2019 Yamaha MT-10 Test Ride Review [Best Supernaked]

Pubblicato il 21 mag 2019
Have you ever wondered what the best motorcycle I've ridden is? Well look no further... seriously, the 2019 Yamaha MT-10 is just that good. In this video, I get to compare this masterpiece to the MT-07 and MT-09. For all the specs and top speed blurring information your heart can handle, enjoy!
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  • Guys, you are all the absolute BEST! This video is blowing up and it's all thanks to you! Please don't forget to SUBSCRIBE :)

    • Robert Stridström you are smart and right!! Supernakeds can be raced at tracks competitively. I've raved and rode 26 years superbikes , and track my MT10 . The top end isn't as high but the rest of performance and torque is towers in competative. There's a reason u won't see a cb1000r at track days. It's great bike but not a performance naked. The guys above saying the gsxs1000 , cb1000r, z1000, katana are the same performance scares me for their sake and hoping if they ever buy one they treat it with respect becaue it'll kill ya. The MT10 is only 160hp but had the quickest 0-60mph of ANY production motorcycle on earth! But it's also had a complete electronics package/suite to help keep u safe, wheelie control etc etc all sorts of modes.baye nakeds don't. Not sure what their arguing about it's just a class, not knocking them, they just are not as fast , quick, perfomance numbers are way down. ALL anyone has to do that disagrees is lookup Supernaked comparisons or group tests on IT-tvs , u won't seee ant of those bikes there. To confirm your point. I've rode 26 years, tracked almost the same Annount, owned 16 superbikes in those years from exotic Ducatis to an r1M. When I left superbikes 4 years ago becaue of a wreck on one and a back injury I thought I was done with bikes becaue when i tried to test ride a Suzuki gsxs1000and found it didn't hurt my back I got excited . Until I turned it on. I was looking to see whAt settings everything was in but realized most of that wasn't there lol , then I pulled onto the rode after being told by a moron Suzuki Saleman that this is jsut. A naked gsx1000r and would knock my socks off,..excited I pulled out and hammered it. Pinned it. Um, front wheeel didn't lift, didn't even get light, when I shif to second relaxed no quickshifter and the suspenion was so soft it bounced on shift lol. Felt painfully slow in acceleration and comming up to the light I was used to suoersports and braked late and dint realize how poor the brakes were and abs????????locking up the wheel. Turned around and took it back and kindly told him he shoudlnt relateni to its sueprsport brother anymore lol. Thought I was done with bikes becaue that was not any intrest to me, couldn't be tracked or competitive anyway. Then I ride a Aprilia Tuono v4 Factory ,..which essentially is a KB rsv4 track bike with a straight bar and 175 hp. People race them all the time . THAT instantly had all the selectable adjustable electronics , suspension , modes I expencted and I found DIFFERENT WORLDS apArtt from a base naked. Was also twice the money. Ended up buying an MT10 , it will power wheelie up in 1-4th gears without the clutch,..that's a big difference in power and will get you killed quick if not careful. . Just agre with your point and hope these guys arguijg don't ever buy a Supernaked without researching . Not safe.

    • Robert Stridström nope. They are base nakeds. The katana is actualls oaintully slow, watch 44 teeths review (he is a BSB moto GP legend ) the Suzuki is 130 hp down 30 from the mt10s 160. Good bikes but certainly not Supernakeds . Watch the Supernaked comparisons by the proffesional motorcycle magazines like motorcycle.com or bike.com etc,,.a lot of comparison videos of sueprernaked clad and you won't see a Suzuki, Honda or Kawasaki in the group tests. That's becuse they aren't sueprnakeds, or in other words , thweir performance is too far below the supernakeds .

