5 Things No One Ever Does with Ferrofluid

Pubblicato il 21 mag 2019
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In this video we're taking Ferrofluid and doing 5 different experiments we don't think have ever been done before.
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  • *_Magneto Has Entered The Chat_*

  • Can you boil ferrofluid?

  • There is a demagnetizer

  • What if you Wanted you drink this But Nate said: Nope

  • Don't magnets work even better when they are cold?

  • 7.22 That's lostprophets - rooftops

  • What happens if you put ferro fluid in foundry

  • What happens if you BURN it? Callie gets to play with her favorite toy

  • What happens if you BURN it? Callie gets to play with her favorite toy

  • Tkor has a secret liquid nitrogen bank

  • This is the funniest video 😂

  • What happens if you run an electrical current through ferrofluid?


  • What ferrofluid originally is used??

  • I feel like this is what venom was based off of

  • You should put it in you forge and see if you can get any molton iron

  • i love your videos. ❤

  • Try this! Different types of Mellon’s vs dry ice and different chemicals

  • You could use a strong(stronger than the magnet it’s stuck to) electro magnet to pull it off the magnet then turn off the magnet and it would fall down

  • At 8:39 I thought her hand was in the liquid nitrogen XD

  • New game: Every time someone says Ferrofluid, take a sip of a drink of your choice!

  • Splatoon in a nutshell 4:30

  • I spy MEGA Nanodots. A worthy cause for this kind of destruction. I finally did this in our lab and it was one of my favorite experiments. The force field it creates is like nothing else I've ever felt. Great video!

  • Because of TKOR the sight of liquid nitrogen just looks normal to me at this point 😂

  • it's like venom

  • Unknown toxicity and it absorbed through the skin it is highly magnetic and your blood is mostly iron do you see where I'm going with this. You should never let this get into your skin.

  • Put ferrofluid on an electromagnet and play around with the voltage.

  • Could you take a fairly large magnet and drill a hole through it and attach something you can then attach to a drill and see what the Ferrofluid does when spinning in a container full of the fluid? Maybe use a skinny fiberglass rod so it doesnt attract the fluid?

  • Splatoon in real life

  • Some venomous act

  • Can you say symbiote! VENOM

  • Ferro fluid in a vacuum?

  • Are they together cause they make a cute couple

  • Mmmm. Love her squeals of joy.

  • Then use electromagnets.

  • What happens if you put furrow fluid in vacuum chamber

  • What is the actual, legitimate, use of the liquid ferrofluid? And where can I buy it if ever I need it? Cost is? THANK YOU 🙏 😎

  • 6:28 that must have hurt... its a skin agative

  • Put it in a vacuum

  • Yo doggy this is sick

  • ~Oh no!~ * I Love It!*

  • If you take a pressure washer to a magnet with ferrofluid on it will it come off?


  • I’m getting it 😂

  • Condolences to his family

  • How does a live rat react inside the vacuum chamber?

  • Cali:oh no oh no i love it srly Cali

  • So i thought of something that might have been askked about before but im curious to see you guys build a miniature electric magnet ( like the massive ones used in scrap yards) with a bowl under it. Power the magnet drip the ferrofluid on the electrified magnet and when you cut the power to the magnet dose the ferrofluid fall into the bowl? I must know.

  • Do you think a syringe can be used in taking Ferrofluid?

  • Would an electromagnet with a more powerful field than the rare earth magnet pull the fluid off? I am not super familiar with the science behind this, so just a thought.

  • What would happen if you have a magnet under the magnet you are pouring the phero fluid on would it change anything

  • He told her to 'Bend the knee'. LOL!

  • Try demagnitizing a magnet with that on it

  • its like the things form splatoon

  • the way to wash oiled base things is with some vegetable oil before you use dish soap. this also works with the oils from bike's chain.

  • Why don't you pull it off with an electro-magnet

  • It look like venom

  • 2:21 venom from spider man was actually born by this experiment

  • 😭

  • Rip