2020 Moto RAZR Impressions! The Return of a Folding Icon!

Pubblicato il 14 nov 2019
The Motorola RAZR is back for 2020. The flip phone re-invented. With a bunch of catches.
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  • The lighting was so bad I didn't catch the secondary 5MP camera up in the notch. It's there! So you can in fact take even worse quality selfies if you so desire.

    • Lenovo/Motorola For real freedom is ultimately only Android/Linux. Not iOS. Only dumb people are using iPhone. Fashion and perfume Industry people, showbiz people are majority of dumb people on earth. They don't even understand a bit of technology that's why they're so into dumb stuff; apple. The rotten eaten apple. Huawei, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Oppo/Vivo/Realme are spying. And you can delete the spying by modifying your phone ;) So what the heck is Apple doing?! LOL (controlling your smartphone from distance, even worse than spying). I always hate iPhone even the latest 11 pro max is nothing in my opinion. Best camera? Get a real camera will you. Asian products are much better in many aspects.

    • The ending of this video is so hilarious.....i watched the last 20 seconds over and over.....i could've died laughing.....he just knew for sure you were loving the video quality

    • That would be for video calls, dingus. Doing video calls only with the secondary screen would be atrocious. You've got this video up saying this thing only has one camera lol. I mean wow, how bad can you report on something...

    • lol i’m commenting before the comments are fullll

  • I am gonna buy it when the price down to $600

  • You really have the best intro music

  • That should be the razr slogan *"IT SLAPS"*

  • Well the galaxy fold is expensive, but at least it has high end hardware. This one is a mid range phone..

  • Someone out there in the world is still using the original Razr and is watching this like, finally I can upgrade my phone.

  • I’ll buy it when it comes to 300$

  • Can’t wait to have sex with the razr

  • if this could only come with iOS installed on it...

  • Sorry to disappoint but there are people that are younger than you that feel that nostalgia of flipping a phone shut. lol. who else is younger than Marques and gets that too?

  • It's not a hybrid phone - tablet, there will not be many people have interested in it. Period.

  • Foldable phones are gimmick. Like 5 camera phones. It's unnecessary and expensive and loses its novelty after a week

  • What's the actually name of the intro music? Found the artist, cnt find the song.

  • I wonder why the scrolling version of a flexible phone didn't take off.

  • After marquess told the specs i was kinda expecting it to be more budget but 1.500€?! For midrange specs thats insane, No Matter how it folds

  • I think I'm about to put a whole paycheck into a phone

  • best of the old skool

  • if they made it a tad bit smaller, it could work as a watch on your wrist, that could flip out to be a phone that you could disconnect from your watch using magnets... theoretically

  • All my friends had the original razr . I couldn't afford it . This one is pretty cool.

  • That is star trek phone Hands down

  • Thank you for your first impression about it, I think it’s a nice move from Motorola as a start to get in the smartphones competition, at the end they knew that a lot of people still looking for a folding phone easy to put in pocket, by that they targeted a huge people or buyers of it in addition to that it’s not bad at all, I mean of it’s characteristics, I think it’s a 6 of ram, Android 8 or 9, 128g internal storage and 16 megapixel of the camera

  • 1500 bucks is a lot or nostalgia !

  • I’more into iPhones but I’d like to buy this beauty.... $1499? Hmmm... maybe not... :)

  • The form is worth exploring!


  • No front facing camera, still has an ugly ass notch.

  • This is the phone to get to be the cool kid!

  • No headphone jack and not waterproof then what's the point of not including a jack?

  • Motorola Razr V3 was my favourite (not only me but the whole family). THE FUNNY PART WAS THAT MY FATHER SOLD ALL THE PHONES HE BOUGHT IN THE PAST TO BUY THIS.

  • Are ye to faltoo Technic he

  • It’s funny despite all the cons I still really want one.

  • The only reason I’d buy a folding phone is to have a tablet within a phone, so this phone breaks the whole purpose of it.

  • 3:25 JerryRigEverything: *did you say DURABILITY?* 😏😏😏

  • smart dude!

  • Your hand kinda dirty or might oily

  • Oh I can’t wait to see the case for this 🤣🤣

  • This interesting to see African review - I don’t know they sell these phones ... South Africa? Motorola is good company & before they are big. I don’t see now so many.

  • Motorola, if you're listening, RAXR Max please! 🙏🏾

  • I hate that IT-tvs unsubscribes me everyday from this channel...

  • No one : Literally no one : Flip phone : u could not live with ur own failure where did that bring u? back to me