    • Mauro Lepère truly just becuse it's clear u haven't rode an mt10, go to a dealer test ride one and change to rider mode to the most aggressive, think is A now . I promise you you will be completely shocked at how much quicker it is. How much. More sport oriented it is, suspension is decently firm fkr corners, not squishy for comfort and the MT10 wheelies rediculously easy without clutching , that cb1000r does wheelie but take a lot more effort. That just. Becuse it's down on power. For your own knowledge , go ride one and you'll u dettand why the professionals put the MT10 i. The Supernaked classand not the cb1000r

    • Mauro Lepère not the same league. Look up the performance numbers of the 2 not even close. Same with electronics package . Cb1000r is a cool bike but certainly not a Supernaked. That's why you won't find it in ANY of the viral Supernaked comparisons . FYI

    • Seye Oladejo the cb1000r is not a hypernaked, it's a base naked or retronaked . The term hyper naked or Supernaked had always been the top performance oriented nakeds the cb1000r , gaxs1000, z900 are good bikes but base nakes becaue they are lacking in performance and performance data and equipment . Supernakeds such as the superduke R and Aprilia Tuono v4 1100 or even the BMW s1000R are quite a bit higher hp at 175 , the gaxs1000 is 130 which is very significant. In testing comparisons. The MT10 is 160 BUT for example has a quicker 0-60mph , faster than even the King superbduke R. Supernakeds also have performance orented suspension, often Ohlins is the choice but Yamaha did soenthing different and put in an affordable performance derivedI suspension that is fully adjustable on the top of fork and rear shock side so you can adjust at the track or home. One of the biggest thinks that sets apart Supernaked and base naked like the cb1000r is the electronic suite/package. The MT10 uses the superbike brothers R1's package , took out the 6 axis IMU (mistake in my mind) but has 4 stages of traction control, wheelie control, off option, 3 ABS modes, 3 ride by wire throttle Modes or rider modes which many think are power modes becaue u change to beast mode and power wheelie up first time you hit it. Lol but really it's just adjusting throttle signal . ALL Supernakeds have quickshifters becuse they often get use at the track, base nakeds are great bikes, I love the cb1000R but after test Riding out of curiousty after buying me MT10 I was shocked how noticeable the powernincrease is on the MT10. It's felt worlds about the cb1000r! Same with the Suzuki, and z900, most the base nakeds lack optional traction control modes , ABS modes, don't have wheelie control because they don't accidentally often wheelie up like the MT10 lol, they are just designed to be quick fun comdtable affordable bikes. People won't buy a cb1000R with the intention of doing trAck days anfew times a month just becaue that not what it is. Not knocking them or u, just clarifying the difference in Supernakeds/hypernakes and a standard naked. It's HUGE. I wouldn't let my child own an MT10 lol I would a cb1000r lol also good to mention there are some base nakeds that don't even have traction control , some no abs. Yikes. The new standard for Supernakeds will be increasing though with Ducatis announcement of the realeasing soon v4 Streetfighter to have 234 hp if unchoae the Factory Akra option. Aprilia will follow with their upcoming Tuono , have a feeling the BMW s1000R M package will too, and Kawasaki is releasing a Supercharged naked tho that la not a track bike being forced induction. It's just good to know what the bikes are classified as for your own safety and knowledge. U wouldn't want to buy a Supernaked as a first bike. Base naked would be safer. Etc. if you look up Supernaked comparisons, motorcycle magazines like motorcycle.com, bike.com etc have channels comparing them side by side, you'll see there's no Honda, Suzuki or Kawasaki at these comapisonx .

  • I love my 2019 r1. The grips looked very skinny in the video

  • I like how you assume everyone is better than you. You don't get disappointed much do you lol

    • mi nguyen I can’t tell if this is a diss or a compliment, so uhh thank/fuck you?! Hahaha

  • staring at that left mirror for minutes

  • Do comparison YAMAHA MT-10 vs KAWASAKI ZH2

    • Vs over a long distance ride with plenty bends and corners not a boring Freeway.

  • The Yamaha is a nice bike but the Suzuki gsx s1000 on the dymo has the same for but more horse power an is 3000 cheaper ride safe

  • Used to drive that exact road on the weekends since it was right outside of base. What a throwback

  • Best bike I have owned. The complete package. Really like the exhaust as it sounds like an aftermarket system . Amazing power delivery. Fabulous in corners. Will wheelie off the throttle in 3rd gear in mode 1.

  • Nice. KTM though is top dog in this category though of super naked. Think I much rather take a vmax over the mt 10 as well.

  • Great review! Tell Coleman Motorsports they just sold a bike from your IT-tvs channel.

  • That's where I bought my V-strom! Keith is the best.

