26 Kill Solo Squad | Chapter 2 Fortnite

Pubblicato il 20 gen 2020
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  • That moment at 7:40 when you were flexing your edits on an actual bot 😂

  • When do you go live

  • Who trinna add me ima fye ah ps4 player

  • The my record kill is a 25 solo vs squad

  • picaxe god too

  • how is this possible your a god

  • Aimbot

  • Ikonik skin is being pull backed😭

  • When your mom says last game for the night

  • Jajá muitoooo

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  • Zarby vs Sharp

  • Nice aim assist fucking bot

  • Omg this kids L2 spam is crazy

  • You ripped your enemys

  • I was on stream when u got this dub

  • Look at the cut after frenzy farm and then it Goes to salty and in frenzy there was 60 players left and in salty there was 38

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  • My lobbys so hard your lobby are bots

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  • Ils et plus meilleur que jzm

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  • 24 bots 2 pros :|

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  • Aimbot

  • Stupid bots

  • Sharp is my favorite player to watch. Partly because he's so good and partly because hes also so reckless, lol. Dude, just ran right pass those minis as 2:05, lol. Most players would immediately box up and put those on but Sharp goes for the kills first!

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  • Your honestly cracked👍, how come I never heard of you?

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  • L2 R2

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  • One of the best players out there

  • Is this Xbox One? I play Fortnite on Xbox One and honestly you are like WAY better than me. OK STOP I JUST STARTED PLAYING IT #Fortnite

  • The L2 though 😂😂

  • I Hope You Love Our Game! Sharp

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  • Looks like aim assist

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  • Was saw you good

  • The disrespect you get when someone knocks your health down then proceeds to pick axe you 🤔😂😂🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Häää bei mir macht L2 auge

  • Geil

  • Look at how shaky his camera is when hipfiring, that’s why he L2 spams

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  • Que clase de bots son esos??


  • How much ADHD med you take my manchild.

  • Lol he was just fighting ai bot

  • the big follower notification on the middle of the screen is not needed, maybe place it at the top center of the screen and make it smaller.

  • What do fortnite players and olive oil have in common? *They’re both extra virgin* kek

  • Help My subscriptores?

  • I love your vids

  • not fair

  • bot lobbys

  • bruh why you L2 spamming