30 Upcoming PC Simulation Games in 2018 & 2019 ► Management, Tycoon, Sim!

Pubblicato il 17 gen 2018
Welcome to the 30 upcoming PC simulation games for 2018 and 2019 list! Now, when we talk about simulation and games, it can be confusing as to what we are talking about. It could be anything from hyper-realistic real life 1-to-1 simulators to more game-like management tycoons, sandbox constructions, or even survival lifestyle sims. For the purpose of this list, I will be focusing on the more gamey ones not just because I want to focus on simulation *games* but also if I didn't the list could go on forever, so if your favourite is missing, just comment down below to let everyone know and to basically add to the list. There are also bonus games written down below. Also do remember, I have whole other lists dedicated to city-builders and space games, so don't freak out that none of those sim games are here. Alright, now let's get started!
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Which ones are you most excited about?
What kind of simulation game are you most into?
1. Parkitect - Texel Raptor
2. Farm Manager 2018 - Cleversan Software
3. Parkasaurus - WashBear
4. Prehistoric Kingdom - Shadow Raven Studios
5. Project Hospital - Oxymoron Games
6. Two Point Hospital - Two Point Studios
7. Software Inc. - Coredumping
8. Starship Corporation - Coronado Games
9. Initiative: Red Dawn - Indelve
10. Transports - Jens P. Behrens
11. Production Line - Positech Games
12. Factorio - Wube Software
13. The Universim - Crytivo
14. Verdant Skies - Howling Moon Software
15. Riot: Civil Unrest - Leonard Menchiari, IV Productions
16. Empires of the Undergrowth - Slug Disco Studios
17. The Guild 3 - GolemLabs
18. Besiege - Spiderling Studios
19. The Last Leviathan - Super Punk Games
20. TerraTech - Payload Studios
21. Automation - Camshaft Software
22. Wreckfest - Bugbear
23. Jalopy - Minskworks
24. My Summer Car - Amistech Games
25. Occupy Mars: The Game - Pyramid Games
26. Medieval Engineers - Keen Software House
27. Scrap Mechanic - Axolot Games
28. Oxygen Not Included - Klei Entertainment
29. Rimworld - Ludeon Studios
30. Astroneer - System Era Softworks
BeamNG.Drive (Simulator)
Aquanox Deep Descent
Mechwarrior 5
Pure Farming 2018
Cattle & Crops
Farmer's Dynasty
Animal Farm (Nothing seen yet)
Cooking Simulator
Space Mechanic Simulator
Tank Mechanic Simulator
Firefighting Simulator
Police Simulator 18
House Flipper
Demolish & Build
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  • I spent a long time working on this one! Enjoy! *On Universim! I misspoke, there is a free proof of concept demo on GOG and you can buy into the (pre)Alpha but it not being on Steam means it's very cost restrictive since it's USD only and that current gameplay probably isn't representative of final gameplay. Sorry!* Now, which ones are you most interested in and what kind of simulation games are you into? You can also check out more gaming lists here: it-tvs.com/plid-PLYVqUDxY6COh7bkuJoBb1koNRX7mAX2yp *Thank you for supporting the channel through these links* Patreon: www.patreon.com/GamerZakh Humble Bundle: www.humblebundle.com/monthly?partner=gamerzakh Merch: www.designbyhumans.com/shop/GamerZakh/ *Join us on other platforms for more content* Discord community: discord.gg/GamerZakh Twitch: www.twitch.tv/GamerZakh Twitter: twitter.com/GamerZakh Instagram: instagram.com/gamerzakh/ Facebook: facebook.com/GamerZakh LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/gamerzakh/detail/recent-activity/posts/ TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@gamerzakh

    • Graxster hmmm....seems like you could take the 15 seconds to look them up on steam or google. You know, that space device that you are using to watch this “useless” list.


    • I've been playing universim for a few months, I adore the devs, they are very hands on with the forums and feedback. They now have an eta for coming EA to steam, I believe it is august.

