2019 Drivers' First F1 Wins | 2019 Belgian Grand Prix

Pubblicato il 3 set 2019
Charles Leclerc secured his first ever F1 win at Spa - so let's take a look back at how some of colleagues on the 2019 grid first tasted victory!
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  • Lance

  • "You cannot imagine tougher race than this for a rookie to win" - Seb " Hold my Grazie Ragazzi"

  • yeah all with best cars 👍👉🤷🏼‍♂️ torro rosso... 😋

  • This is too British-biased. Why not use local commentary from the winner's cointry? Maybe with suibtitles...

  • Why are almost all of the races at Canada or Malaysia

  • F1 2008 the year of stars are born (best year ever)

  • 3 of them in Canada, so which track has hosted more first time winners? Canada, Hungary, Monaco, something else?

  • One of the best videos on the channel! Wow thank you very much for that one! That's couple of amazing moments in there!

  • Cool video but Lecry destroys it

  • I am not sure if I am the only person to notice but every time Leclerc has gotten pole he has finished on podium Barhian:pole, 3rd Austria:pole, 2cd Belgium:pole, win Italy:Pole Posation, WIN BABY Singapore:pole, 2cd Russia:pole, 3rd

  • Lewis’ first win: back before he was cocky piece of shit. The good old days

  • Who better Comment = Hamilton Like = valterri

  • First One - Best One

  • 2:58 Valtteri,it’s James Valtteri: *wins race* Toto: As of today you are no longer a part of this team!

  • Mechanic:You have won the Italian Grand Prix! Vettel: YES!!!! That YES by vettel made me cry

  • Lewis Hamilton won his grand prix on his 6ths try? Amazing

  • Come on Hulk! We need you on this list

  • Kimi and his baby face HAHAHA😂😂❤

  • Hamilton world Champion 2008.2014.2015.2017.2018.2019😍

  • Lerclerc so humble a rational with his first win, genuinely effected by the tragedy of that weekend

  • Jules Bianchi!😥

  • Song Name: John 00 Fleming - Colourful Kites In The Sky

  • The 2008 bmw sauber is a beautiful car

  • Our Legends in 2000 to 2019 Schumacher Barchello Alonso Fishicllea Massa Raikkonen Montoya Frenzen Hamilton Vettel Riccardo Kubica More...

  • What's the song?

  • Nico Rosberg? Like THE controversial IT-tvsr Nico Rosberg?

  • 1:01 the song and that engine sound fit so well together

  • Not Lance Stroll?

  • Leclercs luck Hamiltons Talent Alonso Team radio Ricciardos humor = The Ultimate F1 driver

    • I miss Max

    • @Cj 91 jup like in Italy when he nearly got a Penalty or spa when he nearly got overtaken by Hamilton

    • Blox Gamer leclerc Luck?!!!!

  • Whats this music called?

  • all stars have their first wins in the best country Canada

  • I almost cried when Kubica won I don’t ‘now why

  • whats the song ?

  • next is albon, norris, russell, gasly come on lads

  • 2:26 2:58

  • I just came here rewatch Leclerc’s win.

  • 🙁🙁🙁

  • Hulkenburg?😂

  • And Alonso?

  • 0:10 why is Dennis crying?

  • 0:04 live scenes of ron Dennis crying on camera

  • Great video but could we Get Olav mol for max verstappen

  • 2:28 so beautiful


  • 3:49 david croft🐓

  • Perez and Hulkenberg are the most underrated drivers.

  • i almost forgot that kubica won a grand prix

  • Kimi be like BWOAH

  • The fear to not seeing them in a halo O.O How could we let this like that O.O

  • I miss James Allen And Murray Walker in the commentary box

  • The face of Jos as his son shows his talent at his first race for a competitive team :)

  • I want Albon to be a part of this as well as Sainz and Norris

  • I'm not crying.

  • Just think: what if Hamilton didn’t sign with McLaren his first season? Would he still be where he is today?

  • I will be proud if somebody tells me the music name

  • we want maldonado's first crash

  • Portugal's gp of 1985 in the rain, senna wins for the first time, this is a spectacular victory

  • I was waiting for Jenson's

  • 0:23 soundtrack pliisss

  • 2:19 soundtrack? Plisss