5 Creepy Videos Found on Reddit

Pubblicato il 19 set 2019
On Reddit, you'll occasionally stumble upon some rather creepy things.
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Caught on Camera Playlist:
5. Ghost pulls baby's legs:
4. Wendigo:
3. "Hey!" EVP:
2. “Can you hear “help them”?”
1. The disturbing things I've been finding in my spare room:
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  • So you blur a severed thumb, but hit us in the face with an eyeless severed head... thanks...

  • ok im not the type of a person that gets scared or disturbed easly...but last one got me good

  • 3:24 the second comment 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • I got trump ad lmfaooo he so despress xD

  • aybody hate the fact that they make the thumbnail look so fucking creepy, then it ends up in you deciding to not watch it because of the thumbnail

  • My sister's would scare any ghost. from them being kind of annoying no joke

  • all these words can be added into the video so easily, this proofs absolutely nothing.

  • Number 15: burger king foot Leteus... Wait no wrong channel

  • Thats a Sasquatch. Period.

  • People that film in portrait mode go to Hell when they die

  • That orb in the baby vid is very telling. And, btw, ive never seen an infant do yoga.

  • Anyone who thinks spirits/demons are friendly towards children is being exceedingly naive and foolish. They are not friendly by any means. And all children are targets if not properly protected by their own parents. Through prayer of course binding all evil spirits from your children in the Name of Yeshua Messiah/Jesus Christ. But you must pray believing and with faith. This is the duty of a parent to not only do our best to protect our children from physical disasters we must also protect them from spiritual diseases and spiritual disasters as well. May God bless you exceedingly abundantly beyond all you see or imagine. Sad that so much spiritual knowledge was lost at the end of the 19th century and before. Demons and spirits certainly exist whether photographic or video evidence of them exists or not. Every ancient culture on planet earth knew this though many were separated by massive oceans, deserts, and mountains. The ancients were not fools. Many things they built we cannot even replicate today with all our technology and knowledge of physics. Some videos are fake some are real but the spiritual realm exists regardless. I'm not referring of some 16th century medieval superstitions here. I'm speaking of the ancients who knew more than we moderns do. If your having spiritual trouble I recommend reading a Bible out loud this is the healthiest spiritual thing you can do in your house. I recommend the gospel of John. Demons can replicate any voice male or female and even sythetic mechanical sounds or computer sounds easily. They can for instance sound like a radio or static or like a police siren to scare people away. Demons can easily replicate absolutely any voice or sound. So do not automatically assume anything due to a sound.

  • Yeah baby just does the scorpion in its sleep

  • Waste of your life

  • 9:33 yeah, creepypasta B.S.

  • 3:15 yup! Yup! That was a wendigo alright!

  • So you find a severed thumb whilst recording and didn't instantly leave and call the cops. I'm good

  • #3 he could've just said it aloud and not realized it. Or it could've been someone who realized last minute that it wasn't the person they thought that it was and hid to avoid awkward confrontation

  • #4 could easily be a bird, or maybe a bear, a fox, elk, bobcat, feral hog, mountain lion...

  • bullshit , all of em

  • Fede Video'r du ligger ud her Sir Spooks.

  • So fake!

  • I laugh at stupid things like this, most times its all staged. It's funny how they just happen to be filming.

  • The noise in the woods is definitely supernatural and might be a wendigo or rake They should put cameras around the house and pack some heat for protection Makes u wonder about the missing 411 is that monster the reason ppl go missing because it gets hungry

  • The guy with a thumb in his house is really odd and the police are so worthless oh you found a thumb nothing to see here smh Either the guy is a serial killer and has multiple personalities or there’s a killer stalking him next for the next kill

  • Leaving a baby or toddler sleeping in a room alone is pure selfishness, it's insane...Where are your minds, for me the woman who leaves her baby sleeps alone. She's just a dirty b***h

  • The weird sounds from the woods actually sounds exactly like the recordings those big foot hunters play to try to attract a big foot. I wonder if there were some of those on the other side of the hill?