    • Great job dude a go to place for what to purchase next :) EDIT: Can I make a suggestion if I may? Perhaps links so that you can jump straight to the title of interest :)

    • At the time of making the video, most of them don't have expected release dates. However, when they do I do mention what is known. Like at 2:53 I say when Parkasaurus should be entering early access or at 9:09 I state how The Universim will be going into early access first but there are no fixed dates. What more could you want? You're asking for information that doesn't exist.

  • Not interested in any of these, I like my Simulation games to be more hands on, and more real or as real as possible! I've been playing House Flipper, Demolish & Build 2017 and Demolish & Build 2018 very recently, all three are on Steam and made by the same developer Playway! And in House Flipper and Demolish & Build 2018 allows you to pick your characters gender, which is cool, especially with Demolish & Build 2018, because you do get to see more than just your characters hands and arms,lol! I highly recommend all three games, the two Demolish games are really fun, because you can drive a pick up truck around to different sites/jobs, unlike House Flipper, though I still love it too!

    • That means you aren't looking for simulation games. You're looking for simulators. These are the ones I came across when making this video: Mike Goes on a Hike (Walking) Deadstick (Plane) Alaskan Truck Simulator (Driving) Ultra Off-Road Simulator 2019: Alaska (Driving) Offroad Transport Simulator (Driving) BeamNG.Drive (Driving) Frontier Pilot Simulator (Flying) MarineVerse's Sailboat Racing (Sailing) Derail Valley (Train) UBOAT (Submarine) Deep Diving Simulator (Diving) Deadliest Catch: The Game (Fishing) Cooking Simulator (Cooking) The Pub Simulator (Bar) Diesel Brothers (Mechanic) Space Mechanic Simulator (Mechanic) Junk Yard Simulator (Mechanic) My Summer Car (Mechanic) Tank Mechanic Simulator (Mechanic) Plane Mechanic Simulator (Mechanic) Biker Garage (Mechanic) Train Station Renovation (Building) Castle Flipper (Building) Farmers Dynasty (Farming) Cattle and Crops (Farming) Mad Hunting Simulator (Hunting) Bee Simulator (Bee) The Dinosaur Operation (Surgery) Accident (I can't believe this is a game)

  • Amazing Games!!

  • i found some few new games like Rimworld .... - 1.Rise to Ruins 2.Battle Royale Tycoon 3.Mindustry 4.Queen's Wish: The Conqueror 5.civitatem 6.Judgment - Apocalypse Survival Simulation 7.Shortest trip to earth 8.first feudal 9.Keplerth 10.CitiesSkyline 11.Planet Coaster 12.Space heaven 13.Factoria 14.Oxygen Not Include 15.Parkitech 16.StarShip Corporation 17.King Under The Mountain 18.Dwarf Fortress

  • in my opinion, the best micromanage game that is on here is rimworld. It looks difficult at first but take an hour of 2 to understand and you are addicted for 500 hours. and when you come back after 6 months, there are new mods that makes the game totally diffirent.

  • #1 ICK.. #2 ICK.. #3 ICK.. #4 ICK.. #5 ICK.. #6 ICK.. #7 ICK.. #8 ICK.. #9 ICK.. #10 ICK.. #11 ICK.. #12 ICK.. #13 ICK.. #14 ICK.. #15 ICK.. #16 ICK.. #17 ICK.. #18 ICK.. #19 ICK.. #20 ICK.. #21 POSSIBILITY #22 HAS POTENTIAL #23 ICK.. #24 ICK.. #25 Possible #26 ICK.. #27 ICK.. #28 ICK.. #29 ICK.. #30 ICK..

  • when i type simulation it only gives me car and stupid games 😡

    • Well it depends what you mean by simulation. Personally, I define 'simulation', 'simulators', and 'simulation games' differently. What kind of games are you looking for?

  • You should do one for free games

    • I always worry about that because 'free' nowadays is a bit confusing. Some 'free' games have premium subscriptions and the free version is severely limited or even unplayable.

  • are u malaysian

    • @GamerZakh hahaha high five bro represent!!

    • I am, yes.

  • 2:47 and release them and watch the dino's eat the public, lol.

  • parkitect is copying roblox theme park tycoon

  • Wish they did Sims 4 for mobile and IPhone in the appstore

  • Nice, I love these games

  • Are there any good game developing Simulator games like the one in android called game dev tycoon by greenheart games?

