2019 Chevrolet Camaro 1LT 1LE Review // $30,000 4-Cylinder Cornering Machine

Pubblicato il 19 giu 2019
This is the 2019 Chevrolet Camaro 1LT 1LE RS. Aesthetically a camaro, but a slightly controversial situation under the hood. 4 Cylinders, instead of the exalted 8. But this one has the 1LE track package, so it gets a bunch of goodies from the trims above. James and Thomas jump behind the wheel to see what its really like. Because at $36,000 CAD, it seems like a surprising amount of car. Watch and enjoy. SUBSCRIBE!
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  • "Security guard pants" lol...

  • Mathew Mines approves this video

  • This versus a mustang ecoboost

  • it has only 5 horses less then a 20 year old car. LOL it is still less, im dying the only camaro anyone should buy is a v8, now with the lt1 out i hope this goes live and everyone gets smart

  • Yes. That one, the 4 cylinder. Yes Im sure. V8 is overkill. We have winter up here, guy!

  • considering I'm taking ownership of my 4-cyl, riverside blue RS Camaro tonight, this video makes me feel better about my choice

  • I'm here from asphalt legends I don't know shit about cars

  • If it wasn’t called a Camaro, I think people would be much quicker to purchase it

  • RS = Rally Sport

  • It’s FOOT POUNDS of torque.

  • This 2 liter Camaro is that perfect competitor to the TOYOTA Celica -- oh wait, those haven't been made in almost 20 years. If I wanted 2 liters, I would have gone to the store and bought 2 L of cola. But jabs aside, the other car besides my V8 is a two liter direct injected turbo... DIESEL! And not just any DITD, but a Japanese one and I will die before I get rid of it! Still 220 km/h like the day she was bought and still 5.6 L / 100 km driven really hard (4.2 - 4.6 L / 100 km when driven normally), 300 Nm of torque at 1800 RPM. Manual transmission. And she's a Red sportwagon. So two liters, yes, but only as a diesel and nothing else.

  • All this hate on a turbo 4 cylinder, saying it has no muscle, yet it's 0-60 and quarter mile times are only a couple tenths of a second from the vaunted LS-1 Camaros, and will beat a 93-97 LT-1 Camaro. In a race if the LS-1 driver is napping, he's gonna get walked. I owned a 96 Z28, and my current 2.0 would smoke it and get 30 mpg. Heck, if a 09-15 Camaro SS is a little slow reacting, he's gonna lose too. I will admit, anything over 100 mph, most of the bigger engines will start to walk away, but my 2.0 turbo outrun a stock 08 Bullitt Mustang all the way to 140. All the butthurt about it not being a V8 comes from people who have never driven one of these, or they are butthurt bc they lost to one. Drive something before you bash it

  • Who the hell would want a pony car with a 4-cylinder motor in it? That's just un American.

  • You guys should seriously consider the v6 1le for a review. I have been searching for a review of that car but I'm just finding reviews on the 4 cylinder 1le. The v6 sounds a lot better and has 335 bhp. I test drove that cat and it was crazy fun.

  • Rally sport rs

  • i took the 6 cylinder for a test drive a few years ago.. that was slow enough

  • they should have made this a whole new model with a 4cyl

  • Not as bad as horrible 1982 Camaro with Iron Duke.

  • You forgot the styling segment where you roast that front end...

  • Just lq9 swap it. Problem solved.😝

  • All you need to do is throw a super charger and bam you have a v8 xD

    • After adding another 2.0 4-banger you mean?

  • this vs mustang ecoboost? Doesn't mustang have more hp, lighter and little cheaper? Can someone let me know any reason why I would chose this over ecoboost mustang that has the same 4 cylinder ?

  • So glad I bought my new 1ss for $32,101.

  • What ever happend to the body style of the 2016 ss

  • RS = Rally Sport

  • You dont need a v8 for a dayli car

  • Every turbo GM car is like a game of Wheel of Fortune. You’re never sure what you’re gonna get when you operate the throttle.

  • People complain constantly that cars are too expensive, That manuals are going away, that everyone only makes suvs now... then Chevy and ford give us great handling, stick shift enthusiast cars with iconic name plates and styling... and everyone makes fun of them for not having v8s. It’s sad really. I bet this car would smoke an early 2000s z28 with the “legendary” ls1 on a race track. It’s probably a simple tune away from beating it on the drag strip too. I love v8s they are awesome, I’ve had many! But let’s not bash manufacturers or stigmatize vehicles when they actually give us performance cars... that’s how we end up with a Mitsubishi Eclipse suv.

  • they talk like they take it up the ass

  • Car aside, I’d love to be able to drive on that nice, smooth road you guys test drove on!🙂 🚘

  • I got one in black for my first car as a 16 year old

  • i don't know if you did this intentionally or not, but there wasn't a single exhaust clip of the 4 cylinder

  • God that front end is so ugly

  • I gotta admit, I drove a 4-cylinder 2018 camaro and I honestly love it! It the only thing I can afford. If people can’t afford v8 then you have option with v4 or v6. Also v4 are pretty quick. It not fast but it pretty quick.

  • How do you go from a stop on a hill with the manual without a hand break!???????!!!??

    • Most cars have a hill start assist now days. Even my ‘10 RT has hill start.

  • it's a 4 banger sorry to hate but you should've bought a Honda accord sport 2.0t manual. No way in Hell I'm caught dead in a 4 or 6 cyl camaro, mustang, or charger/challenger. Btw yes I own a 760 rwhp 2016 Z06 and a 2018 Zl1 manual (V8) obviously lol.

  • 0:50 random dog in the background unleashed

  • 4 cylinder Camaro’s are less powerful than the Ford Mustang Ecoboost which also has a 4 Cylinder which has 310 Horsepower. But it can still burn rubber

  • Hbox does car reviews too.. Fml

  • So can we make a chevy cruze RS hatch with this motor? Ya know to like make a nice chevy counterpart to the focus ST??