5 Things NORMAL in Germany, but WEIRD in the United States!

Pubblicato il 28 ago 2018
Countries are different. That's what makes them unique and awesome. 2 Americans, Silas Nacita and Conner Sullivan, discuss some funny differences between Germany and the United States.
5 things NORMAL in Germany, WEIRD in the US - it-tvs.com/tv/video-8PliciCIN9w.html
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  • That’s one of my favorite songs from Alan Jackson

  • Um you guys are crazzy people totally roll their own cigarettes in the US!!! I see it all the time. I live in washington (the sate not DC) and most people roll their own its cheaper!

  • What does "making out" mean?

  • The beer culture where I'm from, Wisconsin, sounds exactly like beer culture in Germany lol And people here also definitely roll their own cigarettes.

  • Most immature twirps I've seen in a long time

  • Ahhhhhh, Marbuuuuurg! ;)

  • the video starts at 1:32, they spend over 15% of the clip with bullshit up front so you definitely loose interest...

  • Im german and where i live we dont drink much beer

  • Piggybacking off what they were talking about smoking, while I was stationed in Germany I've seen on nearly every cigarette and tobacco carton were graphic images with German captions. I never knew what they said but they showed pictures of people with rotted mouths, holes in their throats, cancer tumors, parents weeping over baby caskets, people in hospitals, ECT. They were trying SO HARD to warn them about the dangerous effects of alcohol but yeah more people smoked over there nonetheless.

  • Ja in der Öffentlichkeit rummachen ist hier normal

  • Kein Bier vor vier!

  • In most saunas you need to wear a little bit but there are enough saunas you need to be naked *in Germany


  • The bro energy is strong and I love it

  • Any one else understood married insted of american at 1:09 😂😂

  • Last one is pretty true. I don't know about USA but here kissing couples are everywhere. Even in school halls

  • Yeah that's Germany. Not all just Nazi-Bavarian, but very raw and extreme people. Real Vikings

  • Theyre not starting to drink, they are still drinking

  • Swim houses usually have a section that you can wear clothes and some have times that you can't disrobe until 4 PM . Florida it's normal to drink at 9 AM

  • Nr. 6: starting/causing world wars (Weltkriege starten)

  • Running around naked, Eating Raw meat, They are giving Wakanda a run for its watermelons!

  • Ich leg hier mal mein Handtuch ab,ja? *Handtuch ableg*

  • The Jamaican do this for weed

  • Haha, we don't drink beer all day. That's a myth and if you would Crack a cold one in the morning without a reason, it's awkward

  • I'm from Germany... #4 that paper you've shown is for weed, which is tolerated in Germany. #5 people here don't like that either, but again it is tolerated

  • Being naked in a sauna is normal in almost everywhere else except the USA.

  • do you mean hackepeter with raw pork?

  • Just for like to eat Mettbrötchen, you guys have my Subscription 😃

  • Als ob wir so oft rauchen!

  • Ich finde es lustig wie andere Länder uns deutsche ansehen 😂

  • That's actually not true...I live in German I'm 12 and I never have seen this things before...nacked in the Sauna? That's not normal 😂

  • Drinking alcohol at young age without going to jail not a shock for u guys?

  • In Finnish sauna traditionally we are are completely naked too. Only towels are allowed. And families can go in there together.

  • Number 4 does happen in the US man

  • Und warum zur Hölle ist ihr die ganse Zeit haribo

  • I know that im german

  • Ich wollte im Sommer 2020 mit meiner Familie eine USA Tour machen .. aber wenn ich nicht nackt mein Mettbrötchen essen kann, lassen wir es lieber.

  • I wanna live in Germany I hate SCHOOL SCHOOL IN GERMANY SUCKS I have more homework waaa*^* My friend in Germany has 0 homework!*^* but I’m happy when i have birthday :3

  • Nien nien nien nien I’m an American and that first one is weird Dutch land 👁👁 ______

  • Er hot marburg gsogt😑des is der deitsche nauman von lubljana

  • #Frühschoppen

  • I thought rolling your own cigarettes was normal?? ( I'm from Greece)

  • But you can still have an towel On you in the sauna

  • I like being naked

  • GUYS !!! : in the Bavarian Law it’s a RIGHT : everyone should and could have AT JOB n WORK for a break or breakfast, a Beer 🤘🏻👌🏻🤘🏻

  • do you know about Mett-Igel (Mett-Hedgehog) ?!?!

  • Alan Jackson fans here ?

  • Number 4 is the same here in England, in fact people believe it to be a lot cheaper as you won't have to keep buying cigarettes every 2 days

  • "clothing optional" and naked swimming, sitting naked in a bar ........ exist in usa ;) .... and in germany many people also have their own tobacco plants ;)

  • Are you guys high? Hahaha. Coming across very chill. ;)

  • Es ist nicht NORMAL das man in Deutschland JEDEN Tag BIER trinkt!

  • Ich mag kein Mett

  • Have you been to Wisconsin? We can drink beer all day (not me, but many others). That's really a weekend thing though. Our state was settled by a large German population though. Maybe that has something to do with it?

  • I tried that raw pork sandwich once on one of my trips to Germany and I just loved it.

  • Most german people hate Raw Pork....

  • MettBrötchen sind absolut lecker! Vor allem mit Zwiebelringen.🤤

  • In der öffentlichkeit rummachen ist doch relativ normal, oder?

  • Kein Bier vor vier 😂😂

  • 'If two college bros had a channel'

  • Warum war er am fkk