30-Year Age Gap Couple Offer ‘Sugar Baby’ Advice | LOVE DON’T JUDGE

Pubblicato il 27 dic 2019
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Everyone’s favourite age gap couple are back - and out to help a former sugar baby (@gabyfickles) who fell in love with her sugar daddy. Mindy Mikla, 28, and husband Larry, 58, have been together for seven years and happily married for three - despite their thirty year age gap. This is Mindy’s first ever trip to New York, so her and Larry take in some of the city’s iconic sights like Times Square, but also decide while in the Big Apple to reach out to another person in an age gap couple to hear about the judgment they’ve faced. The couple meet up with Gabi, 20, who met her partner Chris, 51, on a sugar baby website but then the twosome fell for one another. She seeks Larry and Mindy’s help navigating the transition from a transactional arrangement to true love, and the other pitfalls of dating outside your age bracket, before taking a walk with them through Central Park at dusk.
Mindy's IT-tvs channel: it-tvs.com/ch/UCCDXU_43IIkFb7qJcJei5cw
Video Credits:
Videographer / director: Cameron Wheeless
Producer: Tom Midlane, Biliana Grozdanova, Ruby Coote
Editor: Florence Kennard​
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  • That's fine but is not love that's interest

  • Love her jacket or coat or whatever you call it and fluffy scarf. Want one like hers. Mindys fyi.

  • I wish I could meet them with my partner. We are also an age gap couple and I would love to hear some personal advice

  • What suga baby hasn’t been to New York though? Betch ur basic

  • I would do anything for money too. Spirit of a hustler baby

  • her vocal frry is awfulll growling every word

  • Hmm come back to me when hes 70 and shes 40. otherwise whatever.

  • This Couple Is Fine To Me And The Other Age Gap Between Courtesy and That Actor In Green Mile That Was Too Much For Me.

  • It only bugs me cuz she's hot

  • Usually age gaps in dating are proof gold diggers will do anything for money. If this guy died tomorrow make sure the both the police and life insurance agency investigate before forking over cash.

  • My husband is 53 and I'm 36 and we been together for 7½ and married for 5 years and have a son... I don't see nothing wrong

  • 🤮

  • I cant find anything wrong with this.


  • Barcroft tv seems to have a deal going on with The Dakota Bar ! ;)

  • I always watch only young women with old man......I think I Jstt once watch a young man and old women couple

  • Will be over in a few years when he coughs and snores all night and can no longer run with her. She will get all his wealth so a happy ending on its way. Abnormal cannot be called normal. Any gap more than 10 years has it's sad consequences. Bitter but true

  • One day she'll regret wasting years with this fool

    • You disgust me

  • I have to admit, he is handsome even though he’s 58.

  • THIS IS DIFFERENT AT LEAST SHE'S 28, a fully grown and developed person and not a person who is STILL DEVELOPING

    • They started to date when she was 20 and he was 50

  • I was in an age gap relationship when I was young. It only lasted a couple years. My husband is only six years older than me and that age gap seems to work perfect for us.

  • Why does she have a manbun?

  • I'm just thinking how beautiful she is 😍 ...why no one is telling that ...:-)

  • Mindy and Larry are probably one of the most famous age gap relationship couple from this series.

  • I dont really care. As long as they both adults

  • Im happy for you guys

  • 2 adult she almost 30

  • "You just made the biggest mistake of your life, baby. I know you're guna be missing me when you got that big, white, wrinkly body on top of you with his loose skin and old balls, gross!" hahahaha

  • I. LOVE. MINDY. AND. LARRY. Their love just makes me happy and I love that they found another. Their cute

  • I can't see this relationship breaking down as long as mindy's youtube channel is flourishing. I reckon they are making thousands.

  • Mindy kinda has some Lana Turner vibes going on

  • I absolutely love mindy and Larry!

  • My mom husband is 43 and she 61 they been together for 17 year

  • Nonce.

  • Honestly age is truely just a “ number “ Hope they last 🥰🥰

  • 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • I wanna see an update with that girl who met the guy on the sugar daddy/baby website.. like I wanna know if he’s actually divorced and not just being scum..

  • She's going to be changing her husband's diapers in a few years.

  • As long two adult are together its ok But if a child and an adult are dating so no that not ok

  • Mindy is pretty

  • Lovely couple 💕

  • Why does he look so old? He's only 58

    • She is also looking too older for her age too. She is aging too fast.

    • SniperRose he is 78 actually

  • She has complete control over him. If he doesn't do exactly what she says or ever says "no" to her he is history. The way he cowers before her and watches every word that comes out of his mouth waiting for her approval. He sold his soul for a young woman and no manhood in him. He is a sap. This woman is about control and a young man would be least likely to give in to her so she chooses an old man who will do exactly what she says. She seems like a covert narcissist.

  • Have you ever considered that he only have approximately 10yrs to live? Good luck with that 😂😂😂

  • People need to understand that it doesn't have to be weird. Sure, we're weird, but it has nothing to do with the age gap. Our videos prove that!

  • This couple is relatable to 'Jothe Jotheyali' characters (A Popular Kannada daily soap)

  • Larry the dirty old man. He wont last for long given his age and appearance.

  • They are cute together

  • No children

  • Sister Age is just a number but this can be ur ancestors 😦

  • New York my hometown...Now I call Orlando my home..great video, I have to admit I binged watch alot of your videos today...Larry your only 4 years older then I ...bless you both!

  • If she’s 28 this year, then she was probably 12 in 2003, not 8. Doesn’t make much difference though. Who gives a sh**.

  • Their in love n i'm happy for them🤗

    • I wait when my love of my life come...

  • No one can’t predict who they’ll fall in love with until it just happens. Love is love.

  • Age don’t mean nothing what is important that you guys have each other ❤️❤️

  • I'm in the same position I'm 22 and my husband is 46. Our love and bond is so unbreakable.

  • 🤔 I wonder if he bangs her?

  • This is disgusting he’s old enough to be her grandpa

  • I follow Larry and mindy there both amazing there happy why not my partner is 13 years older who cares your happy x

  • It’s nobody’s business but theirs it’s such a shame with live in a world that judges first and asks questions later.