Pubblicato il 25 lug 2019
Do you like your neighbors? If yes, you are a very lucky person. The worst thing is that if you live in an apartment, usually you don’t have a choice and it could be a real disaster. Or you can even become best friends and spend a lot of time together! Check out his video and you will find different types of neighbors that you can meet in your life. Let’s start from the very loud neighbors. It could be the one who always yelling, who create bizarre sounds upstairs, dancing elephants. Or it could be musicians or party animals. They always have parties and a lot of friends.
The neighbor who borrows things could be harmless, but most of them do not return your things. Of course, you can ask for your property but who wants to spend time? The real disaster is when the borrower swear that he already returned something. But he didn't. Ugh! The next kind of neighbor is very annoying-the one who can talk for hours. And the main problem is that you always meet this person when you are late or too busy.
There is always a neighbor who spies around and knows everything about the people around you. The worst thing is when he or she tries to involve you in these spy games. Have you ever had an ideal neighbor?
We prepared one more compilation that is about every day fails everybody can relate to. Wearing glasses is not a comfortable thing at all but the real failure is when you place your eyeglasses on a couch and your friend accidentally sits on them. Panic! One more awkward situation is when you spill coffee in a car at the moment when a cute guy looks at you.
00:32 The borrower
00:54 Musician upstairs
02:02 Spying neighbor
03:02 Ideal neighbor
03:28 Are you a lucky person?


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  • This video summed up my life 67%! If it was school instead of work it would be 100%!

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  • Yes, all the kids can relate when they accidentally spill their hot coffee

  • 4:49 Just put it on the ground...

  • Los mejores tienen muchos suscriptores

  • Or the part when your parents scream at you in public

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  • 2:43 I thought he was about to drill his foot I freaked out😱🤯

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  • i can relate to some of these

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  • WhO's WaTcHiNg wHiLe dOinG tHe sPLiTs iN tHe miCrOwAvE

  • It’s funny how it says Awkward moments everyone can relate to even though there are some only girls can relate to and some only people with glasses can relate to. So it is not awkward moments everyone can relate to

  • 7:54 me too in school

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