2019 Drivers' First F1 Wins | 2019 Belgian Grand Prix

Pubblicato il 3 set 2019
Charles Leclerc secured his first ever F1 win at Spa - so let's take a look back at how some of colleagues on the 2019 grid first tasted victory!
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  • Kimi was just gorgeous when he was younger, actually, I still find him very handsome

  • Pretty emotional

  • I Wanna hear Alex albon wins his first F1 race

  • Leclerc only won because Ferrari was cheating

  • Love how most of the 2019 grid race winners debut wins were through the voice of James Allen 😃

  • 2018 f1 legends 1.Hamilton 2.Vettel 3.Riccardo 4.Raikonen 5.Verstappen 6.Bottas 2019 f1 legends 1.Leclerc 2.Vettel 3.Bottas 4.Hamilton 5.Verstappen

  • 2:57 like if you understood

  • Ron is crying... Omg!!!

  • Vettel, Kubica, and Lewis look so different now...


  • Next year, it’ll be Verstappen vs. Leclerc.

  • Out of all those comments and wins, "Hamilton wins his first Grand Prix" was the only one that sent shivers down my spine. Well done to all those drivers. Not many people in the world can say they have won a Formula One race.

  • Music name?

  • I really felt that Riccardos first win is the most emotional out of all of them

  • Sebastian Vettel aka Paul Walker

  • 2:37 😭😭😭 Crying of Happinez

  • My Respect For Those Greatest Drivers🏆

  • Leclerc was My favourite 1

  • Which song it is?

  • Hamilton first win after 6 races... Only He was always in a Favorite car and Team... His first win dont care

  • What song is this ?

  • Leclerc was 100% meant to win in belgium, would've been criminal for him not to and that's coming from a RBR fan.

  • I hope hulkenberg wins the last race.

  • 2:31 My very 1st Shocking moment ever

  • Can you do it for other f1 drivers who have retired

  • The saddest part was seeing a stationary milkboi while Leclerc took the win ( 03:47 )

    • It's bwoken! But yeah Lando was very unlucky.

  • Charles leclerc is so unsympathic and arrogant

  • I think Charles Leclerc will be F1 legend.

  • Seb, Riccardo, and Kubica hands down the most deserved guys to win grand prix's

  • And Alex albon?

  • Hey F1, please do 'F1 drivers first podium' with Gasly and Carlos ❤❤❤

  • Now Carlos Sainz jr had a podium

  • Sad hulk noise

  • Does anyone know the background music?

  • Where is Mark Webber's 1st win?

  • where is niko hulkenberg...oh wait

  • Song title please?

  • Stars are born in Canada

  • ❤️🏎

  • Valtteri its james give your first win to lewis

  • No Lewis

  • 🇨🇦: A Birthplace to Stars

  • Forza Robert!

  • I have always been a Ferrari and McLaren fan. Ever since Charles Leclerc joined Ferrari he gas been racing like a true beast. I feel as though with his skills and an amazing team like this behind him. He has a chance to become one of the best this sport has ever seen.

  • Here’s the background song it-tvs.com/tv/video-908svrNurlU.html

  • When will Norris win 😂

  • 0:53 lewis heidfeld and who in the podiums?

  • Did Daniel just cry when he won?! My heart...

  • 3:50 Crofty broke down for a moment

  • Vettel was the only one to win in a weak car 🙂🙂

  • i liked sebastian vettel win in 2008 for my childhood

  • F to lando

  • The sport for only the rich man

  • This video reminds me why I love F1 so much !!! I cant wait for Lando's, George's, and Albon's first victories

  • 3 drivers won their first grand prix in canada damm

  • Big kimi

  • they did bottas dirty for showing that as his winning image xd

  • 1:11 imagine hearing that now

  • I thought Grosjean also won one, with Lotus?

    • No, he only made a few podiums with Lotus

  • Poor lando norris in the side cause of losing power in his car