5 Things NORMAL in Germany, but WEIRD in the United States!

Pubblicato il 28 ago 2018
Countries are different. That's what makes them unique and awesome. 2 Americans, Silas Nacita and Conner Sullivan, discuss some funny differences between Germany and the United States.
5 things NORMAL in Germany, WEIRD in the US - it-tvs.com/tv/video-8PliciCIN9w.html
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  • We are also allowed to drink alcohol in public and buy and drinks beer and wine when we’re 16 years old

  • Nach dem Video denken alle amis dass deutsche überall nackt rumlaufen😂

  • It's not entirely true that we drink beer all around the clock, of course you find people drinking whenever, but usually people stick to this rule: Kein Bier vor vier. No beer before four.

  • Dat yute Mett

  • I agree with everything you said - well done!

  • Efkaka😂😂😂

  • Well, you can sit on your towl in the sauna ;)

  • first one starts at 1:35

  • 4:46 heißt das nicht „kein Bier vor vier“?

  • Being naked in sauna is kinda Finnish thing. We kinda did that first. :D

  • Buying assoult wapons in shops, not having Helth assurance is not so weard in America but naked in the sauna,driving faster then 120 m/ph is so weaaaard in America.

  • ich als bayer fühle mich schlecht das alle denken es ist normal für deutsche rohes Fleisch zu essen nur weil das im Norden so gemacht wird

  • Heißt "Making out" so viel wie "rummachen" ?!😂

  • Dieser Moment wenn die nicht darauf klar kommen, dass man in der Sauna nackt ist und du dir denkst... wäre Amerika nicht erstrecht ÜBERALL nackt?😂

  • You mean an FKK beach(FKK is German and it's free body culture[in English] or in in German Freie Körper Kultur) it is more than 100 years old and very famous

  • Das heißt nicht Mett sondern Gehacktes!!!! 😠

  • Was für ne Stadt?🤣

  • Guys, Fischbrötchen are not! made with raw fish. Try to put a raw fish on your bread and you'll taste the difference. Can you first do some research before you tell nonsense... ;) FunNY video though :))

  • Germans have no problem with nakedness because they're not prudish and old-fashioned whereas the American folks are so uptight about that and so Puritan. Nakedness doesn't necessarily equal sexuality.

  • Some of us call the beer at 9 a.m. "Konterbier" (idk the english word for "Konter") after a long night with strong alcohol 🤗

  • Aber wir tragen Handtücher in der Sauna

  • Also drinking in public is common

  • Guten Tag. Ich möchte eine Hausratversicherung abschließen :'D

  • Yall are too fucking annoying to follow

  • Gave up on this, because trying for too much humour, doesn't work and is irritating. I thought it would be interesting, but it's just juvenile crap.

  • Actually theres a saying in Germany "kein bier vor vier" wich means no beer before 4pm so thats new to me

  • well, I am from Germany and never have I ever seen somebody eat raw meat...

  • makeing out in public is totaly normal ^^ how is that wired for you :DD

  • I live in....Country Germany. And I am German and I ummm... Don't find any of these things... Weird, but a lot of things in Amaericia are weird for me.

  • Dude I guess u left when times changed I swear kids be makingnout everywhere here. When I went to Germany I never saw anybody making out. But I was in Berlin and I’m from NorCal so. Maybe it’s just location.

  • Did he say he was gay

  • Österreich ist besser

  • There's a German saying for the beer consumption which says: "Kein Bier vor vier". This means no beer if it isn't at least 4 pm... No real German pays attention to this saying😂😂

  • I feel really uncomfortable seeing people making out especially when they are veeery young. So I can feel this Point. It‘s kinda true

  • In Bavaria it’s pretty normal to drink earlier in the day, maybe not every single day, but we do love our beer at any time.

  • Waas, Mett ist rohes Fleisch? Kein Wunder, dass ich das nie mochte, als ich noch Fleisch gegessen habe

  • Irgendwie gucken so wiedeos nur wier Schnitzel und mett nackt fressenden dütsche

  • OK so you're wrong on the roll your own tobacco cigarets in the us I live in Eastern Washington and big majority buys the bags of the And rolls there own cigarets because we'll have money for it they charge a lot for a cigaret pack around here

  • That old woman liked raw pork.

  • 1. Da fuck no pls no pls argh 2. Raw pork? Oh you mean WURST 3. Beer at 9am is an alcoholik and in germany its: kein Bier vor vier In america no beer only After 4pm 4. Yes its not so eh ehm dk English Word but in german Teuer 5: we call it chillin in a Group aka family meeting

  • Germany: why are you so dick? America: WHAT YA SAID LITTEL SH... Germany: *translate dick in america and it says fat* America: *mc donalds!*

  • xD But its not as U say U can wear a towel on U'r privat parts bro.

  • Ich weis nicht in welcher Sauna ihr wart aber das ist nicht normal nackt in eine Sauna in Deutschland zu gehen

  • Thats Rassist!!! 111!1!1!1

  • In Germany I've never seen someone who drank beer in the morning 😂 and we usally don't drink beer every single day😂🍺

  • Mettbrötchen sind garnicht so beliebt in Deutschland

  • Where in the US did you guys used to live that you've never seen someone use roll up tobacco. I live in Chicago and let me tell you when it comes to cigarettes the most popular ones are Newports and Marlboro. But I've seen plenty of people who get roll up tobacco roll their own cigarettes. Myself included. Get something straight I was born here. It's normal for people to switch from pack cigarettes to roll up cigarettes if they don't want to completely quit but do want to save a few extra bucks

  • Generally in Europe public display of affection is more normal than in the US. That Americans feel the need to spend money and buy a ticket to kiss does not surprise me at all.

  • In Saunas you can have a towel

  • 5.50 IN GERMANY IS SMOKING NO CULTUR PLEASE !!!!(its sadly just more tollerated)

  • Wie man einfach direkt deutschen merch machen muss 😂

  • Are these guys normal in Germany, cause they’re weird as fuck in America...

  • its normal to roll your own cigarettes....in Europe there is a cigarette culture....many people smoke... here in Greece like in a high school 70-80% students smoke.

  • The only people i see rolling their cigarettes are teens like me (14/15) . 😂

    • @Kid Kami All right

    • @John M. oh okay, I assumed you smoke as well since you mentioned 'teens like you'. Didn't mean to offend you my dude

    • @Kid Kami Ok. Well i don't smoke i'm Not stupid. Do you think they Listen to me?

    • @John M. a bit

    • Kannst du Deutsch?

  • Aja rohes Fleisch und kein Mett 😂😂

  • sehr witzig. zwei total gestörte

  • This is amazing, guys!!

  • Hmmm, California is like Germany. Except for the raw pork.

  • Ihr müsst doch nicht sagen das ihr deutsch seit, hier sind keine anderen.

  • 99% aller Komentare sind Deutsch🤣