5G: Explained!

Pubblicato il 19 ago 2019
5G is getting a lot of hype right now... so I had to see for myself!
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    • Hello everyone am senior enthusiast!! I appreciate your work to inform everyone! I inspired me to create a video!

    • 5g is killing birds and bee's and people like you are like I need my 5g bruh!

    • I'm looking forward for quantum computer networks in the future if it ever comes, effective 0 latency network across the whole world would be amazing. Also it would allow for instant transmission between future Mars crew's and Earth.

    • @Boss Baeta cut out a growth from being around 5g too long

    • Good luck with the brain tumor

  • I thought Donald Trump promised us that every single inch Of America would enjoy 5G coverage in his 1st term...uhhh. Empty promises. Empty promises...

  • 5G is super dangerous…

  • Explain 6G... and yes it’s a thing now.

  • It’s still same antenna for 3G 4G and 5G. Just a name. They only have faster RRU and module. It’s like a company. They need to upgrade faster processor and RAMs then the power for the RRU to handle high traffic. It’s all fast when one phone using it. But when you have 500+ cells are on it then you have slow speed. It’s the same as WiFi

  • Since the 5g LED streetlamps were fitted outside our home in April, we had our older cat die of a seizure (1st in her life) within a few weeks, & another, young & healthy cat, started having seizures (1st time in his life & biologically unrelated to the 1st cat) within a few months, only when he sits on the windowsill in line with the nearest streetlight. We've had to block-off the windowsill. A local 5g expert said the radiation would be higher there, although it also penetrates walls. Within a week of installation, my partner & I were/are experiencing insomnia, headaches, skin burning/irritating sensations & restless legs. Lots of people are getting nosebleeds. We live near Gateshead, which has been a testbed for 5g for years, now, & it's terrible there. The death rate has soared (under Freedom of Information Act since 2011) so much so that the local council has purchased a funeral business. Many people, especially children, are experiencing bleeding from the nose, insomnia & other radiation symptoms, & cancer, stroke & heart attacks are much more frequently reported. A 5 yr old boy died there this year, from a heart cancer only previously found in radar operators. Two children diagnosed with cancer in same street at similar times. There are no small birds left, & very few medium sized birds. There were no wasps around litter bins this summer, & I've seen v few bees there. It's barely been in our area a year & already we're seeing trees struggling & less insects & small birds, on top of the other ways it's already effecting us & our pets. Checkout the LED streetlights, too. The LEDs themselves are dangerous & should have diffusers on them. Families in Gateshead are suffering from the LEDs as well as the 5g. They've had this tech much longer than elsewhere. Facebook group 'Stop 5g UK' with yellow picture, for more info what's happening here & how many towns & countries have banned 5g, & also checkout retired Royal Navy Weapons Expert Barrie Trower's 5g videos, by searching on youtube, (he's just done a brilliant talk & you'll find it by typing into youtube 'Barrie Trower 5g Totnes'), & also expert Mark Steele's youtube channel 'Anthony Steele' to see the evidence in his videos. Put in 'Anthony Steele 5g'. Mark has worked with this technology for the military, designing for them. He's a whistleblower & yt took down his first account with videos of meter readings in kids bedrooms.

  • That intro is pretty damn good, I gotta say.

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  • We will be slaves of the Luciferian illuminati deep state.The main stream media has so dumbed us down we just can't see 5g is part of all that. Further research William Cooper or Dr Rauni Kilde both martyrd by the deep state. They died trying to bring you the truth.

  • This is pretty cool and a break through for tv streaming, but for the fact that it doesn't travel far might be of a great limitation.

  • Stop 5g it wil kill us just becuse stupid people want faster internet so sad

  • Very good video! 👍

  • Is 5G dangerous

  • Can you explain more in detail about 6G !!

  • His only "gut" feeling is price and time. Blanketing the world with towers doesn't even slightly concern this guy. This technology as a weapon is well documented far beyond youtube conspiracy videos. Videos like this really reflect how doomed humanity is.

  • You have a very good knowledge of RF technology and your video was very good. Your explanations were excellent. One question, do you happen to have experience in radio communication? You just seem to know what you’re talking about a lot better than a lot of guys that I’ve seen. By any chance are you a ham radio operator?

  • Are you aware of side effects of 5G on living being?

  • Great Informations

  • 8:21 "You've probably also noticed that the ping is still at 4G levels too" The 14ms ping is likely between the 5G node and the server.

  • apocalypse 5g no good ! too much radiation verry bad for our health

  • Shit I only get 0.8 mbps

  • What happened to your arm ?

