5 Scary Ghost Videos You WON'T Watch In The DARK

Pubblicato il 23 giu 2019
Close the shades. Turn out the lights. GET SCARED. Top 5 SCARY videos of ghosts that will CREEP you out. Or maybe not... How tough are you? 😮
The top 5 videos of ghosts caught on camera. In this video, we see a haunted house where a ghost hunter has scary encounters with the paranormal, even witnessing a full bodied apparition caught on camera. Haunted places, including a creepy Scottish crypt that's home to poltergeists. Shadow people or maybe it's a demon jumping from body to body. And a truly bizarre and creepy paranormal encounter in a haunted hospital by a night guard. Plenty of strange paranormal mysteries and other scary things caught on camera by ghost hunters and everyday people. These are some of the scariest videos of ghosts you're likely to see. You probably WON'T watch in the dark. But if you do, good luck ;) Are these hauntings real or fake? You decide.
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  • The Arabian guy incident is like straight taken out from a horror movie! 👀

  • Ghosts: shuts doors and windows Arab Guy: Hold my Bismillah

  • Omg why is he calling the jinn to him staghfurallah

  • Omg why is he calling the jinn to him staghfurallah


  • 😂😂😂

  • 4:25 quagmire

  • Wowwww so much Muslim racist in here, i wish you guys is nihilism.

    • i mean who racist.

  • Dr.hawking was trynna tell you sum

  • Everybody: Literally everybody: Nuke’s top5 :(add creepy music )

  • You can see the cut when he spins around in that Arabic one.

    • Decent though I guess. Too much almost. Just the mirror gag would've been enough.

    • Blurry spin cut crossfade. C'mon Spoopy Nook.

  • "After he noped himself out of there " 😂🤣

  • I don’t get why you bleeped out weed

  • Wild life camera men spend hours, days even weeks waiting to spot a rare animal. When they finally find one they film it. Ghost hunters finally find a supposed ghost and first thing they do is turn the camera away. Lmao skillfully done, but sll bull shit hoax

  • Sees what he claims is a ghost peering thru the glass in a door. Instead of filming it, turns camera away. Fuckin bull shit

  • Number 2 Ghost: you’re lame bye bitch, oh look! Another person, hope he’s not lame like this other dude

  • The second Vid caught more stuff then Ghost Adventures in all three years on tv !!!! And he went after the ghost , he didn’t run away or scream like an idiot!!!! Give him a show !!!

  • At the 5:46-5:47 mark, you can clearly see someone kneeling behind him..

  • Ehab is a fake

  • He always has same ghost and same things happen over and over he’s a fraud ahah and to prey and bring god into a lie

  • Ethan’s a fake found him out called me jealous of what exactly I was jealous of I don’t know so I took it as he’s trying to get popular

  • I went to that graveyard in Edinburgh recently, ngl it is quite creepy...

  • If something peered in the mirror behind me there's no way in hell I'd look again! My heart stopped I swear

  • I am dutch and i didnt know lange frans was a believer

  • After he nope his self out of there 😂

  • The evil spirit can be do that or be send to peoples and peoples can taken therm where there belong smh it's mess lol and heart Scotland =) interesting vid.

  • That rapper no am not afraid suddenly he rans like a bitch screamming 😜😜😜😜

  • Someone starts recording:ghost be likee Oh yeahhh i am gonna be onn youtude and famous

  • Plz don't ever say lange frans again lmao that shit tilted me 😂

  • 6:23 ...something is looking over his shoulder

  • I didn't watch this and I had the lights off

  • Ill try to translate what ehab was saying Ehab: i know youre jin just come our ..wait what no Ghost :what the fuck dude! Get of my house cant you understand

  • 😮 that guy standing behind him in the mirror is the scariest thing I have seen yet on youtube

  • Than that thing is gone 0.0



  • 2:camra glich???

  • 3 part2:ok ghost comfirmed there is no way o person can run away that fast

  • 3:frinds or family I don't believe its a ghost

  • 7:15 another person behind him

  • 4:ghost comfirmed

  • 5:cmara glich or some cgi

  • There was definitely a head behind him-crazy shit

  • اعوذ باللة من شر الشيطان الرجيم بسم اللة الرحمن الرحيم

  • Spirits:kill anyone they see Arabs: *BISMILLAH* Spirits: *dead*

  • As a Muslim we are tought not to be afraid of anybody except Allah Almighty. . . And yes there are things like ghosts and stuff . . And they can tease you in so many ways . . Best thing u can do that show no fear .. i know as a human we ll show fear . . But not accept the fear all over and believe we are the best living creatures walking along all the other living beings. . As mentioned in Quran. . Ehab is doing just that.. not being afraid...

  • I swear these arab guys have balls of steel dude normal person is screaming and running for his life after a single object move yet arabians continue to search for ghosts haha they even kick the door where the ghost might be lol Imagine how ghosts are feeling when they encounter arabian hahaha they are like Top 5 arabian BISMILLAH entries 😂

  • The only one 🥶running towards 🥴🥴the ghosts..🥴That Arab guy has a heart 💜of steel😈🥴🤒😋..✌✌

  • The transparent man is actually a government agency testing cloaking tech on the public. Focusing on those involved or simply thought to be involved in drug trade/use. Focusing on houses and ppl .. simply spying...I think this cloaked person got closer than he should’ve. Some distance is needed. Along with slow movements and darkness is always preferred. I think this is what’s going on... but idk 😉 I could be a silly person.

  • If Arabic man is too scared of ghosts and saying prayers to protect himself.. why did he stepped in then😒.. so idiotic.