan either i like maybe a couple songs i heard on the radio which i probably dont know are hers