  • Tik tok ones audio is so clearly added in and not even hard to tell

  • First baby video.... those parents are morans

  • That last one though! 😖

  • Who the fuck just records themselves going down some stairs? "I'm about to go down some stairs; I best get out my phone and record it! Yknow just in case something weird happens! Totally legit guis!"

  • The calls were Bigfoot!

  • Who records themselves on an elevator

  • Nope, did not like that last one. Big nope.

  • Lynx, Mountain Lions, etc make pretty scary noises when they fight.

  • Yes he could be stretching, but when his legs go up @ :40 so does his bottom! you try that!

  • Ghosts aside, that baby should not be sleeping on their stomach unless the parents want them to go through some irreparable damage.

  • Am I the only one that saw the huge orb in the first video ? #5?

  • The ghost wants that baby off its face while it sleeps or is trying to get someone's attention for some reason. White orbs are never melevolent. They are always of the light.

  • The ghost pulling the infants legs, is DISTURBING, to say the least! My kids were grown, when Nanny Cams came out, but if I'd seen this, they'd have slept in the same room as their parents! The Wendigo or Skinwalker, sounds more like the howls of a Sasquach! The elevator EVP, is likely a spirit that was there before the building was erected and his and other graves, are now buried underneath! The spirit is asking for help for the now restless and trapped spirits!

  • most of these EVP type things I can never hear any words.

  • Clip 3 is the biggest trash lol jeez Wait.. all of it is bs

  • With that stupid bitch yacking in the background? And him talking? It's impossible to actually pin down what is making the noise. Future reference? Shut your mouth and tell your stupid wife, to "SHUT THE FU*K UP!!!!

  • Spirits that fuc* with babies are no better than a Cho-Mo. Sick fuc*ers that they are should be dealt with in the harshest way possible... in the Paranormal world that is.

  • 1) Either the boy is moving on his own, or it's just horrible parenting, tying his little feet with string just for internet views... 2) That's obviously a human screaming like an idiot... Did that too when I was a kid and we went to the forests, or an animal... nothing out of the ordinary, to jump to a supernatural conclusion from just that sound is incredibly dumb. 3) Sounds more like some kind of material being dragged. Pareidolia then takes over and makes you hear "hey". 4) Or maybe there's an actual person there saying something. 5) Smells like an ARG to me

  • 2:30... Over the years I've done my research and come to conclusion that that scream is a Sasquatch or known as Bigfoot screaming... I've seen many of these videos ...They're creepy but yet interesting at the same time....you don't need to fear be scared but yet it is interesting and yet you might feel fear but it's only them calling out to the others bigfoot's or Sasquatch.... If I was there I would do my own scream of some kind try to get their attention and try to bring him closer to me so I can bring proof and video record them to show that they actually exist..

  • the 2t one sounded like a train

  • The second one could just be the people from finding bigfoot

  • He didn’t mention the ghost orb in #5. The orb followed the movements of the baby’s legs.

  • My kid does that with her legs all the time, that's just something kids do. That vid at 10 minutes is a Halloween mask in a bag... seriously. The sound in the woods actually sounded closer to a klaxon.

  • All of these stories are really fake...

  • Someone saying "hey" in a stairwell qualifies as a creepy video?

  • If you believe any of these videos are real, you have downs

  • Those sponge bob timberlands are sickkk

  • vid 3 kinda sounds like a tornado siren

  • in the first one it can be made fake because that could just be the baby moving his legs on his own and the orb can be a flashlight!

  • There is an orb floating near the kid...

  • "I'm creeped out by a ghost on the stairs so lemme stomp down each step as LOUD as fucking possible."

  • #2 was probably a mountain lion. They sound like a dying banshee when they scream.

  • That ghost was trying to save that baby’s life from suffocating.....