2018 Yamaha MT-10 - MC Commute

Pubblicato il 17 ago 2018
It’s another commute with Zack! See below for articles, dyno charts, and more information on this bike.
How is the MT-10 different from an R1?: www.motorcyclistonline.com/2017-yamaha-fz-10-tech-review
Read Zack’s first impression of the FZ-10:
Comparison: Yamaha FZ-10 vs Aprilia Tuono 1100 vs Triumph Speed Triple:
This bike by the numbers:
Base Price: $12,999
Displacement: 998cc
Measured Weight (2017): 467 lb. (212 kg)
Fuel Capacity: 4.5 gal. (17L)
Seat Height: 32.5 in. (825mm)
Measured Horsepower (2017): 131.2 @ 9530 rpm
Measured Torque (2017): 73.6 lb.-ft. @ 9280 rpm
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  • INCORECT on the GSX-S1000 comparison,..(except for saying the MT10 is better) the GSX-S is NOT faster OR more powerful,...130hp from the GSX , 160 from the mt10, the MT10 also holds the 0-60mph record for ANY PRODUCTION MOTOCYCLE,..EVER! 2.5 seconds (2017) that's quicker than a superduke R , Tuono V4 1100, its brother R1, anything else out there. Jsut for what it's worth. The suspension on the gsxs sucks ass , wayyyy too soft, the electronics on the MT10 are lightyears beyond the gsxs that is lacking and missing half the rider aids the MT10 has. Just to correct,..google these specs if you doubt . I rode a gsxs1000 prior to buying my FZ-10 and as the first naked I had rode I was hugely disappointed in everything about it. Being told it was a naked gaxr1000 was a total lie,..not even close. The z1000 was fun but lacking electronics also and power, and when hearing the FZ10 was the only Japanese Supernaked I rode a superduke R and LOVED but didn't care for the sound of the twin or the supermoto feel, but mainly the $17,500 price tag which was over $20,000 out the dealer door. But loved everything about the performance Then rode a Tuono Factory and LOVED IT! But riding position was nearly as bad as an Rsv4 and the also $17,500 price tag over $20k out the door. The FZ10 beat out all other exotic Supernakeds in many many comparisons , won more bikenof the year awards than any in 2016 and 2017, annnnnnnd I got mine new out of California for $9,200 OUT THE DOOR!!! Jsut payed $250 to ship to Utah. ($3,700 below msrp) dealer ordered too many. My gain. It's the only naked I've owned with 12 previous sport bikes from rare Ducatis to An R1M and the FZ10 was by far my favorite and it did everything, tour, daily commute year round in snow or 115 degrees, track days , hooligan riding , wheelies for days and the most reliable bike I've had with no problems , ever ! And 1/5th the cost to insure over my R1 lol

  • Have mine 18 months not one issue , just added frame sliders, cat delete , flash andrace filter and it was scary fast but my favorite of the 13 bikes I've had. Fun track bike too.

  • Lolololol THE same turn signal broke on mine I replaced it and the new owner a youtuber broke it again bumping it lol

  • So what is the fuel range? Not sure what you’re used to or where you’re living, but I’d be really surprised if the range makes it difficult to tour.

  • What gloves are those?

  • What's he doing at 12:04 ?

  • the cb1000r has nothing on the mt-10. the cb is a direct competitor with the z900, if you don't consider price or electronics. a fair three-way would be the z900, cb1000r, and mt-09. the mt-10 is in a different league.

  • wait what? the mt10 makes 160hp. you said 130

  • The electronic crap all over my GS led to its demise, they couldn't fix it and bought it back.

  • This review sold me on purchasing my MT10... great value, performance for the money. LOVE IT !!!

    • Dude the value is insane only 13 racks? Wtf

    • Waiting till February 2020 to get mine! I dont even want to test ride one yet, I'd probably buy it on the spot... xD

  • Would this be too much of a bike coming from a ninja 400 assuming I keep it on the low power mode when I get it?

    • @Justin Gallagher Cool, hopefully I can get once I start my new job. Would get an fz-09 but dont like the triple sounds and I'm in love with the looks and sound of the fz-10.

    • It doesn't have a "low" power mode - I call it squishy throttle mode, but know that it still gives full power potential. This was my first bike, and in hindsight I should have gone smaller b/c I just don't need the power. It can't really be used unless in the countryside or on a track. But to answer your question, iof you are mature about it, yes, squishy throttle mode makes the bike tractable and much more gentle. I never put it in B mode, just don't see the point.


