2020 Nissan Rogue SL AWD - POV Test Drive (Binaural Audio)

Pubblicato il 4 gen 2020
MSRP: $32,940
MPG: 25 city / 32 highway
Horsepower: 170 hp @ 5,600 rpm
Towing capacity: 1,102 lbs
Engine: 2.5 L 4-cylinder
Transmission: XTRONIC CVT w/ Sport Mode & Eco Mode
19" Alloy Wheels
Curb weight: 3,660 lbs
Dimensions: 185″ L x 72″ W x 68-69″ H
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  • wow. nice! what camera did you use to take a video?

  • Garbage interior.

  • It hasn't been changed from the 2017 model I'm driving.

  • Just traded my 2016 in for a 2020. Love Nissan Rogue. You should try talking through your videos.

  • Seems no RADA is equipped in it

  • İn my country its name is x-trail

  • Anything that is not a Toyota is trash

  • Toyota RAV4 much better

  • Здравствуй.спс за обзор. Только не понял что за стуки внутри салона 5.20 минуте. Это что работа вариатора так слышна?

  • 🤮

  • Nissan Terra please bro

  • 디자인 존니 못생김

  • I have a 2016 Rogue SL and Love it!!

  • Nissan- Looks really promising and fools with you initial quality and latest gimmicky features...will need a brand new transmission replacement at 65k. Don't believe me? The rogues are notorious for this premature failure.

    • Chandler White well you shouldn’t assume how i drive because its a versa, 109 hp tops is not racecar territory and I certainly know that haha. Lucky him but my family and I have had nothing but bad experiences with nissan.

    • Richard Nguyen Mine has 84K miles and he never had a hint of a CVT problem. My advice is that it’s not a race car, don’t try to drive it like one and you will be fine.

  • Nissan's JATCO CVT transmissions are the worst. Toyota is the best and Honda second

  • That is one God awful outdated interior. 2008 was 12 years ago 🙄🤦‍♂️

  • My grandma has a 2015 and one day she came home thinking it was broken. I asked her to describe the problem. Her: "the dam thing won't shift". LMAO😂 I figured she had floored it and thought the engine might blow.

  • This video only gives viewers a reason NOT to purchase this vehicle.

  • If it is possible to install a new media system into the old Rogue? I have an EU version of the Rogue Sport 2019.

  • Very comfortable ride and quality, way better than any pos Korean ,American or any other and that’s the truth....🇯🇵🇯🇵💪

  • I love your shoes where did u get them?

  • at 5:50 good grief.

  • This car called X-trail in other parts of world

  • There are so many on the road from left to right..I own a 19 sentra with no problems. Every has their opinion but I love my cvt

  • 2019 Nissan Rogue:170 horsepower 2014 Infiniti (same company) QX80: 400 horsepower Step it up Nissan!

    • Infiniti is Nissan's luxury division, so the cars are not intended to be compared side to side. Additionally, the Rogue is the lowest price in it's class, which sets it even further from comparison to an Infiniti.

  • First time seeing how a CVT perform and can’t say I like the way it shift and sounds.

  • That sounds like the most unsatisfying vehicle to drive. Nothing but noise, accelerating and even coasting road noise. Horrible to be in.

  • Although I like the car new, I don't think it will hold-up over time. I see those seats being worn and torn-up after 2-3 years of use.

  • Hello you frenche cars in uneted state.?

  • In Italy is NISSAN X-TRAIL

  • Sounds horrible...do better nissan😂

  • My aunt has the same car,same color, but it has a black exterrier,and Is a 2019

  • Unreliable jatco transmissions

  • The armrest for the rear passengers is ridiculous. Hard plastic and vertical position of the cup holders. Really Nissan? Why not use a soft touch material and give people more space by placing cup holders horizontally?

  • Chevrolet Malibu

  • Its just needs to an 8-speed direct shift AT with torque converter. Thanks.

  • 32K??? HA!

    • And I’m 4 years the piece of shit will be worth $10k, while a 10 year old Toyota is will be worth still $10k.

  • На Кашкай похож 🚗

  • I have 2015 and dont see big changes. What I liked is the music sound became better. The engine and CVT are still the same. This car isn't for quick starts but for family slow driving

    • The sound is the same this just has the Bose system. Maybe you didnt have the upgraded system. This also has leather on the dash and the cvt is tuned slightly different

  • She still sells tho 😂

    • No shit Nissan loses its value so fast because they are trash Toyota much better

  • Increase the volume

  • 170 hp? Hahahahaha

  • My moms 2003 Honda Accord ex shifts better

  • 😓😓😓

  • OMG NICE CAR the 2020 Nissan rouge

  • Its x-trail

    • Yes it is the same vehicle. But sold as "Rogue" in North America

  • Only Nissan I would consider is the Leaf.

  • I love the fact that you took some time to press buttons in the interior of the car (and showcase both screens). Sound design is an important aspect of car manufacturing that most reviews/POVs rarely show, sadly. Thank you for making a proper POV video.

  • Crazy how the new Versa sounds more luxurious than this... Nissan needs an update ASAP. But then again, people keep eating this thing up so why bother?

  • Test haval h6

  • test genesis g90 2020 pls

  • Ew that CVT is disgusting

  • 디자인 진짜 별로다 2020년도 차량이 2010년도 디자인 같다

  • This is an xtrail Nissan or what? It has a different name to it but look more like a Xtrail

    • Isei Nabuka rogue = xtrail. Same car different name in America.

  • This is an xtrail Nissan or what? It has a different name to it but look more like a Xtrail

    • Same car, different name.

  • I bought my daughter this rogue in 2017. It is an SV so a few less features. But it’s loaded for a $25k suv. Remote start. Nav. Heated seats and steering wheel. Power rear door. 360 camera I mean it nice and it’s gone 32k troublefree miles. We love it. I like this blue SL you got here. Nice seats. And rims

    • Lol good luck because it won’t reach 70k, should have bought a superior Toyota SMH

  • By the way what everyone call name of this car in my country call this nissan x trail

  • was that the cruise control down on the bottom left below the steering wheel at the beginning? Bit of careless placement, considering the driver has to try to keep their eyes on the road when looking to click the cruise control.

    • lord meme that's not where the cruise control is, cruise controls are on steering wheel, where that blue button is.

  • Jesus, lol. The fact that this made production with those sounds, trans and brakes...tells the whole story of state of Nissan.

    • 34Saini the CVT is fine, makes the cars produce less emissions and be more reliable it just feels funky to drive.

    • WS99 nah Nissans are good cars except cvt transmission isn't good

    • Ehh, this video has a bit of a weird car. I've driven a new rogue- they really aren't that bad to drive. The one I drove sounded a hell of a lot better and felt a lot better. Yes, nissan is in a terrible state- but their new cars are giving me a tiny smidge of hope.

  • My mom would love this car!! 😍❤️