2019 NBA offseason overachievers: Clippers (duh) lead the way | The Jump

Pubblicato il 16 lug 2019
Kevin Pelton joins Rachel Nichols, Brian Windhorst and Amin Elhassan to discuss his 2019 NBA offseason overachievers, with (0:10) the LA Clippers leading the way after acquiring Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and Maurice Harkless, while also keeping Patrick Beverley. Also on his list (2:07) are the Brooklyn Nets, who signed Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and DeAndre Jordan.
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  • Jazz?

  • It's funny how the Lakers were suppose to end up with Jack shit and aren't overachievers. I don't get the Laker hate but to make the team they made after Kawhi played them is pretty impressive

  • OL dude on left showed up without a jacket his first day😂😂😂 he scared and nervous to😂😂 he was terrified sitting next to nba which rachel Nichols😂😂😂

  • DeAndre Jordan will be a great mentor to Jarrett Allen

  • Rachel voice still shot😂😂😂 damn bitch stop deepthroating😂😂😂

  • Bro fuck Sam presti man. Gilgeous Alexander was incredible. OKC actually got better

  • Considering the horror of CP3's contract, I think the Rockets won. It looked like they were stuck with that until the end of Harden's prime, but somehow they got rid of him. Everyone else on the list was working with players worth their money. The Rockets were trying to get rid of a guy who everyone knows is not even worth 2/3 of what he's making and he's old, and nobody wants to play with him. So imo, that is the toughest move to make. On top of that, they didn't go get trash in return. I know many people dislike Westbrook, but he's a massive improvement over CP3, and the fact that Harden and him have been friends for like 20 years is pretty cool. Very good acquisition. 2nd Place would be the Warriors because they snuck in that DLo acquisition that I think was fricking genius. He's young, he's only gonna get better, and he's a great all around player who moves the ball, which is what the Warriors do very well. Had they just lost KD, I'd say they dropped down a notch, but now with DLo, I think they're still very much in the running for a championship. They're gonna be super fun to watch. 3rd is the Clippers. I only dropped them down because I think Kawhi wanted to go there anyway. He simply wanted them to get him some help, and PG was already feeling LA. I do leave them at 3rd because damn, getting Kawhi immediately makes you into a contender. PG is just gravy. Good on them pulling the signings off. 4th Nets. I knew they'd get Kyrie, but that KD grab is a game changer in the East. They're pretty much the clear cut favorites in the conference 2 seasons from now. The only reason I'd drop them a bit is because they did what they should've done. There was no overachieving. It was this or bust. 5th Pacers. They got Brogdon paired up with Oladipo. That team was already overachieving even with Oladipo gone. I think they're the sleeper for this coming season. Taking Brogdon from their top competitor in the conference is a double win. I'm happy for the Pacers. 6th Lakers. AD and Boogie are gonna kill it together. But I can't really credit them much for getting AD. He already said many times he'll only re-sign with the Lakers so it was really about NOLA pulling the trigger, not the Lakers. 7th Miami. They came outta nowhere to get Butler. Sure, they're not gonna win anything, but at least they have something going for em. Butler is a guy who really just needs to be on his own team and I'm sure he'll be happy down there in Miami. It's a good deal all around. 8th That brings me to Philly. I think that Horford signing was sneaky good. He's Embiid's insurance policy and if they really want to, they can play big and take advantage of pretty much every team aside from the Lakers who can counter with Boogie and AD. 9th The Celtics. They got Kemba because they needed to. It was just them replacing Kyrie with a lesser Kyrie. I like Kemba but idk, it feels like a downgrade. 10th Utah. I like the Conley signing, but I don't think it changes much. He's a good player, but even at his best, he's nowhere near as good as any of the other big Western Conference signings. The Jazz are still a middle of the mall team. They needed more than that to truly make a dent in the West. Imo they're actually dropping down because they're still not as good as Portland, and the Rockets, Lakers, and Clippers got better. So at best, the Jazz are sitting at a 6th seed behind the Clippers, Lakers, Warriors, Rockets, and Blazers. Plus they have to worry about Denver's young players developing even more.

  • How tf did we get a C in the draft??!! Mfiondu and mann look good. Do your research ESPN!

  • Shai man 😟


  • Deandre still defends the paint, is always a lob threat, gobbles down rebounds *and he makes free throws now. Plus he’s durable as hell, a real iron man.

  • NBA a joke

  • Lbj tryed to get an easy ride!

  • Rachel and her beta male orbiters

  • Turn off the graduation song

  • Clippers and Nets are winners in free agency????!!!!! WoW tHaTS NEw neVER HEarD tHAt beFOrE

  • I think people are underesting Kabengele and Mann.

  • No one has talked about DeAndre Jordan in like 3 years and then he signs with the Nets and people bringing him up like its 2013 again

  • This woman is a Laker hater who wants to make a career out of it, how stupid can any sport broadcaster or reporter be! Lakers will be Lakers and Clippers will be the Clippers forever in LA and if you can't realize that it means you're either an unpaid moron or a paid moron!

  • Why TF does Windhorst think the Lakers have no depth lmfaoooooooo

  • I thought Pelton was that older bald dude

  • I'd rather watch Nazi's assasinate jews instead of watching Ryan HOllins talk

  • It's amazing how people argue that Lebron is the goat. But Lebron + Anthony Davis isn't better than Kawhi + PG? If you gave 34 year old Michael Jordan Anthony Davis no one would doubt that duo.

    • Now your being a dumbass

    • RUFF- people are stupid for doubting LeBron and AD as a duo anyway. Idiots living in the moment don’t know about PG’s disappearing act in the playoffs, and sleeping on LeBron’s 8 straight finals

  • Underachievers ESPN y'all niggas embarrassed yourself

  • Now the OKC Thunder is in the shop class and the basket weaving with all the rest of you muthafuckas under acheiving.


  • Windbag sounds like a woman

  • bring Stephen A smith back nothing is fun to watch except skip and Shannon

  • HAWKS💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  • Lakers have depth over the clippers. Take out both superstars on each team. Lakers had 5 players who averaged at least 10 points last season, clippers had 2. 3 players on the clippers roster averaged less than 5 points, lakers have 0 that average less than 5 points. Cousins by himself also has more blocks and assists per game than any of their point guards or big men. Lou Williams and Paul George are the only guys who average over 4 assists per game on the whole clippers squad. Where is their depth?

  • Nobody gonna talk about how the Indiana Pacers traded both these players away? Lol


  • Who is A Better Three Pointsman? Khawi or Labron.😆 45! Handle s To. Labron Don't Have A Cross Over. Please. Drive and Dunk. Like Ghanis

  • Pacers & Blazers Off Seasons Were Slept On. Pacers To Get TJ Warren & A Pick, Brogdon & Lamb. Blazers Getting A Sleeper Pick In Nasir Little, Hassan Whiteside & Getting Rid Of Turners Non Production & Bloated Contract.

  • Deandre vs embiid is gonna be entertaining

  • Yo

  • If KD couldn’t win championship for the Nets, will they retire his jersey?

    • Nets haven’t won a championship in NBA history. They gotta retire someone’s jersey.

  • Get. Ryan Hollins on this show. Get rid of Rachel Nichols.

  • Did that fat dude just said the Lakers don't have depth? Wtf stop with the edibles...

  • More Ryan Hollins