5 Shocking Moments From The Mexican Grand Prix

Pubblicato il 21 ott 2019
Crashes, daring overtakes and heated team radio messages - things are always hotting up when Formula 1 races in Mexico City!
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  • I was shocked five times , really , no shit ....a full five times , wow i so f...n happy

  • 1990: Mansell soaks up Berger's draught and zooms around outside. 2019: No-one can get within in two seconds, because the dirty air makes their tyres cry. Progress!

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  • Max verstapen is every Shoking moments and why verstapen dont have penalty for 2016 verstapen vs Vettel mexican grand prix

  • The times when Williams fighted Ferrari...

  • In 2016 seb had to win

  • I really want to see seb and verstappen being a team mates in Someday

  • Wow, this Mansell's move really awesome!

  • Por la falta de técnica de Senna quitaron esa hermosa curva

  • Hatte Senna Schwierigkeiten

  • Always great to hear Murray walker again

  • Oh my god at top 2 of Mexico F1 1991,Ayrton Senna get flattened. Top 3 of Mexico F1 2015,Both Finland drivers Williams Valtteri Bottas hit Ferrari Kimi Raikkonen tyre. Top 5 of Mexico F1 2016,Red Bull Sandwich?!

  • Verstappen really compromised Vettel's position... totally unreasonable...

  • Thanks for reminding us the dirty side of Verstappen.

  • Did Vettel get a penalty on that first clip? That very much looked like he broke his front wing on Verstappens rear and figured,... "Well need to stop for a new one anyway, might aswell use the other side on Hamilton... "

  • F1 needs a man like ayrton senna

  • Vettel drives like an online player trying to take out as many cars s he can on lap one

  • 2016 cars look so skinny :D hahaha

  • Mansell pass, the best action in an spartan car... that was nuts...

  • Still upset Hamilton got to cut turns 1 and 2 in 2016 with no penalty

  • Rikshiardo?

  • Tv México 90's poor Qualy

  • Hahaha.... I like the #5. The Red Bulls sandwiching of Vettel's Ferrari. I mean come on. I can't stop laughing because Vettel's yelling including his old friend, Danny Ric

  • 1991 that was a other circuit or?

  • Verstappen just cant stop breaking the cunt-meter..

  • This video is worth it for the brief blast of Murray Walker.....F1's commentary teams have been downhill since.

  • Vertsappen doesn't deserve that 3rd place. He cut the whole corner

  • Ricciardo did amazingly well not to crash into Vettel there

  • Both mercedes lawnmowering last year?

  • 🇲🇽🇲🇽

  • Ocon?

  • Great vid. Should maybe have been a sixth one with Lewis vs Fernando in 2017

  • Why "shocking" ? Instant thumbs down.

  • Vettel the cheat

  • Leave a like if u think this season has gone way to fast

  • Senna's accident in Mexico, no halo, not injuried. Would have had halo, guys would say "halo saved his life".

  • Like uf your are mexican and you are going to f1 this weekend and you have waited it like since two years

  • Valtteri 1 - 1 Kimi

  • "OOOHHH You have not seen what I've seen"

  • 5 shocking moments from Mexico - I was sure I see some Spanish people killing Aztecs, Mayans or whatever :O

  • This is going to come out of nowhere but... as much as I understand why the halo is good for safety, when I see these videos I can't help but think "jup, that's what a single-seater open wheel formula car should look like" ...

  • 2:45 wow, brilliant by seb

  • If vettel did what verstappen did they give him 10 minutes penalty, but it's verstappen ... mmm ok .

  • ¡Buenos días! Aficionados mexicanos en la Copa del mundo 2018 en Rossiy en la ciudad de Ekaterimburgo. ¡Vayan a mi canal!

  • MAXico!

  • How Vettel just rides into lewis's rear tyre. Nevers gets old.

    • @Q J There he is, the salty Hamilton fan that cannot stand a joke.

    • Jason neither does seeing Hamilton win the title year after year

  • MAXICO = Max Verstappen in Mexico at Formula 1

  • Are you doing this because the mexican gp is soon?

  • 6th shocking Moment: Lewis Hamilton cutting the entire first corner while nobody of the Stewards gave a shit.

  • why is crofty screaming somuch XD

  • Looking back Verstappen's race craft has really matured

  • Omg

  • And Nigel's overtake... BEAUTIFULL...

  • The last action was AWESOME !

  • Hamilton rejoined unsafely

  • A short view back to the past and Williams was racing Ferrari in 2015.

  • 1:16 Bottas revenged for the clash in Russia earlier