5 Gamers vs 1 Fake Gamer

Pubblicato il 22 gen 2020
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  • Hi everyone thanks for watching the video if you watched it. I directed this episode so if anyone has any questions about how it was made or what I’m doing rn at my desk for work let me know or reply with “hey” if you want to say hi or whatever, bye thank you.

  • What do people expect from Jubilee???? They're a normie channel that attracts normie gamers, of course everyone on there played the typical "Pokemon, Nintendo, Overwatch and League" games.

  • theyre so lame lolll

  • nola was prolly the most dedicated gamer there.... theyre just sexist lolll

  • Brye fucked it up big time.

  • Wow, content must be slim...

  • Do a middle ground between gamers and people who are totally against gaming

  • Anyone else want to be on this?

  • The real question is, did they send the pretty blonde girl out because they thought she was too pretty to be a gamer, OR because they didn't trust her when she said she was Master ranked in LOL?

  • The mole was really bad


  • Anyone who plays apex legends 🥶

  • Gamer with a hard R is an offensive slur.

  • when they started arguing and the rest of the bois were just t-posing I died there.

  • I hated how much that guy in the yellow and blue shirt made them T pose

  • C A S U A L S

  • My first question, who is your main on Smash?

  • Pewdiepie would not be voted out for sure.


  • "masters" oof. mmm idk. maybe?

  • So simple to tell. Just ask some basic questions and a non gamer is bound to get them wrong

  • I wish I could do this once just so I could watch them vote me out and I walk out laughing. I was actually hoping they would lose after the first t pose, they deserved to.

  • I hate it how people get so annoyed when they get voted out, they don’t lose anything and legit nothing changes in their lives

  • *Theyre are so many stereotypes about gamers looking and acting like virgins which normally isnt true.* *But damn these dudes didnt help with that stereotype* 💀

  • Slow down there GAMERS

  • They call themselves gamers, but only play league of legends bruhh

  • Can we do peep fans vs a non peep fan?

  • *gamer time*

  • Judging from the comments this is ~g a m e r t i m e~

  • How is that girl Master in league? D: A lot of farming? Turrets too ? What rank are you? Season 9 ? D:

  • Ginger dude is the mole bcoz of pokemon emerald.

  • 7:01 true gamer moment

  • 0:58 in and I'm gonna guess 3rd from the right.

  • Im gonna do whats called a pro gamer move.

  • I'm going with the guy second on right

  • its not veronica its verona

  • anyone can be a gamer if they play games

  • I'm doing the kylie lips challenge while watching this. good video.

  • Tbh Bryce immediately struck me as the mole the moment he started talking about games he had no enthusiasm or passion when talking about them.


  • Love That Pokemon Emerald Guy

  • I hate that man wearing the yellow and blue shirt strips. He’s just soo cringe.

  • Nola deserved all the money, not those three guys. The only thing they did was t-pose and stand still during the whole video

  • Solomon, idk why that reminded me of Solomon from "Obey me!" Lol


  • Get into the intricacies of Dark Souls' character designs and you'll have me sold about whether or not you're a gamer.

  • Jjajajaj el colorado es muy virgen

  • Do they research or what

  • Pro gamer move: favourite game: skate 3

  • Bro that guy who loved kingdom hearts, I love him.

  • I wouldve been put out instantly i play fps stuff like siege fortnite cod, etc

  • This was cringe as fuck. More of it please! Do one with anime watchers, that will be even funnier. From a fellow gamer and anime watcher

  • When he said "10 locations" he is already gone

  • the classic "votekick the female" technique.. absolutely stunning...

  • it would be nice to have nola reaction when she is finding out that ashley isn't ashley at all

  • the fight between nola and bryce cracked me up, specially when they were both wrong on the name xDDDDDDDD

  • Nola was 100% a gamer yet she had got kicked out.

  • That editor. 😂😂😂💔

  • what are those virgins doing? 6:59

  • Nola was pissed lol