Pubblicato il 21 giu 2017
Atlas & Damos vs The 3.5kg Burger Challenge at Butcher's Burger in Athens, Greece (2016 Europe Tour - Day #53 / Challenge #48)
Hey everybody!! Day #53 of my 2016 European Summer Tour and for this food challenge I'm with my friend Damos Damianos at Butcher's Burger & Butcher's Steak House in Athens, Greece. We will each be taking on their unnecessarily over-sized burger challenge and trying to finish within 1 hour. We took a trip to Greece to help Damos & Food Smashers out with getting more events going in Greece. Event #3 of 3.
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Butcher's Burger's 3.5kg Burger Challenge:
Just like the last 2 videos from Greece, a description isn't needed here either. Butcher's had a challenge they were doing but felt it was too small for Damos and I, and we agreed to increase it a little. It was supposed to be between 2.5 kg and 3 kg total, and it was agreed upon that I would be there when they put everything together. They went completely against that and made the challenge when I was getting ready in the bathroom. They added so much sauce to the bottom bun which all mixed along with the grease from the burger into the bun. The whole thing was bigger too, about 3.5kg. In all honesty, the beef and meat they use at Butcher's was delicious, but they totally ruined it with all the sauce and made this challenge one of the worst tasting challenges I've ever had. I don't know how Damos was able to keep eating for that long, so congrats to him. Everyone seemed to have a fun time though, which is what matters. Thanks to everyone who came to watch and meet us.
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This video was filmed on Saturday, July 16, 2016 (7/16/2016).
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  • Hey everyone thanks for watching!! This was challenge #3 of 3 in Greece and it was our first time in Athens. Athens was amazing but this event did NOT go as planned lol, which is mentioned in the description. Oh well, can't win them all, and we will have to come back to Greece in the future to set up challenges with different, smarter restaurants. Thanks again for watching and supporting our channel!! The next few videos will feature challenges in Ostrava, Czech Republic with our friend Radim.

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