  • Don’t take my word on this, as I’m not spreading it like it were a known fact... but I’ve heard that theres been many studies that show that 5g can be damaging to human health, more specifically, to our dna. I believe the reason I’ve heard is that similar to the way a microwave will cook food, or that the sun will sunburn our skin with enough exposure, the high frequency of 5g waves can pose a threat to us to a similar effect. Does anyone have info to prove or disprove this claim I’ve heard many times? I’ve heard people say that it’s not dangerous because we also are often exposed to higher frequency waves from other sources, but can we be sure that there’s not more to it?

  • It's very bad actually when it will come out there will be no privacy Cancer rates will increase and hackers could see where you are because its so fast and those boxes will be everywhere. And they put those things on The schools

  • 5G hasn't been scientifically tested for safety. Developed by the military there are concerns that it will cause heart problems, strokes, sterility in women and cancers. It has been banned in Brussels, Vienna, Russia, Tel Aviv etc.

  • Trees get in the way of the frequency. Which slowly kill them. BUT THAT'S OKAY I'LL JUST STAND IN FRONT OF THE TREE AND CONTINUE TO FACETIME MY FRIEND BECAUSE I'M SO CLUELESS, NAIVE AND CARELESS, YAS BITCH. no. Oh and because the higher the frequency the less the range. Just means we'll have 100x as more 5g stands 🙂🙂🙂

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  • Great informative video, thanks ! Now, if you could put that knowledge and savy into a podcast devoted to the horrific health and 0 privacy manifestations of this monster, that would be a real service.

  • 5:42 Bro doesn't look reasonably suspect _at all._ Ha. Stereotypes.

  • Nikola Tesla would av fixed this same way he fixed DC to AC.

  • My question is what is going to happen to the bee population of the world? Is this going to affect the bees like they said 3G and 4G did? Bees are extremely important to our world food supply.

  • Dope vid @T-mobile & @Samsung fix this by note time n 2020 Sept...🙄😶😎

  • I live in Connecticut

  • Informative thank you.

  • It’s the future but while the rest of the world is already there we are kept in the past by our very old congress, yea it’s a shame and game played on us by phonie companies corporate conspiracy cronies with congress they don’t want us to have 5 g anytime soon. Of course it’s faster and way better and that’s the reason they don’t want you and me to have it.

  • Imagine living in that house at the side of the 5G node


  • Like for every time he said 5G

  • Absolutely no health concerns Marques?

  • I watched the whole video in 360p with a 4G connection and the video didn't buffer once, and 360p is bearable... I don't need to see your pores or anything... So like... I just don't understand why people are obsessed with the idea of watching stuff in the highest quality. 4G works... Why bother with 5G?

  • 5G is crowd control weapon

  • Everyone : Cell phones cant cause cancer 5g: lol

    • 115 Stig Alex Jones says otherwise

    • They can't. The radiation has less energy than visible light. It will not harm you.

  • do a EMR test and see how much radiation you're getting...almost like a sun burn from UV "light"...that is almost the spectrum of 5G.

    • No, it really isn't. UV is in the nanometer range. Visible light is also in the higher nanometer range. These waves are millimeter. 1 Million times longer. It has FAR less energy than visible light, and thus will be WELL within healthy levels.

  • BAN 5G! It is dangerous and damaging to humans!

  • T-Mobile is marketing their 5G cellular frequency on 600 MHz, which is a low/long frequency that will get you high 5G speed but with big coverage (area).. I think it’ll be great to compare between both companies. Just an idea.

  • 5G and she’s still ghosting me. Lol

  • is there blood on that sign????? 5:40

  • 1:32 doesn't even says cricket or t-mobile lmao

  • 7:24 🤨

  • 5g is genocide

  • Sounds like 1 giant microwave

  • What about the influence of 5G waves on your brain? It's advised not to stay too close to microwave oven and this would be more serious?

  • Dude, you look like Lecrae!

  • I Heard 5g gives cancer


  • Wait, the answer is just a s**t ton of nodes? Did they even consider optimizing signal frequency to promote longer distance reliability and incorporate object penetration? Consider AM/FM and HAM radio tech. Why even waste the money on the nodes when there’s still so much room for improvement?

  • But I already saw videos years ago of Asian doctors performing surgery via Robot across the world.

  • 6G will open portals so u can travel to different dimensions

  • Lol Verizon with their shitty 5g millimeter... Hey guys here's 5g but only in certain areas and only in line of sight and and and only in select areas..... So they don't have 5g TMobile is the only one that has true 5g

  • One of the best intros 😁

  • *5 gee*