Pubblicato il 19 mar 2019
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  • Developed these over the better part of 15 years snapping pics. I CAN DO THIS! Habit breaking in 3....2....1....(p.s. what are some of YOUR bad habits???)

    • Tip the tube Tuesday?

    • Not recharging the camera battery as soon as I come home

    • I always shoot full manual, exposure and focus

    • Forgetting to charge battery’s and off load video clips and photos when after I get home! 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Watching too many videos, wasting good day I could actually....photograph.

  • I have been photographing (with serious equipment, not point and shoot) for about 2 weeks now, so I am assuming I have no habits yet. But I will be sure to avoid letting these become habits :)

  • About that backups: well, in IT there's a saying - People divide into two groups: The ones that do backup their stuff and the ones that will do backups. Guys, remember to backup. No matter if photos, documents, books you're writing or scans of important docs. If you have data in only single place, consider this data can vanish ANY TIME. I backup my RAWs (like you could store film from analog) on mineral DVDs (they claim these can hold data safely for hundreds of years) and everything else in multiple places. Just in case.

  • When you said #6 it threw me back to that day I forgot my battery charging and I was standing at a nice perfect location with all my ideas flowing and just literally melting into madness... so EVERY time I triple check my bag and all my outlets in my home just cause lmao I am forever scarred lol

  • another dope video... question: what's with you, drake, toronto & the owl logo?

  • Only the tip Tuesday.

  • And here I am enjoying shooting in pitch black or when then sun is up high in the sky

  • Number 2. I'm way ahead of the curve on this one. I thought it was because I didn't know what was going to look good so I just take the shot from every angle and figure it out later...🤔 turns out I'm just really good at photography and I do this on purpose. 😂🤣 Great video brotha🤙

  • Mine: watching too much of pete's videos without actually going out and bombing photos (*not actually guilty*)

  • "Maybe Two-Minute Tuesday"

  • :Autobots roll out!!!

  • I delete stuff in camera all the time, It's the worst.

  • I watched this Friday, had my first photoshoot Sunday. thank you for tip on continuous shooting. It was a lifesaver for some posts.

  • Smoking cigarettes.

  • the game gear was so badass, I was so jealous of my friends that had one. Setting there with my non-color Game Boy lol


  • Tooty Tuesday because your own bird logo thing lol

  • Helo from Czech Republic :)

  • I wanna work with you

  • So any good photographer will tell you to always have your camera with you. No problem, I got it. But, what they all forgot to tell me was to also always have an SD card in said camera. Because without it, it's just an expensive paperweight. Sometimes I just have to learn things the hard way

  • You're number one shocks me because I'm thinking of somebody who does weddings they can't just not do it because it sunny outside. You need to learn to adapt to whatever you have coming against you . . .

  • Crap, Im very new to this photography thing and definitely in camera delete.

  • yes make a video on how to shoot in a plain sunny area! i live in texas and its just sun

  • I always do 3 and 6 hahahahaha

  • I shoot mostly portrait photography. However, I’m a bit shy and I always feel like I’m inconveniencing my model. I often don’t take the time to get my settings right or set up for the shot that I am envisioning because I don’t want to make my model wait. There are also some shots I envision that require my model to get on the ground, etc, so I never attempt them because I’m afraid the model won’t want to do it and will be inconvenienced. Does that make sense?

  • What is a raid?

  • I thought I had all my propellers for my Mavic drone... lol

  • My bad habit is stay up late before big jobs... 🤪

  • Lots of cut in this video

  • 7. ALWAYS bring your camera everywhere you go.

  • My bad habit is forgetting my SD card before the photoshooting hahhah

  • You may be right but shooting at sunset is great!:D

  • what about 12 minute tuesday? waaay more realistic :D

  • Bad habits dont bring a spare camera battery and your first battery dyed and you can't shoot for the rest of the day🤣📸lol

  • I listen to these like podcasts more than once. The information is stored.

  • Always check the batteries. Hehe

  • Number 3 definitely only works if you are also guilty of number 1... As a portrait photographer for schools, I work with a range of people and in a range of conditions. You are taught to OBSESSIVELY check that screen! Make sure it's PERFECT in just a glance!

  • Appreciate all your wisdom, thank you!

  • Actually i dont remove the SD card i upload the photos

  • habit No 6 leaving you batteries in the chargers or the memory card in the computer :-)

  • Personally I never delete my photos, but mostly I do watch them in a week or so... and seriously sometimes in fact most of the time I found... F**** I took this shot

  • For checking the screen too much. Easy to say when you always shoot in perfect conditions😳 I shoot show jumping. One second the horse is in front of a white tent in direct sunlight, then a cloud comes overhead for like 5 shots while I move positions twice for better angles and the horse ends up in front of trees or just the sky or a fence or bleachers or more white tents or who knows

  • Yes!!! ✊😤 Getting me ready before I get my first real camera👋

  • #6 is without a doubt my worst!! 😂😂😂 Thanks for the video! Love your content bro!

  • i had it in Mexico 1day...caring my camera and a tripod the whole day ... cause I forgot my SD cards back in the hotel.

  • Always forget my micro SD that I last offloaded but luckily I keep two in my camera.

  • Dude, i honestly picture the beatles checking out the fans "you guys like the tone?" hahah just made the 6 bad habist list and put it on my room so i keep looking at them and NOT doing it.. thanks man you great!

  • Tip #6 hit me hard. Went to an event thinking everything I need was inside my camera bag. Got there and camera wouldn't turn on. I forgot my batteries at home.

  • Would love a video on the direct sunlight!

  • I rely on my LCD wayyy too much. I almost never use my view finder.

  • You're getting me into a bad habit!!! Getting addicted to your videos🤣🤣👌🏻

  • 5:51 Peter can rap, man!

  • My worst bad habit is leaving my SD in my computer and not putting it back in my camera. I now carry and extra card in my wallet.

  • It was the Sega Nomad man!

  • Love your intro,,,,how do you set it up....do you know of any free editing programs ??

  • Hey, what kind of gloves are these?

  • You can definitely make good shots but to have the best shots then yes wait until the ideal times

  • Bad Habit this Christmas was... Don't forget to charge batteries!

  • Close up photos make me vomit

  • Ten minute tuesday