2HYPE Chopped Cook-off Challenge

Pubblicato il 13 lug 2019
The Official 2HYPE Chopped Cookout Challenge! Uploads are Every Saturday!
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Edited by (Curry): instagram.com/currieyt/


  • Sry mopi 😥🙏🙏, atleast u tried browskie.

  • Poor mopi Mopi puts a lot of effort in to his food

  • 14:41 a wild Tood/Quinn

  • I am sorry dude

  • Wow so mean to mopi

  • 9:51 "does this look raw, or is it just me in the middle" Well said Jizzer

  • Kris with the accent was so funny

  • Kris is fucken funny

  • F yall mopi tried hard man tf

  • Kris is the only person in the world that doesn't know peanut butter goes with apples 🤯🔫

  • “Mate you gotta commit” -LSK

  • That Salmonella Chicken🤣🤣🤣

  • how dont you eat penut butter apples

  • I died of laughter at 1:48

  • James could've crushed cookies and covered the apple in chocolate and then made the crushed cookies stick

  • Dude you guys have the best ideas🤭

  • I knew Mopi wouldn’t win the second he walked in

  • Mopi is the best he always gets bullied make this the most like please 👇🏻

  • Jesse I'm sorry to say this but your not slick

  • Who’s here since mopi has won chopped

  • James is actually cooking like my mom from philly! Rep James😂. My mom always makes cooked apples and cinnamon

  • kris be having me dead 😂😂😂

  • James’ dessert had a lot of potential. He could’ve melted some chocolate to put on the cookies, he also could’ve put less of it. If he had put less cinnamon, he would’ve won. Cinnamon apples are actually fire

  • Let Todd cook

  • 20:08 why doesn't Kris just stfu

  • Do more chopped videos

  • Kris has never had apple and peanut butter it’s a Midwest and south thing and east coast thing Ik Zach and the bro’s heard of it at least

  • They do look chooped😂😭

  • Yo cash killed me for what he said to kris 13:30

  • When you can’t find your juul 17:02

  • 9:30 alright well then go fuck ya self😂😅

  • Jidel is a try hard at eveything

  • 14:43 Todd was so scary

  • They really went masterchef on mopi. Poor mopi I feel so bad for him

  • Is Zach really brother with kris

  • Yall weird for treating mopi like that like if u agree

  • Jesser "those dinosaur" Mopi "yeah" Jesser "respect" 😂😂😂

  • Zack says that he is Chris brother but he doesn't even know him

  • Chef O'Nasty is 🔥

  • this is one of the greatest videos to ever exist