  • www.amistech.com/msc/ LOL

    • Amazing isn't it? I miss making websites like that.

  • You Just Forgot Airport CEO

  • Two Point Hospital is amazing!! Love it!

  • thank

  • 16. Empires of the Undergrowth - Slug Disco Studios www.eotugame.com/ it is a good game, but it is not a developed which it can be finished easily..........learn something from Empire of the ants made in 1999.

  • 0:54 start of the video

    • As long as you don't ask why the curation is as such. I get so many comments asking questions answered in the first minute of the video.

  • to much blablabla

    • There are plenty of trailer compilations out there. You're spoiled for choice of upcoming games lists without talking. Alternatively, open this video's description and browse the titles and links only.

  • In my opinion those are strategy games :D

    • We have a big discussion and vote about what is a simulation game on this video: it-tvs.com/tv/video-hLWfG3LUgac.html What makes you say these are strategy games? How do you differentiate genre-wise Two Point Hospital from StarCraft? Asking out of curiosity as I change my curation every year based on feedback and discussion.

  • I would love to see how my dad does with the production line game. He was a director for a company that designed and installed production lines for cars.

  • Number 1 Roblox

  • jajaja que garca le cambio el titulo y es hace mas de un año el vídeo, genio pone "2020" así te ahorras el trabajo de el año que viene cambiarlo

    • No cambié el título, siempre decía 2018/2019. No me ahorra ningún trabajo porque estoy haciendo nuevos videos 2019/2020. 3 de los nuevos videos ya están en el canal. La razón por la que dice 2 años es porque el desarrollo de videojuegos es difícil de predecir y muchas veces no confirman la fecha de lanzamiento o retrasan el juego. No puedo ver el futuro, así que decir 2 años es más preciso. Además, ¿dónde dice "2020" en este video?

  • Is it bad that I was bracing myself for posting a negative comment because I was afraid Yandere simulator was going to be on here?

  • You didnt add planet coaster for the themepark section

    • Yeah, it released in 2016, it's not an upcoming game.

  • I would wish a few more details on some of the games but overall a very good video. I like that you highlight problems...

  • You forgot meeple station.


  • Why not Planet Coaster?

    • Because it released in 2016. I listed it in previous year's videos.

  • I played Riot Civil Unrest.. its very fun. ( my opinion. )

  • I want a zoo tycoon inspired game :( I want it so badly!

  • That ant thingy. that looks stunningly amazing in a strange way

  • Jurrasic World Evolution is the only true dinosaur theme park game

  • I think it's been more than ten years since I played Theme Hospital last time, but I kinda miss this though. Has anyone already played these two games with hospitals? I'll think about downloading it.

    • @GamerZakh thanks, mate for your review. I watched on youtube some trailer of both of games, but it seems like I'll enjoy more Project Hospital. I hope I like it, I know I'll. Thanks.

    • Two Point Hospital feels exactly like Theme Hospital but better. Project Hospital is actually more like Theme Hospital plus The Sims when it comes to building and the realism can be more tiring as there's little humour in the game. Both are good but I find most people either like one or the other. Only a few people enjoy both.

  • Green Hell?

  • I hate click-baitey videos.

    • @cassidy Well I made the change in the title. Decided just 'sim' would keep it clearer and reduce confusion while still maintaining what it's meant to communicate. Thanks for the feedback!

    • @cassidy But 'sims' is a common term to refer to simulation games and simulations. I didn't write The Sims. Hmm, I didn't consider that confusion. I'll look into it and have a think on whether I should change the title. How about I change it from 'sims' to just 'sim'?

    • @cassidy Which one? The Sims 4 released in 2014.

    • How is this click-baitey? What about the title is not represented in the content of the video?

  • Parketect? Ermmm... It look's on NO level to Planet Coaster. Planet coaster is very Sims 4 like

  • Why do so many games lately look like made for 10year olds playing on smartphones?

    • Considering how 10 year olds don't really play these kind of simulation games, probably means plenty of adults enjoy them and don't mind or like the style, so they're made for people who want to buy them.