  • please visit my channel also of motovlogging lets help each other

  • good

  • Where are you riding ? You mentioned Joplin road or something ? I am in NOVA.


  • Cannot decide between this and the 2017 S1000 R.

    • @BamfIamone if only it did not have so outdated electronics and high consumption I would in a heartbeat.

    • Mt-10 mt-10 mt-10

  • How long can you ride this bike before your but hurts?

    • It's basically a touring sports bike so decently long.

  • Which one you like more Mt10 or the Tuono ?

  • Is the speed unit "mi" ?

  • The laugh at 9:04 is something I know only too well. I notice the specs say 158hp so maybe it’s US spec? It’s so much fun to ride. I find I don’t use the quickshifter much as it encourages bad behaviour.

  • I’d have this bike if it weren’t for one reason. 140 mile range.

    • That's not bad. I get like 160 miles on my ninja 400

  • I test rode one the other day and I was equally impressed. I have never been on a more balanced and easy to ride bike. It was surprisingly comfortable and the suspension was great. I do own a KTM Super Duke GT as well so it was a good comparison. If I had to make the same choice today I think I would get the MT10 over the KTM. Reliability, affordability and pure fun makes this is a tough bike to beat. If they were the same price it would be a VERY tough call but I think I would still lean toward the MT10 with bags a and a shield.

  • Demoing a previous year, the side of my right leg got way hot from heat dissipation. Has anyone notice? Has there been some better shielding added?

  • Does the 2019 come standard with the auto blipper as well?

    • No, none of the MT range have autoblippers

  • The Learjet of nakeds.

  • Curious if you did a comparison between this 2019 Yamaha MT10 and the 2019 Triumph Speed Triple RS

    • Speed triple is probably better, never ridden either so i could be wrong. Triump is such a premium brand though compared to yamaha

  • Be very careful....the feeling of hard acceleration can be addictive

  • You need to ride a 2019 speed triple RS man

  • what the heck man, you been on 3rd gear the whole ride ?

    • Techno TV ! Unless you’re planning on going 120mph you don’t need 4th gear or higher 😂 c’mon boy!! You know better

  • A great review. What is a quick shifter...for the gearsI know...and can one be fitted to an MT-07?

    • A quick shifter pretty much cuts power to the engine for a split second, which allows the gearbox to switch gears while bypassing the need to pull in the clutch. Yes, an aftermarket quickshifter can be installed into an MT-07.

  • Sounds like a sewing machine

  • Would you prefer mt10 or BMW 1000r?

  • Yamaha is a premium manufacturer for sure!!!

  • Does the gear case stick out like the MT-09 you reviewed?

  • I'm convinced. Gonna get one after I get out of basic. I have been looking at getting one of these bad boys for a while and this video has absolutely done it for me.

    • I absolutely love mine. Going from my gsxr to that it's got a way broader power band, more comfortable, and better all around. If you can, get the sp version unless you like being able to tune your suspension.

  • How about kawasaki z1000?

  • why u guys ride bikes. seems like you only got straight roads ;-) greetings from the alps

    • What?! This was a properly twisty road haha. You want straight roads... watch my TX videos lol

  • Great video. I got the fz09. Got rid of the x diavel I had for 3 years. Yamaha is much better than Ducati in my opinion. Still riding at 71 and also have Indian bobber and old Harley shovel

  • if I'd to choose between mt10 or z1000r, I'll pick z1000r it's far more better than that plus it's more cheeper that the mt10

  • I gave you a thumbs up until I saw you parked at the stop sign to "change a battery". What kind of selfish moron parks in the middle of an interchange to perform a piddly personal task?? News Flash: THERE ARE OTHER MOTORISTS ON THE ROAD. I wonder if you park in handicap spots because, in your mind, you're "only gonna be a minute". Selfish riding.

    • You only saw the stop sign, what you didn't see was that it wasn't an intersection at all! It was just the exit of a church that happened to be closed that morning, so I felt it was a safe place to pull off. There was absolutely no traffic near me. I would never stop in a place that would put anyone else in harms way! I promise. Sorry you thought that!! Hopefully you'll change your opinion of me, as this appears to be a simple misunderstanding. Anyway, ride safe out there!