Pubblicato il 19 mar 2019
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  • Developed these over the better part of 15 years snapping pics. I CAN DO THIS! Habit breaking in 3....2....1....(p.s. what are some of YOUR bad habits???)

    • Peter McKinnon holy shit, your b-roll is gold!! Great content, thanks for sharing!

    • Telephoto Tuesdays! thank you for this I just started photography and I'm already deleting pictures I deem bad on the camera I should stop deleting them

    • Delete from camera, forget something at home.. 😂

    • Speaking of Sundays. There's this guy around the corner from me that Sunday shifts his Mustang. I mean, technically, there is fire in the engine but he just putters around this despite a cam that is a few steps up from stock. It really is a waste of a Ford.

    • Shooting weddings has to be particularly nerve wracking. If one is doing product photography and none of the photos are to the satisfaction of the customer one can always set up again and take some more. Weddings are so fleeting and one has to get good photos anyway, and they think it is a once in a lifetime event so they are going to be really unhappy if the photos aren't to their satisfaction.

  • Not doing shoots for free

  • Too much try hard humour in this vid...cringe a little. But love the channel.

  • Dude, I found your channel yesterday and been binging ever since. Incredible photography, I have learned a lot, and your personality is so uplifting and energetic. Love this channel

  • Yo you should rename it "Ten Miniute Tuesday"

  • thirty minute Tuesday

  • Tonic - Tuesday!!

  • If you just said you aren't the best at shooting in direct sunlight then why would i want to watch your tutorial on shooting in direct sunlight?

  • First habbit I dont have enough money for camera

  • I did way better (about forgeting something). Once i set up portrait shoot on location and put my light out, set the music to better mood and someone asked me that we can start shoot. So i said "wait i just left my camera in my car... and went to my car... and what??? My back pack wasn't there i left it at home :D.

  • Number 5 is my Bad habbit and I hate myself for it

  • I offload after a week😂😂

  • how about "Just the tip Tuesday"

  • Maybe you can try "Just the tip Tuesday"

  • I always take like 30 or more shots, I used to think I had a problem lol

  • Tenacious tutorials on Tuesday

  • Bad habit: Getting caught up shooting what I like rather than what the client likes and ending up with a million photo's of X but maybe 5 of Y.

  • I feel like risking my life or part of my body for a good picture or a shot, is not a bad habit because I end up with good pictures, but its something I should do lesser.

  • Bad habits: 1. Refusing to shoot in anything that is not in perfect condition (sunrise, sunset etc.) 2. Not shooting enough photos during session, photo shoot, event or anything. 3. Deleting photos in camera 4. Referencing LCD screen too much 5. Not offloading the memory card immediately after shooting 6. Assuming I have all gear in my backpack.

  • "some minutes tuesday"

  • Bad habit of all is watching all these videos but do not go out and shoot. Just do it!

  • Awesome, practical good and damn good advice!👊

  • Guilty as charged!!! Will change, thank you for this video.

  • Tip#6: just did that today. Shooting a model after work. Not sure I have an extra battery or correct lens. May be shooting with my kit lens! Oh well. I'll make it work. Good tips!

  • Autobots...roll out! 🤣

  • Please make a video about shooting in direct sunlight.... oh, and you did. Name tip... hmmm... Tuesday shots 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • My bad habit is actually not checking the camera setting enough because I shoot a subject, then I move slightly to the side, having other lighting and not changing my settings. Another bad habit is to forgetting my tripod LITERALLY EVERY TIME I GO OUT. I just keep thinking I won't need the tripod


  • Tipsy Tuesday with your boy Peter!! 😂

  • Is it also bad habits? Know my camera that how it works, but when I borrow different brand or type of cameras, then I am lost. 😂 I trust my eyes than technical knowledge. Not sure it is bad or good. Btw you talks a lot, but I like how you talking. 😃

  • For the first four minutes I thought someone was dressed as a ghost behind him until he finally spun around enough to see it was the back of the chair lol!

  • Overshooting shows less talent of really seeing the moment

  • 6:19 made me check the timeline

  • Made me think of “don’t throw off the emporer’s groove!!!”

  • Bad habit : watching videos about photography and being completely interested but not buying any cameras or taking pictures. (I'm disappointed too)

  • I do pretty much all that, or have done it. The one SD card I decide to erase, and it wasn't backed up. I generally save all my SD cards as a RAW backup. It can be expensive, but it's there just in case. I also go back in time and sometimes edit and upload old photos, but it's rare. I tend to look back at certain photo shoots and kick myself for not attempting certain poses, especially because there is little chance we may shoot again wearing the same outfit. We usually just pick one outfit, move on, and that's it. I will admit that I am primarily a convention photographer, so I think the time of day type of shoot really doesn't matter for someone like myself. I tend to shoot in all scenarios of the day, this includes rain. Luckily my cameras have all been weatherproof, but that doesn't stop me from being careful either.

  • I will offload my sd card

  • No 4 perfect analogy.

  • Thanks for the advice, I don't think I have a problem with number 2. For example a few days after the 4th of July I went to see some fire works with a few friends and family, it was the first time I got to actually use my camera, and within the 20 minutes of fire works I took exactly 508 pictures of the fire works, the next day after I went threw all of the pictures there were still 200+ pictures left. By all means none of them were great but they weren't horrifically bad. You can actually see part of one of those pictures that I used a text mask over for my channel art. (Not a plug I don't upload videos for entertainment anymore, just saying if you want to see part of one of the pictures it's there)

  • I certainly hope these file issues don't happen to folks but remember, files are RARELY fully deleted. A formatted drive should be fairly easily recovered.

  • Offloading cards. Suuuuper guilty.

  • Same as you mentioned. 😂

  • Bad habit #3 is definitely me 😂

  • I manged to forget my camera ones, that was a faceplam movement...

  • Actually? Edit: I’m too new to have developed any habits :/ working on it though...

  • Love these bad habits, so true. You’re also very funny and entertaining to watch! Thanks!

  • The behind the scenes fail takes are awesome

  • Okay where can someone get a digital LCD IT-tvs Counter?


  • I just wanted to say how much I like your videos, and how much they help me. I am really into photography, and these help me so much.

  • Tangential Tuesday! you always going off on tangents!!

  • Just take photos, stop being so technical. Why would we have such powerful editing software for us to take 50 photos of the same subject with minuscule adjustments along the way?

  • bad habit #1 Taking really bad pictures lol

  • You talking about listening the band. I have a friend that I would stand in the back of the bar and listen to the sound and let him know the changes...LOL

  • MY bad habit, which happened when I upgraded from the Nikon D3300 to D500, was that I shoot too much when I shoot concerts! That D500's 10FPS is a God Send for me! but unfortunately it has meant that I have a LOT more photos to go through once I get home. Like, a LOT more. Lol. I recently shot and reviewed Static-X and DevilDriver and since I was reviewing the whole show, I got shots of the openers. By the time I was done, I had about FOUR THOUSAND PHOTOS!!! I got some gems, yeah, but immediately I knew, "Uuuuuugggghhh...I'm going to hate the post processing and going through all these in Lightroom, deciding which to flag and which to ignore"

  • Do the video on direct light please!!!

  • How about "Peter's terribly titled two-minute tips" jkjk

  • He hates the gym, bro if you need a personal trainer I got you 😂

  • I work with some other photographers and they don't shoot both vertical and horizontal, they only shoot horizontally. Always shoot the same pic horizontally AND vertically!

  • hahaha, you busted out with "Autobots, roll out!" Classic! :D