2HYPE Chopped Cook-off Challenge

Pubblicato il 13 lug 2019
The Official 2HYPE Chopped Cookout Challenge! Uploads are Every Saturday!
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  • No, black people love chicken

  • Mopi: I mostly cook chicken tenders Jesser: are those dinosaurs? Mopi: of course Jesser: respect 😂😂😂😂

  • /hidechat

  • Todd walking away from the caramel sa uce 14:42

  • Do another chopped

  • "do you know what might have hurt you. Wearing sunglasses in the house" -cash 2019

  • Love it

  • Cash won

  • 14.41 look at tod on the right

  • Mopi: "That’s a big piece of meat... I don’t want it anymore!!" Me: CUT IT MATE

  • Cash Nasty:Now imma show y'all how to cross contaminate food

  • Kris ain’t know bout peanut butter and apples 😂. Really smacks

  • Anyone else notice at 16:44 that zach liked mopis milkshake, looked at kris, saw that kris didn’t like then acted like he didn’t like it either?

  • this bro said little does he know i’m allergic to cinnamon with that british head ass voice 💀 this bro finna die 😂

  • Bruh apples and peanut butter is the move

  • They should do more chopped videos. This video was awesome hella funny

  • mopi is a fucking dumbass

  • you know what might hurt you? "wearing glasses inside Of A HoUsE" XD

  • 20:44 Jiedel w/ the lines...

  • "Does this look raw or is it just me in the middle?" -Jesser

  • Poor Mopi

  • I was dying when moping said I been fired

  • Can someone tell me if kris and Zach are actually brothers

  • Is rising

  • The next master chef is ris iij Nguyen but they didn't make another episode

  • Jiedel what you doing at 20:46...

  • If kris and Zachary are brothers. Why is kris way taller than him. Don’t you get your height from your parents?

  • I feel bad for mopi

  • Nobody... Cash: your wearing glasses in the house

  • 1like = 1 prayer for mopi's self esteem

  • 22:45 😭 I’m literally dying from laughter rip mopi ?-2019

  • Zach and kriss are brothers

  • The judges got short with Mopi

  • Nobody: Kris: that’s a cap

  • Nasty is the cooking God!!!!!

  • Lsk was just roasting mopi

  • That was so bad for throwing mopi dish

  • Lsk look like blueface

  • 1:12 sec is so funny

  • Kris Ramsey

  • Is Zach actually chrises brother

  • When their judging James you just see Todd in the background

  • 15:50 lmao and 17:33

  • Peanut butter on Apple rock cEleRYY?

  • I absolutely love Mopi. Hes such a sweetheart.

  • Why are they so mean to mopi like ok he can’t coke that well doesn’t mean you have to discriminate him in such a bad way😒

  • Are khris and zack really brothers?

  • Wait are zack and kris brothers

  • how is kris so sheltered that he hasn’t even heard of putting peanut butter on an apple slice

  • #stopmopiabuse

  • James and Cash should make a meal as a duo

  • Mopi

  • Y yall do moping like that

  • /hide chat

  • Mopi looks like a short version of Enes Kanter

  • Rip moip

  • what in the bloody hell is todd wearing lmao😂😂😂

  • Zach and Chris are brothers????????!!!!!

  • I didn't know that Zack and Kris are Bros

  • 2 hype team chopped Teams : Kris, zack vs James, Jesse Judges: Mopi, cash, special guest kenney