2019 NBA Finals FULL Mini-Movie | Raptors Defeat Warriors In 6 Games

Pubblicato il 29 giu 2019
Kawhi Leonard and Kyle Lowry lead the Toronto Raptors over the 2x defending champion Golden State Warriors to win their first NBA title. Watch an exclusive behind the scenes look at the whole series with the 2019 NBA Finals Mini-Movie.
The Mini-Movie is a cinematic experience featuring EXCLUSIVE access and behind the scenes moments!
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  • Is this real I can’t believe this is happening congratulations raptors lots of love love from Canada 24 years wow


  • Subtitulos pls

  • didn't unite the country. it united the world, it was an underdog story.

  • It's September 13th and I'm still getting goosebumps watching this. Still can't believe my Raptors won the championship!

  • I think Adam Silver breathed a huge sigh of relief when this happened

  • GSW is over confident they think they"re fighting a cleveland cavaliers

  • But better.

  • Raptors were like new Cleveland Cavaliers.

  • I don't know how anyone who watched the finals can say Kawhi carried us. This is a team sport and a team win this championship.

  • Any real Raptors fan knows this was a bitter/sweet moment. Some of us missed Demar DeRozan this season. I still wish he could come back & help this team next season. I'll always have respect for the old team captain.

  • Leonard will forever go down in history as a disgusting despicable coward who refuses to represent his team USA to save his superstar career

  • Vanvleet had unexpected performance

  • Will The Warriors visit the White House? Oh, that’s right, you have to WIN to get an invite. Perhaps they can find a elementary school game they can kneel at.....

  • This was an amazing series. David vs Goliath level shit. Only wish is that Lowry would've hit that corner 3 at the end of game 5 at home but I'm not complaining at the overall end result. Let's Go Raps. Repeat..

  • 26:36 Would of been in top 5 NBA Finals moments of all time🇨🇦🏆

  • Kawhi was the "it" factor that Paul Pierce was talking about.

  • Wow 1 2 3 Rap.

  • 31:20 Anybody else,i mean ANYBODY ELSE BESIDES GAME 6 KLAY,this was a bad shot.

  • unfortunately kevin durant does not exist huh:(

  • Raptors championship is so good. Won with defense, not just chucking 3s. Won with an all around offense with variety and hard nosed defense and effort plays. Played through injuries and adversity. Nobody thumped their chests, everyone was professional with zero arrogance. This was good for the NBA.

  • NBA had become so boring. Thank goodness the Raptors won.

  • At 34:27 Raptors were down by 1 and it goes to GSW missing a 3-point to lose. I was so confused for a minute there...


  • new teams this year raptors nba champs st louis blues nhl champs and new england patriots will always win because they cheat

  • 26:36 you can actually see boogie trying to get that free ring 😂

  • i watch this once a week like if you do too

  • 29:32 holy voice crack

  • this makes it feel like they were fixed.

  • i hope this bandwagons find a new team it would be great to be a warriors fan again

  • Andre Drummond to Raptors it-tvs.com/tv/video-TC_JcrWEbmk.html

  • imagine ibaka getting the ring first before his former mvp teammates 😆

  • DeRozan died for this

  • Raptors home court, not a single warriors fan. Warriors home court? 🤔

  • Of course, it had to end with Oracle....JEEZ NBA...they lost and you still made it about them LOL

  • Serge ibaka I am a nba champion now baby Made me cry beacause when he was in thunder And when he said that he said that too KD james harden and russel westbrook

  • I actually forgot they won a chip.... Raptors back to irrelevancy SMH


  • Amazing how fans make basketball players feel like they are heroes of some kind It’s entertainment people, stop the craziness!!

  • We the North, much love from Australia!

  • I’m still watching this mini movie...all my support and T-shirt’s I wear wether I’m in Vancouver or in Asia proudly wearing my raptors cap of shirt all paid off...good job guys

  • Congratulations Toronto I loved all the talent you guys had.congrats for your first ever NBA title!


  • 20:12 tht foul

  • ; bbb b. no qb

  • Hello to me watching it in 2039. Best of times. Raptors. Worst of times. Dad.

  • I thought this would never happen it has been 26 years. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!

  • My little brother Loves the Golden State Warriors because they wear blue and blue is his favorite color

  • Truth be told, Kawhi Leonard was the real MVP of the 2018-2019 season.

  • Steph played his heart out in Game 3, just couldn't do it alone.

  • Why is that mini movie made so perfect and dramatic

  • would've loved to see kawhi stay in Toronto, but you can't hate on him for going home.

    • Now just gotta see if he still has it but with a different team .

  • i knew the raptors was going to win they was whooping they ass

  • Who bets the warriors will win agaian in the next nba.

  • 13:37 if steph drives that ford he is a real man 😂💀

  • This was a game!!!!!! Toronto and Kwahi i have respect. Thanks for being a championship to Toronto Canada in one year of coming AWHHHHH YEAH BABY!!

  • Imagine how savage it is to get traded to a mew country, give em a championship, and dip

  • I honestly think raptors would’ve been the best team this coming season if kawhi and Danny stayed

    • kabagema yannick I ain’t doubting the lakers I’m just saying kawhi could’ve taken over the east and could’ve been a treat to everyone if he stayed, calm down bud

    • All Neb So they could have won the chip if also LBJ and AD got injured jus as GS,huh?

    • kabagema yannick yo I’m a lakers fan to but dude this core was actually crazy defensively that no one knew about and there offence gets lifted as kawhi finally revealed that during the playoffs is how much better he makes his teammates

    • All Neb 😂

  • The LUCKIEST Championship won in the history of basketball!Now,enjoy your 15 minute of fame Toronto!!

    • @John Red lolz sure buddy, whatever floats your boat XD

    • @Angie Natoyn Sad but true!15 munute of fame!or make it 5!

    • lolz sour grapes.

    • @John Red You're a dumbass plain and simple... The REALITY is that the Warriors got JUST AS LUCKY that Kawhi, CP3, Love and Irving weren't playing in their series or the Warriors would have lost them... And there's no debating that.

    • @Cuisineinthe6ixIt's not stubbornes, It's the reality that I am telling you, if how lucky they were.Now,just chill and enjoy the moment because who knows when it's gonna happen again.Now, wait I think the Warriors were even luckier to made it through to the Finals inspite of injuries after injuries to their key players.I think the Warriors were lucky too to beat those teams all the way to the Finals!!

  • I saw a lebron fan 20:29