30-Minute No-Equipment Cardio & HIIT Workout

Pubblicato il 10 mar 2019
Get ready to torch calories with Le Sweat founder Charlee Atkins! This no-equipment workout includes three circuits that are going to get your heart rate up and have you feeling the burn. The ab sections at the end will definitely have you feeling Le Burn!

Find more from Charlee on:
Instagram: instagram.com/charleeatkins/
Facebook: facebook.com/charleeatkins.nyc/
Playbook: playbook.app.link/charlee-atkins
Website: le-sweat.com/

On Anna: Koral leggings and bra, Define Your Inspiration tank, and APL shoes.
On Charlee: Athleta outfit and Adidas shoes.
On Christina: LNDR leggings, Cotton on Body tank, and APL shoes.

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  • Perfect home workout!

  • Just a suggestion, could I see a estimated calorie burn for this exercise?

  • Amazing!!! One of the coolest workouts ever, every time I do it, on the next day I can't feel anything. It somehow activates all the muscles that are not usually used in other videos, at least the ones I do on this channel. I really really recommend it!

  • Nice workout thanks

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  • great workout!)thank's for the motivation and positive vibes!!!you are amazing!)

  • I love this workout! Many of these mat/bodyweight workouts have a lot of arm positions! Some days I need a rest/less intense arm day and this is it! Also, great burn with a great challenge. I burned about 264 calories!

  • I almost died. Great workout, and still sore 3 days later.

  • These ladies made it look so easy. I'm breathing heavily just 10 mins into it. Sweating like a pig but I like it. In just 10 mins my heart rate went up 180bpm. Thats the way we burn it! Tomorrow 15mins into the video

  • Wow this video was so cringe but my butt is so sore today!!!!!!

  • Love love loved that workout.....not at the time obviously 😂 Thanks ladies

  • who else feels like the workout is the easy part when it comes to eating healthy. I can't seem to give up my muffins. Any tips?

  • I will do the workout 🏋️‍♀️ tomorrow 💗👍🍀

  • Amazing girls sport everyday good for health the bad people can learn but they have head

  • It is sport keep this but some bad people think bad about this

  • Lovely!

  • The constant "LE" this and that was kind of distracting and sorry to say annoying. Also add a timer to this workouts. Thanks

  • Alguém do Brasil?

  • I lost 4 kilos on this workout, with no exceptional control over my diet. Love this workout, although I would say it took me a while to get along with those ladies 😂😂

  • how much calories burn in this workout?

  • Good video, I do it often. But I hate when they say to the viewer "you can work harder"- it get me down not pumped up. It would be nice every once in a while if they tried some encouragement.

  • you women rock! thank you that was awesome!

  • I feel like I was working pretty hard in this workout, but I'm not super hot and sweaty like these girls are. My room is a little on the colder side (high 60's in Fahrenheit), so is that why? Or do I just need to push myself a little harder? It's really hard for me to tell.

  • I was doing my workout without equipment years ago. Now I added light weights. Yesterday I was on the treadmill for twenty minutes. I worked the tummy area and lifted the light weights. I have been exercising mostly everyday. It does make you feel much better.

  • After one year of working out round about 5 times a week I could finish this workout without big struggles. You can achieve that too!

  • Daughter and Mom power! We enjoyed the workout. Thank you💪

  • I stopped working out in Aug 2019 and decided to start back up w this workout....I HAVE BEEN SORE for the past 2 days. It's a love hate relationship w the feeling. But I had a blast doing it. Cant wait for more!

  • Have you really noticed some improvements by doing this workout? I really want to burn fat

  • it’s the next morning & i am sore! this was the first time i’ve worked out in a while, so 1 like = 1 day of working out. i gotta stay motivated.

  • Jesus Christ I can’t get out of bed

  • Hello. I did this from start to finish and I was so proud of myself that I finished the whole thing. FAST FORWARD to two days later (today), I am soooooooooooooooooo SORE!!! WOW! This kicked my ass. Good thing is that if you're feeling it like I am, must mean it's a KILLER GOOD workout. Thanks. I will do this again when I am not sore :D

  • Oh wow that workout was amazing, thank you! Really quick good calorie burn!

  • I am gonna Le-Die.. 😒😂

  • I heard more ‘oh yeahs’ than a bang bro’s special

    • 😂😂😂

  • Paused a few times but still finished strong. It’s a great workout for a lazy day at home.

  • Did this set yesterday for the first time, having a hard time going up and down stairs and sitting down today! 😂👍🏻

  • Not recommended for people with bad wrists!

  • I want to loose weight does it help me?

  • This workout beat me up 😭😒

  • Did this workout this morning. It is now almost 5pm and i can feel my core. Its sore but a good sore. Thanks for a great workout.

  • I love love love the modified because after my son was born anytime I jump I full blown pee my pants so thank you so much!!

  • I had to use my earphones coz it just sound... 🤣

  • Feeling it the next day!! Ouch! ❤ the modified version is PLENTY for a beginner!

  • They’re all having a great time as I’m wearing 5 layers and a trash bag crying while doing these exercises to cut weight for wrestling

  • i tried one the other day and didn't want to do it again so i thought i'd try this one haha i don't know which one is worst LOVE IT THOUGH

  • I like doing planks on my hands, rather than on my elbows. Is this (more or less) an equivalent substitution? Or am I missing out on a muscle group???

  • Perfect for a snowy day! Thank you!!

  • I just started an amazing day with you!

  • Great workout 💪

  • I picked your workout out of 100s to do 5 days a week. I've been doing this workout for 4 months and have seen great results. 2 days a week I do a simple dance workout. Just wanted to say thanks for a great video and a hard but not to hard workout.

  • Is anyone here 12

  • I'm gonna post as often as I can with my results. I'm going to do this workout everyday and update if there are any improvements. Current weight: 80kg Height: 5'5 Day 3: This has been tough the first day I couldn't complete the workout I got half way and I was done the second day was a bit better and was able to complete it all but I did take longer breaks. Today it has felt a lot easier my legs and arms are sore but that happens with all workouts but I feel more energetic and proud of myself.

  • Will this help me get rid of a csection pooch???

  • Anyone else trying to cut weight the day before? Lmao got on a trash bag, three hoodies, two sweatpants, two socks, and a winter coat in my basement. Big tournament tmrw 😂

    • Won the tournament for anyone wondering 💪🏽

  • Thank you for the workouts. They are easy to follow and nicely broken down. If I may make a suggestion, there is a lot of talks and high fives between the 3 girls. I do not really want to know how Cristina is doing on her workout, it would be nicer if you can just do a countdown or have words of encouragement instead. I am not sure if the instructor is asked to speak the entire time, but sometimes the words are just random and not really helpful for online followers(which I assume is who the videos are made for). Otherwise, I feel like this is a really helpful workout.

  • 1 like = 1 day working out I need motivation lmao

  • This video goes by realllyyy quick when you’re just watching it, preparing for the real thing...😅

  • Does anyone know how many calories this workout burns? Thanks :)

  • so energizing cardio session ..i feel so good after doing it but seriously not so good while doing first circuit...hahaha

  • Day 2... my legs and ass are dead.