50 Updates Mojang WON'T add in Minecraft

Pubblicato il 17 ago 2019
The TOP 50 things Mojang WON'T Add in any minecraft update!
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We all know that Minecraft 1.14 is great. Come on... you can see it everywhere. These minecraft updates have been so good at making the game feel fresh and fun. However... there are a LOT of updates that would make minecraft better but mojang will never add them! We created a minecraft update with all the things that mojang won't update to minecraft. We have all the mobs from minecon 2017. We also added in riding dolphins and so much more!
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✅ 50 Updates Mojang WON'T add in Minecraft
✅ By VelVoxel Raptor it-tvs.com/ch/UCEH6ORtkeUxwMBQiOrTstdA

🎶 Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound
All music used with permission from its creator.


  • Do you think Mojang should add these things to minecraft... or do you think that they're not in for a good reason??

  • Mojang: No animal abuse! Also mojang: let's people spawn squid on land and slowly watch them suffer.

  • Mojang doesn’t even own Minecraft. Microsoft does

  • "You would not believe the amount of burritos these guys ate before they bit the dust" 😂

  • It'd also be fun if they added lions, tigers, monkeys and perhaps even elephants in the savanna biome, cause rn the savanna biome is very empty

  • That mobs and the baby dolphin

  • Oh no grian will be sad there’s no vertical slabs

  • I want an official herobrine mod from mojang, like maybe dlc, where herobrine could become your enemy but also your friend, maybe as an npc, depending on how you treat your minecraft world.

  • :( where's Alex logdotzip I miss her I have not seen her in a long time

  • Minecraft 2.0 = Hytale

  • !


  • 25 years later: Minecraft 1.143

  • The animal

  • Sorry to kill your channel, but the saddles are in the real game. It was added this Month.

  • wut cool SHARKS YE

  • this guy is really charming and fun to listen to 😂

  • Notch created Minecraft and sold it to Mojang

  • 😣they should of added them

  • I want shakes but so they can be somethings friendly buy giving meat or something like that

  • I love all of them

  • Atoto crafting awsome

  • Mojange is soo mean

  • Sharks would be cool

  • Vertical. Slabs. WHYYYYYYY

  • Guns

  • They need to be added


  • Mining helmet...terraria

  • I wish mojang would add like sitting and laying and waving in the game like we could sit we could lay down anywhere not only the bed and we can wave at people

  • There are literally infinite updates they wont do if you think about it

  • Legit disapointed about the vertical slabs and combined blocks/slabs

  • Jesus christ I forgot how cringy minecraft youtubers were.

  • Like this video if mojang should make ALL FOOD placeable...

  • There is to version of Minecraft java and bedrock

  • I think it would be cool if drowned dragged you down to drown you instead of a status affect

  • Anvils used to be outside of blacksmiths though right?

  • Guns

  • what mod was this?

  • Okay but all the fun stuff isn’t happening WHY

  • No vertical slabs makes me sad :(

  • In my opinion I think that Mob A and Mob D are cooler than the Phantoms.

  • The Dolphin ones do have babys in my game of minecrafts and oof you only can spawn em in..

  • Ya sure about the golem i did not even punch a golem in a village then POOF i died :C

  • I got a baby dolphin though so 🧐

  • Did anyone see the spider-man 2 reference

  • 10:13 That is my flag right there on the left lol

  • Minecraft needs birds. The sky is empty as fck. There are just those bees.... ugh.... (I don’t know if you mention it, just‘ve watched like 5 minutes) AND OMG I LOVE THE DUCKS I WOULD HAVE THEM EVERYWHERE!!! And another thing: you know, you can build an elevator with magmablocks or soulsand, but it would be very nice, if you could make an elevator which would push you sidewards, with, like endstone

  • Mojang has such a great opportunity. And they are wasting their potential. It’s a real shame.

  • Am a new subscriber!!!!!

  • ya know why it says too expensive? If an enchantment requires more than 40 exp. levels, it's considered too expensive, unless you are in creative mode.

  • Minecraft 2 exists

  • At least they didn’t say they’re not adding a cave update


  • Everyone stop with cave upadate its comming out in Minecraft 1.16 not 1.15

  • Well they said they said they wouldn't add baby dolphins but my friend doesn't use mods and she found a lot of them

  • Can u fix ur eyebrow

  • Virtacle slabs? HMMMMMMM?????

  • “We don’t want animal abuse” OK BUT STOP VILLAGER ABUSE

  • D U C K ;-;