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Do you love crafts? We adore different craft project as it’s the way to spend time with fun and create something cool. Also, crafting is a cool way to relax and forget about any problem/ Thes time we prepared a new collection of crafts for super-creative people. These inspiring ideas will teach you how to make various crafts from concrete and polymer clay. I bet you will love this video! Concrete is a perfect material to create something really special. By the way, home decorative items made from concrete are super popular nowadays as they look very stylish. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on concrete planters or vases as you can easily make them with your hands. I have a whole collection of concrete crafts and ready to teach you also! Cement and concrete are quite simple to use and the result is amazing. First of all, prepare a place where you will work and carefully read the instructions on a package with concrete. The first project is a DIY concrete ring cone. It’s a perfect item to store rings and also a handy gift for your mother or sister. You will need an ice-cream cone and concrete. Mix concrete with water as it is written on the package and pour the mixture into the cone. Let the concrete set. Remove the waffle and enjoy! My favorite project is a concrete lamp! It’s the best decorative item for your desk! You will be surprised how easy is to make this cool lamp! As a bonus, you will find a collection of crafts made from polymer clay. You will learn how to make pots for seeds, cute bowls for jewelry. Stop doing anything and start creating!
00:09 DIY Concrete ring cones
00:33 Resin bracelet with flowers inside
03:16 DIY Concrete lamp
05:17 How to decorate a planter
09:15 Concrete vase
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