2019 NBA Finals FULL Mini-Movie | Raptors Defeat Warriors In 6 Games

Pubblicato il 29 giu 2019
Kawhi Leonard and Kyle Lowry lead the Toronto Raptors over the 2x defending champion Golden State Warriors to win their first NBA title. Watch an exclusive behind the scenes look at the whole series with the 2019 NBA Finals Mini-Movie.
The Mini-Movie is a cinematic experience featuring EXCLUSIVE access and behind the scenes moments!
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  • “Lowry for the championship?!....” - NOOOO...

  • I just love seeing the warriors lose take this L kd

  • Lol how about dem Raptors now ? 🤣🤣😁😁😁😁🤣🤣🤣c-ya

  • Not only did the raptors win the NBA Final but to make it even better they went 4-0 at Oracle Arena

  • Man , after the years of running into the traffic cones of Paul Pierce and LeBron James on the highway of going to the NBA title we were able to get around them by having Paul Pierce retire and LeBron James going to the Lakers and they missed the playoffs this year and the Raptors lost game 1 against Orlando but they bounced back and win 4 straight to advance and they go down 2-1 against Philly but win the series thanks to a 4 bounce game winner in game 7 and they go down 2-0 against Milwaukee Bucks but they win 4 straight to advance and if Klay Thompson hadn't been injured in game 6 the Warriors could've forced a game 7 and if Kevin Durant played all of game 5 and the series the Warriors would have a 3-peat and Kawhi I wish you good luck stopping more 3-peat attempts in the future #wethenorth 🏀💍

  • As a raptors fan being at game 6 was memorable

  • Kawhi Leonard is gonna win 2020 finals mvp with the clippers

  • 🦾🦾🦾 Champs forever!

  • This fucking mini movie you feature only lowry vanvleet and siakam.. let see if this team they can defend on their championship..

  • If Durant Plays Warriors Won!

  • I hope Demar derozen signs with Toronto when he becomes a free agent

  • 31:04 Danny green left hanging LOL

  • It was a fluke raptors got lucky

  • Congrats kawhi for being mvp and you are my favorite player

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!this was the best moment in canadian sports history///everyone wasunited!!!!!

  • I am a Cavs fan....nothing made my summer than watching the Warriors fail and to remind the world they blew a 3-1 lead in 2016. Congrats Toronto.

  • Golden state good play

  • This is Kawhi Leonard's last game as a Raptor. Shaun Livingston, DeMarcus Cousins and Andre Iguodala are no longer with the Warriors anymore. Kevin Durant's last game as a Warrior in Game 5 against the Raptors. This is the end of the Warriors.

  • Fred Vanfleet balled out

  • Quit crying. You guys won 5 division titles in a row and 3 NBA titles.

  • 32:17 curry’s fave says everything

  • Why cant find a documentary of the Raptors winning the 2019 NBA championship? Is there one?

  • 27:37 this is how players should dress... Not like Prince in '87.

  • I know no-one wants to hear this... But this Finals?? You know why the Raptors won right?? #2 got his natural revenge from 2 years ago. When Zaza flagrantly fucked up his ankle being a dirty Player. That kinda karma comes back around in time. Aannnnndddd KD being out and getting reinjured lol 😂

  • 14:44 you can cut that sexual tension with a spork


  • I know kawhi is gone, but as a raptor fan I will NEVER EVER forget this year, the raptors are still a great team, I mean u don’t win a nba finals or win 4 straight games against the best team in the league bc of 1 person, that’s impossible, if it weren’t for gasol we wouldn’t have beaten the 76ers, if it weren’t for Lowry and siakam we wouldn’t of beaten the warriors, ibaka and d. Green played great d in the playoffs, and vanvleet really stepped up in the finals, so to say the raps suck without Leonard is nonsense..#WetheChamps #LetsGoRaptors 🦖🏆

  • 4:22 gasol did a shake oopsie

  • You mean injuries defeat the warriors

  • Anybody here after the first game of the season clippers mopped em

  • 37:30 Mike Breen: Lowry pass to Lin while he's at the Bench "ohhhhhooowww" Out of Bounds will be the call,,

  • Almost made me cry 😢

  • YaH YeEt

  • Serge's Neck in 33:55

  • Kawhi almost won the dam chip at home for t.o . Tell me one motherfucker who get traded as the guy to win it all and does it in the first year !!! Who else done that in sports

  • this win is dedicated to Stephen Smith, Paul Pierce and the NBA organization for NEVER respecting Canada in the NBA! oh and fuck the Warriors, with or without Thompson the Raps proved they wanted it more, they were hungrier! n fuck KD too, always talking shit and running his mouth! He wouldn't have won shit without going to a SUPER team like LeBron too!

  • This team was unreal on the defensive end. I kept telling people all year they was coming out the East at least and soon as the first time it was over.

  • I feel like the Warriors screwed them selfs when they let KD play because they didn’t really need him to play they wanted him to play imo

    • They were down 3-1. They need him to play.

  • 8:20 you see this face and ur fucked

  • only 940k views, no one really cares lol

  • This was a blast from the past, gave me so much memories from 2016 Finals.

  • Greatest time in Raps history. I’m so proud of this team. Go Raps Go!!!

  • Fred Vanvleet is the true MVP of this series.

  • The only win the Warriors had at home was having James and Kirk (Metallica) play the national anthem

  • 3:34 Sign in back saying “Kawhi is my father”

  • Ima miss khawi 😭

  • Realtalk, theres no win for Raptors if Thompson and KD aren't.injured

  • 17:20 it says Rip X on the whiteboard, but there’s more behind nurse. is it a play they have or what?

  • It's not that I like the raptors... I just hate golden state

  • Should’ve showed more of jurassic park, people going nuts. was there live, ive witnessed everything

  • Nearly brought tears to my eyes! That will be a day that I never ever forget and treasure in my heart forever. WE THE CHAMPS, BABY!!! 🏆🍾💥💥

  • Respect 🙌🙌🙌 I've grew watching gsw since 2014 but I'm happy that my country won. Rip tho. Kawhhhiii whyyy??? Why join clippers

  • Run it back #wethechamps!

  • 👎

  • Gasol, Ibaka, Lowry deserved this title as vets that contributed and not just rode the bench.

  • Pause at 5:49 Change speed to 0.25 & it will evolve from slow motion to ultra instinct slow motion

  • 😍😍😍

  • That dunk by Siakam tho 🔥🔥

  • 7:22 background say rip x

  • Fred "Big Bucket" VanVleet.