  • I have this bike and I love it!!!! Great street bike. Great useable power

    • El Mencho A little stumble right off the bottom but after that very smooth tons of power!!! Roll on 4th gear wheelies...

    • hows the fueling

  • If you run out of fuel do you call it the Empty 10?

  • That guy in the blue focus must believe that joke about the white lines around stop signs. 3x in a row...

  • Please run make video of the 2020 yamaha R1 vs. The 2020 honda cbr 1000rr

  • BIkers complaining about cagers that don't obey the road rules... seriously....STFU

  • i have the 2017 fz10 and i agree the fuel range sucks! lol i also ride on mode A

  • How is California burning weird again?!?

  • God I want this bike... It's literally twice the price of my MT-07 second hand though. Also the reason why you get shitty fuel mileage is because you have stop signs every 50 yards. You guys need more roundabouts.

  • I like that bike all except the headlights. I just dont get the styling.

  • comparing mt 10 with ninja 1000 ? i don't get why people compare naked bike that is built for city ride with a sport bike built for track makes no sense to me

  • My fz 09 doesnt have the best fuel range either just shy if 120 miles a dank i beat the balls out of it so it gets closed to 100

  • This Dude can ride !!!!! 😎

  • I love how you pop and hold that wheelie so fucking casual lol, good stuff my man !

  • Yes the mt engine is definitely not the r1 engine..thanks for cleaning that up..guys try cram that info on me and then I show them..which they dont like..cause they get severely beat Love Yamaha love the power but I'm a little tired of ppl comparing this to the r1..hell..in anyway Stop repeating what dumb fk salesmen spout off with R1's are 10g more for a reason And I'm sure mine is harder on gas than my Camaro..probably be same if LT1 revd 13000 JK

  • Damn, that Fiesta was really alergic to Stop signs

  • I have a 18 MT 10. Great bike, way better on the street than I thought it would be. Very comfortable and good wind management. Fueling off the bottom at light load is poor regardless of throttle mode, and the most sensitive mode is essentially useless. Driven with some gusto that goes away as load and RPM go up.... fuel goes away too, to the tune of about 25-26 MPG. I used to have a FZ1 and the fueling on that was flawless from the factory - other than that I prefer the MT. Fun and lively bike though that is very fast, competent on a race track, and comfortable. Sounds sweet. I LOVE it even more after getting off my R1... it is a Barca Lounger by comparison. I have not noticed any problems with the braking on mine, even on track(?).

  • S1000R vs Tuono vs MT10 vs Super Duke vs GSXS1000, i need this smackdown

  • What do you keep pushing on the left part of the handlebar. Your pushing a button or something every 5 secs!!!!

    • Blinker cancel. I do the same. I know I can look down, but it’s just a habit to press/spam the button.

  • MT10 or CB1000R+......what would you recommend?? Why?

  • It’s in competition with the Europeans unless you count price and lack of eventual service costs!

  • Where is the MT-10 SP for the USA?! Also, if it's 2 teeth shorter in the rear, that's NOT shorter gearing that's longer gearing!!

    • Silence fool.

  • That Ford Fiesta ran all three stop signs.

    • Those are called "California rolls"

    • Happens all the time. That's why when I come to a 4 way or 2 way stop I always expect someone to blow through it at like 10 over the limit.

  • 12:06..😳

  • As fancy as the mt10 is, i cant justify it due to the fact that its horrible mileage and lack of wind protection. And i like the mt09 but its got a tiny freakin tank. I think they should put a 4.5 gallon tank on the 09 and it would be perfect

  • "The handlebars are 10 inches taller" Damn, that's quite a lot

  • damn you reset your indicators alot. Not griping, just thought I'd mention it.

  • I haven't noticed that about US road markings before (being ENGLISH) but I like the "SIGNAL"... 20m... "AHEAD" system. Nice.

  • Your a pussy

  • No bueno riding when there are fires

  • MT "Empty"

  • thanks for doing this review. im 6'3" 266lbs and found this bike to be really comfortable for me over many others in the showroom. Im glad I sat on as many as I did. Im not new to bikes. My last bike was 15 years ago it was a Yamaha single cylinder 600cc kick start street bike style.

  • CFC

  • boy that blue car was not about those stop signs

  • This bike has 160bhp which is more than the GSX-S1000. Not sure where you got 130bhp from?

    • Vinny McVinster from their dyno. 130 is what it makes at the rear wheel when they put it on their dyno, I’m assuming.

