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You will love this video as it is full of cool and satisfying crafts that will help you relax after a hard day and create something really cute for your home! Let’s start from candle making tutorials! It’s very cheap to make candles that will be perfect accessories that make your home much cozier. You will be surprised by the fact that you can create candles using such materials as toilet paper, Pringle’s cans, pine cones, and crayons. There is no need to buy a special coloring for paraffin, use crayons instead. You will be surprised but you can make candles using toilet paper. Watch the tutorial on how to make candle roses. One more cool idea is to make candles out of pine cones. Follow the instructions: wrap a wick around of the pine cone and dip it into melted paraffin for a couple of times. Let cool and you can use it. One more cool candle idea is to make cupcake candles that look very incredibly cute and you can decorate your Birthday party with these candles. Follow our instructions: heat wax in a double boiler and place inside a crayon of any color you want; take a cupcake silicone mold, attach a wick to the center of the mold and pour melted wax into it. Let cool. Next, you need to make “whipped cream” from white wax. You can make it using a hand mixer and after that “frost” a cupcake. Also, you will find cool ways to decorate a Birthday cake. You will find tutorials that are so good for beginners. One more cool idea is to make a Marble cake that your family and friends will love. Besides, you already know how to decorate it!
00:09 Secrets of candy making
07:34 How to decorate a Birthday cake
12:49 Zebra cake recipe
14:00 Beautiful handmade candles

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