2020 BMW 750Li vs 2001 BMW 7-Series // Luxury Meets Legend

Pubblicato il 22 gen 2020
This is 2020 BMW 750Li, and it meets its grandfather, the E38 2001 740i, which costs far less and is rear wheel drive. Both are V8s, and both are BMW flagships of their time. But can the old one stack up, and is the new one worth the massive premium? James and Thomas jump behind the wheel of both to experience them and discuss them inside and out. Watch and enjoy. SUBSCRIBE!
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  • 3:09 had me ctfuuuuuuuuu

  • Hahahahhahah the grill joke killed me

  • Every BMW built before 2006 was and will be legends, they were built with a soul.

  • Tupac was shot in one of these...Allegedly...

  • I would never spend 6k on this

  • Wow the new BMW front grill is the ugliest thing I've seen on a car in a long long time. How can they make it so ugly? I heard Chinese like big grills that's why

  • I dare to write Necromancy or Plastic future Fantastic? ;P

  • always remember when it comes pack with alot of options it comes with alot of problems down the road.

  • Very nice in appearance but a horrendous money pit. I'd buy an old Lexus LS430 over this garbage. Total no-brainer.

  • Rip Tupac Shakur


  • Ask yourself this.. Will the new shape ever be in a Bond Movie.....

  • Never got the ski pass-through on German cars in the US. There was one in my 2001 S4.

  • Best looking BMW series ever, E34 5 series. The E39 is a close second. The diagonal seat lean was common for the some of the older BMW's. Easy fix. Takes a couple of pieces of metal clothes hangar and about 30 minutes. BMW, over 100k miles, you are buying a money pit.

  • 1000 x 0 is still 0

  • Wash the cars before shooting, c'mon guys...

  • The new one is sooo ugly. I am going to vomit.

  • these quilted leather on the new 7 is terrible

  • I got my E38 for $500

  • 12:05 someone please explain the Rosetta Stone joke

  • Bmw always was a sports car till 2013 lol

  • Bmw was befour more sporty today with this hug Nose you cant see the floor so if its something there you run on it ...😕 to park back very difficult to If you don't use Parking assistant which comes in 7 series i have 3 series but still nose so big it feels like in 5 series

  • Those new huge kidney grills are terrible.

  • 11:08 is my line in my 535i when I wanna hook up with a girl in the back of my car

  • е38 - the best of 7 Series.

  • I wish they used the old e31 compared to the 2020!

  • The new one has the ugliest grill smh big grills are already ugly, but on a bmw wtf

  • Эти парни канадцы? Невероятно, как прав Южный парк!.

  • that e38 was apoor example of a 2001 e38 i have the same car same color in much better condition they should of found a better one

  • I am actually really interested why nobody says anything about Audi grilles cuz if this one on BMW 7 is too big, why isnt that one too? On Audi A8 it looks also really big or? BMW just made a car that could almost match a size of grille of all another brands that are doing something to change a look to make a new model (or just FL). Yes, lame to take advantage of some things that another car brand produces for some years already. Mostly people who are complaining don´t even have enough money to buy it and even if you have it, there is a lot of choice, nobody cares about who doesn't like that grille or if you don´t like some type of songs or you don´t like some food, it is matter of taste and this car would be recognizable as new model. China buys most of luxury car in complete world (I guess is saw around 50% of luxury cars is sold there), they wanted it, they got it, it has also grown on me after I saw it in person. Usually you need to see car by your own two eyes in person and then you can say how does it look, by my experience it looks really massive but it gives it that modern design and like it is hiding a powerful beast in there. Hopefully it will be only on 7-series cuz I don´t think it will look good on other models for BMW, but we´ll see it in some time. I want someone to measure me how big is grille on both Audi A8 and BMW 7, please if anybody has possibility to do that, it is only for my peace and my personal knowledge, thanks in advance. Sorry for long post, my personal opinion here and I also have and like looks of my BMW 745i (e65) and didn´t have any problems with reliability in 5 years of owning and like 100.000km of driving (now ~200.000km).

  • U made me nostalgic 😣

  • That was the steering wheel that came with it, you have a 740i sport.

  • I¨m not gonna lie. I would took the modern one, then INSTANTLY sell that thing what looks a beached blue whale and buy the E38, prefeably the L7 model with all accsessories and would hire a lifetime car driver. That new one looks so fugly :/

  • That hideous big grill an the new 7series needs to go with the next facelift. It kinda looks decent on the bigger X7 SUV. But on that thing its just too big...

  • Simple answear New BMW is not worth 25 times old one.

  • I cannot believe people actually buy these new BMW's. That new 7 series is by far the ugliest car BMW has ever produced

  • 2020 BMW 750Li those kidneys the are just too big they cant reach "on the hood"

  • "Reliability is an issue on 230k km on BMW E38?" WHAT?! This car can last 1 000 000 km. Most of these driven around Europe are having 500k+ km. This E38 will outlast the new 2020 BMW 750Li, meh...

  • Trash heeps.

  • sickkk

  • I own e39 530d. And i love it.

  • 2001 7 series = before it had nose cancer 2020 7 series = full blown nose cancer..

  • Personally I love the interior and exterior especially of the e38, and aesthetically the newer one looks like an abomination inside and out.

  • Give it a few years and the 2020 BMW will be junky too.

  • The old BMW actually looks like a BMW

  • At the beginning I thought they were hinting that James had fell into a money pit...it comes naturally people

  • Older looks better. Grill no so big.

  • You have to check @carwow channel and lern how to make a good video.

  • 1:46 anyone else notice the missing wheel studs??

  • The 740 has the sport package (you can tell by the wheels) sport package cars do have a lower ride height

  • sto is store in calculators serves copy/paste like function

  • In five years, the 156k car will be 5,9k and the 5,9k car will be $1.56

  • E36 looks much better ! I don't know how ?

  • i actually liked this comparison haha

  • You guys need to find an E38 with more options! I bought a 740iL 3.5 years ago for $3900 CAD and I love it to death. It's got butt massagers, heated steering wheel, reared power sunshade, Sport Electronic Damping Control, Rear Backup Sensors, 14 speaker sound with 4 factory subwoofers, the ski bag, and more. Although with 215km on it it is starting to have some electrical issues in the cold, the front windows work and I love it to death. Also I stripped out the trunk and it will legitimately get 27mpg on the highway.

  • We'll see what will happen to 2020 7's 20 years later ;)

  • I would never pay 6 Gs for that

  • Comparisons of cars with 20 year old versions of the same line just demonstrate how incredibly obese contemporary cars are. They do look outright fat, not sportive or agile, and they are getting even fatter by the year. I soppose they are a bit a mirror of society.

  • Luxury cars deteriorate in value the quickest

  • 6:55 pens? No. Cocaine storage? Yes.