2020 Supra Downpipe Exhaust Install!

Pubblicato il 14 ago 2019
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  • Download Turo for free here: turo.onelink.me/1712264037/1f13916f Use promo code HUNT15 for $15 off your first trip!

    • Tj hunt be the FIRST MANUAL SWAP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Where do you get all the money to live this awesome life that your living? Do u have a trust fund or something? Nor that would be any of my biz but Im sure I'm not the first to ask, cause if i hit the powerball I would be doing the exact same thing as u are!!🤘🤘

    • next mod,full system installed yeah,i hope u cut in half those exhaust front to back to know how the magnificient sound its make

    • Tj Hunt Has anybody else realize the supra looks like a Scion

  • It’s gonna be loud cuz your in a warehouse ... your voice is loud

  • On idle this thing sounds a lot like a stock abarth on sport mode.

  • would be awesome to see TJ install the milltek exhaust system & do a review bout it

  • Why do I have many likes?

  • sounds like...shit? stock is the best imo

  • sounds very close to an audi rs3 which is awesome

  • Just rented a GR Supra from Turo in NJ for New Years Eve (2019 to 2020) - it was SO WORTH IT! The crackle/pops on downshifts is INSANELY addicting!

  • 12:51 i was using headphones lol

  • Your fart comment made me laugh so hard 😂😂 btw.. Only installing a downpipe only will help with the hp?

  • This is a real straight pipe no kitties

  • I just still can’t do with the fart noise

  • Check out our channel where we did the window tinting on one of these at the dealership before it even touched the roads! Turned out AMAZING! it-tvs.com/tv/video-ETLPPxPNFHw.html

  • farts all day, I think i'd get sick of that if I had to hear it through every shift. glad my m3 doesn't have this cause comp pack wasn't out yet.

  • I didn’t know I was going to the movies today but thanks for all this free popcorn

  • stock sound much better, with downpipe sounds like liquid ass exploding

  • Nice fart sounds

  • Your supra was in the show!!

  • californias legal exhaust limit is 90ish decibels. if u think that is quiet come to the uk, it 78 decibels

  • One of the biggest disappointing things in 2019 not gonna lie

  • Over hyping about a y pipe

  • How do you prevent the CEL from coming on.

  • This sound like shit

  • Can you install downpipe only without taking off cat-back exhaust? I bet they will say ” impossible without cat-back off”.

  • You mean a bmw?🤔

  • Downpipes really make a huge difference

  • Get a manual transmission from an m4

  • The sounds from the aftermarket downpipe exhaust sounds like shit to me, but I’m not about that loud life

  • I prefer stock sound

  • A car that comes with pops? Dang

  • *The sound of a bmw enigine shifting gears*🤢🤮

  • My boner speaks for itself......🍆💥

  • so its a catback exhaust with a downpipe and a popcorn tune?

  • All my BMWs have been super easy to work on. But then again I'm not a retard..

  • Wow 15 dollars off of 599 a day lambo that really makes a "difference"......

  • I want the old days so I didnt have to sit through a 20 minute VLOG for a simple exhaust video.

  • 👎🏼

  • Of course someone always pulls up in my dream car that I’ll never have

  • Nice vid :)

  • stock sounded better tbh (on sport mode)

  • Anything that queefs louder than a Prius is illegal in California

  • What’s the name od this downpipe exhaust?

  • It's more throaty sounding. It's loud. Inside it's not but it is loud outside.

  • Cool bmw

  • Where are your sidelocks??? Your nose need a tuning not this supra

  • Get a better camera with video stabilization or stay still and stop with the hand gestures. You're not that exciting

  • You guys should take it to bmw if they will take it in for repair or oil change lmao

  • Who are those guys that do all the work for you?

  • Does it trigger a cel?

  • Be the FIRST TO MANUEL SWAPP IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • "Its a Toyota and a BMW". Its just a detuned BMW Z4 with Toyota body specific panels. Its 1% Toyota. The B58 is better than any other engine Toyota has asked someone else to build including the 2JZ Yamaha engine.

  • I am waitin for someone to install an equal length single exit exhaust in an a90. Im pretty much sure it would sound great.

  • Really shitty filming...gave me a headache.

  • Automatic

  • Music to my ears

  • when u put a gtr and huracan together

  • Amazing sound, in love with the all new supra

  • Slow 😢

  • Put akrapovic

  • Nothing says Fiesta ST like pop and crackle