3-Minute Vs. 3-Hour Vs. 3-Day Pizza • Tasty

Pubblicato il 12 nov 2019
Celebrate the holidays with new Tasty Talent, Joe Sasto, as he shares 3 amazing pizza recipes for 3 different occasions.
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  • dont tell me this guys a pro

  • After the 3 days in the fridge, can you freez the rest of the dough for use later?

  • pizza any time

  • DrDisResp..... is that you?

  • how to make a pizza: some Italian dude: we add a little bit of olive oil

  • What da hell... you cannot call yourself Italian after the first "creature" that you have done! Trust me bro! Italian guy is telling you!

  • 3:05

  • imagine me making the 3 min pizza when I’m running late for work


  • Why would you put parmesan on pizza

  • Instead of changing the shirt from time to time, he changes the whole(!) Kitchen Aid.

  • You aren't Italian

  • “We’re going to use a fancy fancy technique” stabs pizza with fork

  • He has a curly mustache.....it’s legit o.o

  • inlove with that mustache.

  • 11:10 did I hear shrek?

  • Nigga made pita bread

  • what about..... Krusty krab pizza? 👀

  • 12:16 poor wine droplet on the table

  • 3 minute pizza *throws microwave pizza in microwave.. mmmm good

  • Every time he said “italian” my heart broke

  • so nobody’s gonna talk abt how he said paprika💀

  • This is a fake Italian.

  • 2:03 hola senor, i see you make a de tortilla pizza

  • i'm italian and i wanna cry.

  • quien ere cara yunke

  • 13:25 is truly satisfying

  • Who knew Mario and Luigi had a hot cousin?!😍 also doesnt he remind anyone else of Tom Ellis?🤔

  • 3 min pizza was just so wrong

  • U have such a stereotypical Italian moustache

  • He is wearing the same outfit for 3 days :D

  • It looked terribly terrible all 3 of them

  • We are all gonna end up making the 3 min one

  • It should have been 30 min and made it a little pretty

  • I trust him. His mustache is that of a serious pizza maker.

  • A Taste ad on a Taste video, how interesting.

  • After watching it.. Oh he made us hungry.. Lets order a pizza... 🍕🍕

  • why is it when a day passes they are in the same shirt???

  • PaRmEsJan hahahhahahahahahah

  • buzzfeed: *takes random guy* ok so now you put on this mustache, say you're italian and make a pizza video.