2019 Brazilian Grand Prix: FP2 Highlights

Pubblicato il 15 nov 2019
Dramatic crashes at the start and finish and just two tenths between the top five drivers - watch highlights from an eventful second practice session in Sao Paulo...
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  • Would like F1 to come to compete at the circuit in Buriram, Thailand, but have to spend a lot of money in this kind of event Thailand will have a problem with this budget. And thank you.

  • I will miss Kubica when he’s gone

  • I like how half of the Video is about Toro Rosso

  • Robert wracaj do DTM,tam czeka na ciebie--daj sobie spokój z F1

  • That's a good one. blog.naver.com/7heppy7

  • dang honda engines

  • And AGAIN no mention of Ricardo's 7th? You deliberately skipped over him going from 6th place to 8th! Come on? Dislike!

  • The ugliest course of the circuit.

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  • Just Driving Nothing personal.

  • it-tvs.com/tv/video-ugZKd4mqvwQ.html

  • it-tvs.com/username-results?search_query=ian+hutchinson+crash

  • Lewis didn’t get blocked by Gasly he ran wide

  • ameiiii

  • 1:31 favelas. UGH. Must be a really dangerous and disgusting place there on Sao Paulo. No thank you.

  • Let's go Kimi!

  • F1, stay at Sao Paulo pleasee

  • 15 secs ad video without skip.. take a dislike from me..

  • V6 is so good. it can make smoke screen

  • Forza shumacher ferrari

  • Rummmmm😈😈😈

  • No renault for both highlight.

  • I honestly think Robert Kubica should consider a career change, preferably away from motor sport.......

  • Grosjean didn't crash? Armageddon!!!! End of the World ahead!!!!

  • The Senna Ass...

  • ferrari quick, wait spin/engine/suspension///etc etc FAAAAIL!!!!

  • Why no mention of Danny Ricardo and the Renault team? He did so well, WTF. f1.

  • That Williams ain't coming back out, doubt they'd have enough parts for it!

  • Congrats for 3 Million subcribers

  • Enough is enough. Someone needs to sit Claire Williams down and knock some serious F1 sense into her head. This is just not acceptable for a team to be that bad, why are they even getting those cars into the track. She was brought up by Williams F1 & she’s now dedicating her life to ruin it, failing to give back to a cause that made her.

  • Saturday night: Turnamen Garena Free Fire An Brazil Sunday night : Race F1 An Brazil

  • Who wants a rainy race tomorrow?

  • Kubizca

  • Hamilton hey it is FREE practice !! You do have steeringwheel an two turning wheels at the front so use them and stop crying

  • Robert nooo! 😭😭😭

  • RK proving yet again he can't back up that mouth that he runs like he's a pro.

  • Wonderful cene 1:28, is that a drone? In F1 is not possible drones, not safety, helicopters in that cene are dangerous.

  • Torro rosso mechanics gonna have a bad time

  • All right OK but this royal sport needs the Royal Photographer guys. You urgently need mentoring from Alexi Lubomirski. The visual side of the whole enterprise can be so much more exciting.

  • FP1,2,3 : Ferrari 1-2 Qualifying : Ferrari 1-2 Race : "Get in there Lewis"