  • DopeneSs

  • You are a class act. Love your reviews. I ride a 2017 fz10 and am well into my 50s. I kill the young people I ride with and many of them have superbikes with 200 h.p brembo brakes, etc. I have learned in 35 years of riding that the pilot is 80 percent of the equation, the bike is 20 percent. Would you agree with that generally speaking.

  • Please review the Honda CB1000R neo sports cafe

  • How ugly??????? Dude is retarded!!!!! You probably love pintos and Toyota Camry huh???? Lol dude was s ladies that said that. Lol lol good notes the my10 is SO far beyond the other Japanese nakeds. It's in supernaked category FOR SURE!!!! I came from sport bikes to nakeds and found the FZ10/MT10 and the MT10 is sooooooo far beyond a gsxs1k , z1k, cb1k , it's insane!!!! Anyone sayingnotjerwose cant read , do any type of math or know how to ride ANY even semi aggressive bike lol I had an R1M and had THE ONLY DUCATI 999r fila in the US , which is - legitimate WSBK bike;.. and the MT10 outperformed everything but the tuono Factory ($17,700 US -and the SDR $17,750 US and did it at something that hat I got NEW at Launch for only $9,200 OUT THR DOOR!!!! No dealer fees, set up fees or even taxes becasuer I bought it it OF state! So literally HALF the price of the top 2 supernakeds!!!!!! At 1/2 the cost!!!!! Annnnndddddd it OUTPERFORMS. EVERY other Japanese naked so throw them in the trash but it actually OUTPERFORMS A THE KINGS OF SUEORNAKEDS SDR AND FACTORY IN many areas! !!!! 0-60mph is one and arguably the most important for a street named bike. Kick the shit out of a super Duke that's 1301cc's and s tuono 1100 Factory both of which had quickshifters so should have been MuCH quicker AND they go have 175hp vs the MT10 with only 160!!???? Imagine the the MT10 with a quickshifter and flash!!!???? Kill em all!!! Bottom line THERE IS NOOOOOO BIKE BETTER ANF ESOEVIALLY AT HALF THR COSt!!!! If you love a gsxs1k your a pussy!!!

  • The gsxs Does NOT make more power FYI,...-NOT EVEN CLOSE LOL!!!!!

    • It is close but the gxs does make a few more ponies

  • Hey , love your channel, come and have a look at mine, I don't mind giving the MT10 a bit of a flogging, might as well like and subscribe while you are there, as I have done for you. Cheers

  • I ended up getting a gen 2 super duke but I was taking a hard look at this and the S1000R. Shame I couldn't get a chance to test ride one (and I don't have friends who ride naked's) so I'll never get the chance to compare, don't regret buying an SDR at all though, shame there aren't more performance v twins out there for nakeds.

  • മലയാളികൾ വായോ

  • I realized Zack didn't speak about the ease of getting into neutral.

  • Do I need an aftermarked exaust on my mt07??? Why? For other people? Why do I feel like I do not need it? Who cares? Safety? I don't care aboht safety... Why change exaust? Dude why?

  • When is it a good time to sell a bike?

  • late in the game, but what bike if you had the choice would you get between the 2019 MT 10 or Monster 1200 S? I'm ready to buy, but I like to hooligan and in town riding and having a tough time deciding. Does the monster wheelie in 3rd?

    • Triple Trouble go MT10,..A FRACTION OF THE COST!!!! And same performance!!! Cheaper maintenance and michi more reliable!!!!! Ima. Ducati guy GM by the way, had the ONLY Ducati 999r Fila in the US and the MT10 SO outperforms the 1200S and R;..and so much less! Had mine 2 years with NO problems or issues , buying snothing one.

  • How's the wind of that thing? I had an fz 09 2017 and was uncomfortable to ride even with a windscreen...

    • Andy Torrez the little 1 inch lip on the front little fairing fin is amazing, it's not like tucking behind a supersport full fairing but it directs the wind up over shoulders. ANY naked has the same issue but I didn't mind the wind on my Mt10

  • I have a Suzuki B-King, quite hard to find a replacement bike for it. For me the MT10 is too small and there's no space for the passenger to sit. Also don't like the gizmos. All I need is Oil temp, maybe coolant temp, fuel gauge, RPM and speed. Gear position is a +. But that's all. Quickshifter is nice but not that needed. All other features are nannies making bikes available to new riders who just slam the throttle and never wheelie/break the rear.