2019 Brazilian Grand Prix: Race Highlights

Pubblicato il 17 nov 2019
An incredible race with an epic finish!
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  • Wow amazing

  • Amazing , boys!

  • It was a drag race up the hill to the line for Hamilton and Gasly. That Honda had some JUICE!

  • F***** idiot ... Of:Kevin Magnussen

  • Why is lewis going only 300 kmph at the last straight? Mercedes top speed is much more

  • 2019 un en iyi yarışı werstapen en iyi sürücü

  • muy buena carrear , vista desde la tribuna

  • GREAT~~WOW~~ it-tvs.com/tv/video-XHBGQzUvxeY.html

  • Melhor disputa de segundo lugar, sensacional, motorzão Honda👏👏👏

  • Ive been coming back to watch the verstappen vs hamilton battle. fucking love it

  • im gona finde it and watch and you can put me to jail for that one

  • oh my ! what a race ! blody damm i missd it

  • Yes, another amazing race in Brazil.

  • 4:20 voice crack

  • At the start of the season everyone thought gasly will get his first podium before albon but at the end everyobe is suprised gasly got the podium before albon

    • Kvyat in Toro Rosso gets podium before Gasly in Red Bull Gasly in Toro Rosso gets podium before Albon in Red Bull

  • Cancel Abu Dhabi, race twice in Brazil.

  • the commentator is annoying af...

  • Here we can see who's the best driver of the grid

  • LC doing dirty tricks already

  • Kubica literally cost Verstappen maaaaybe half a second. He didn't really slow down more than 10mph and just steered right for a moment. Definitely didn't kill his 'advantage' which didn't actually exist - that was just poor mathematics from Croft. Hamilton was going past him on the track before Verstappen even got out of the limited zone.

  • Brazil never disappoints!

  • Croft is such an ass

  • Bring back the grid girls.

  • When vtec kicks in

  • SAINZ P4/KIIMI P5........!!!!////SAINZ should replace VETTEL AT FERRARI....QUICK....!!!!

  • Motor of the day : Honda

  • Muito bom

  • 6:17 VTEC kicked in yo bro..!

  • leclerc is a piece of shit. cancer for ferrari

  • 5:46 and 5:47 Penalty 30 second create hamilton

  • Is no one going to mention Fernando Norris

  • La mejor carrera de la temporada 2019


  • Gasly vs Haminton 🙂🙂🙂🙂

  • 😦❤❤❤❤💪💪💪

  • HONDA unleashed..😍😍😍

  • Come back after the boring Abu Dhabi GP

  • ...gotta be honest it's nice to see other teams get into the podiums other than the usual big 3.

    • Bye Bye L. Hamilton ... Last Tops ,. Verstappen and Lec. will do the job. Better for Lewis and Seb. to go aside...

  • FIA is a joke. Just pay 50k and you get extra gasoline. Easy strategy.

    • you didn't show that Carlos Sainz actuly came third because Hamilton had a penalty and came seventh

  • I miss the Hulk. Underestimated driver. Love to see him in a Ferrari.