2019 British Grand Prix: Race Highlights

Pubblicato il 14 lug 2019
The 70th British Grand Prix was a classic...
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  • Second best race of the year

  • Lewis Hamilton..What a Racedriver!!! Absolutely fantastic Driver..Why dont The British Like Him?? Because He left McLaren for Mercedes??

  • I cannot wait to see the "Hamilton's Greatest Rivals" videos in the future

  • Shut up you all!!!!!!

  • 唔好饮⋯咁你咪飲

  • errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrtttttttttttttttttttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiii

  • Verstappen: I am aggressive Leclerc: hold my steering wheel Kimi: STEERING WHEELL!!

  • To say outright that Germany was a better race than this; is unfair

  • But can you imagine NASCAR race at silverstone circuit?

  • Why dont you show magnussens or grosjeans out or the crashes in the race? Dislike

  • Ferrari: U havent spun this race Vettel: Hold my beer i'll crash into someone and spin


  • 6:11 target acquired: CHAAARGE!

  • Blimey how quick was that stop at 3:54? Talk about well drilled!

    • Did u look at the Red Bull pit stop?? Max got the lead for some time cuz the red bull pitted faster then ferrari

  • When the RBR is closer to the Ferrari car there will be no rivalry between Verstappen and Leclerc.

  • Vettel is a fucking idiot.

  • Unpopular opinion: This is the best race of the season. Better than both Brazil and Germany.

    • @Waterstone7474 but people like germany and brasil more because hamilton had a bad race a I think

    • @Waterstone7474 yeah you're right, Silverstone was awesome

    • @Mark Raams yes but for me the racing was more exciting than lottery and safety cars

    • Racing yes, but brasil and germany were unpredictable and kvyat, gasly and sainz were on the podium

    • I think so too. Second best was Austria. Third Monza.

  • From 1:25 to 1:55 I'm sure this was done just for the spectators to make it intense

  • If ya want something done properly go to the British. Happy to watch everyone get into carnage and not penalise anyone for stupid stuff

  • 🙏🙏 1:20 ❤💘💕 👇👇👇👇


  • Wow

  • 1:36 The last thing I want to see here is the fucking crowd!

  • Verstappem vs Leclerc Will be The most attaction in f1 2020.

  • 1-2 mercedes again

  • Vettel 15th?! Wtf happened to him?


  • Big up my guy stormzy


  • I'm sorry, this was the race of the season for me, only the ending of the Brazilian GP come close. and too much chaos and too little actual close racing in Germany for my liking.

    • Frederik Halskov Christiansen What? The ending of Brazilian GP was also just chaos

  • 2:22 redbull;crazy pit stop villains

  • If Verstappen was in a Ferrari he probably would have been World Champion!

    • Nah, he doesn't need a team who is known for their fuck-ups red bull with Honda Should improve for next year

    • After MAX OPENED HIS MOUTH ABOUT FERRARI "cheating",he"ll never drive the"F"ever........Maybe for "free".....I read in a German article that JOS"kicked"his Son"s ass,for making such accusation.....Max"s attitude has much changed since,both on/off track......IT IS GOING TO TAKE A VERY/VERY LONG TIME..BEFORE MAX COULD DRIVE THE RED CAR..............HIS ONLY HOPE NOW,IS TO BECOME WC WITH RBH........I HOPE HE WILL.

    • No chance for Max this year, even in a Ferrari

  • Seeing this 4 months later. It still hurts. Ouch vettel.

  • Vettel: what was he doing? After the race: apologises to Verstappen

  • Комментаторы ненормальные XD А дома они также орут?

  • Vettel: *locks up breaks and rear-ends Verstappen* Also Vettel: *wHaT WaS hE DoInG?*

  • Best gp of 2019

  • Max moaning about late moving 😂

  • The best race ever

  • Use petronas oil 😊

  • 5:01 is my favorite moment of this season. I love the fact how martin even was so shocked.

  • 2019(G) “Respect and dignity.” Furthermore: (“Respect and dignity.”) • (“Respect and dignity, 2019?”)

  • F

  • Why did Bottas got Hamilton and Hamilton wants the lead already

  • Vettel : "I mean what was he doing?" "BREAKING"

  • Everyone talking about Brazil and Germany but this race had some proper racing the whole way through.

  • 3:01. Leclerc should have got a penalty. How in the world could he open drs when he is in front of verstappen.

    • @Dark PlayerX5 ok. Didnt know that thanks

    • He was behind Verstappen in the DRS detection zone

  • What an amazing race that was...

  • vettel please fair play

  • Thank you too

  • Great highlights.

  • The commentator is lit!

  • Rip Lando Norris, he’s also a Brit so I’m sure people in the crowed also came to se him too and not just Hamilton

  • yeah

  • Bottas is good in curved and using top speed he know the inches of the distance to come up ^_^ hane

  • レース後すぐに謝罪に来たベッテルと、謝罪を受け入れて彼を許したフェルスタッペン。 関係が出来ている2人だからこそ! ルクレールとはまだ出来ていない。

  • Was I the only one who saw both the world cup and f1 at the same time

  • *Did Vettel execute a RedBull 33?*

  • Is I was Verstappen, I would’ve dragged Vettel out of his car and broken the little weasels hands. I hate how Vettel does it so often, and to the extent of ruining another persons race!

  • Croft needs to go commontate on crufts Ffs. get your man off eurosport.