2017 Yamaha MT10 SP Review

Pubblicato il 13 mag 2017
2017 Yamaha MT10 SP Review : In this video I review the quite simply brutal Yamaha MT10 SP, this takes the already awesome naked MT10 and adds Ohlins semi active suspension, a full colour TFT screen and a fancy paint job to name but a few....(in the US this bike is of course known as the FZ-10 SP)...
Thanks to Sam and the guys at Brian Gray Powersports in High Wycombe for making this review possible.
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  • Would you pick this over the Triumph Speed Triple RS?

  • SP = Sports Pack

  • test rode the KTM GT hated it , must be me getting old but i think it was just to fast , and ive had 3 huyabusa,s and been 195 on a zx12r , had 4 1200 bandits done 150 on every one of them , the list goes on , but that KTM was just a noisy angry thing could just be the twin engine , i had a tl1000r i loved to bits though so not sure , anyway you would be nuts buying a bike this year since the Euro 5 laws are out soon ALL BIKES will have new engines by 2021 (including a new 1400 cc HAYABUSA cant wait till you test ride that its rumoured to be getting a turbo ...maybe )

    • Good point on the Euro 5 thing. There's already bikes coming out prepared for it, like the new R1, which has 4 (four) cat converters, and slightly more power to compensate. So you take the cats out and tune it, you have a more powerful bike.

  • I bought the 2019 Gray/Red MT10. Truly one of the best bikes I have ridden. I am selling my Super Duke for this one. If I had any complaints it would be the seat but that has an easy remedy. I am really impressed with the Yamaha offerings and now have the MT10 and the VMAX Gen 2. Both are very impressive machines which I can see myself hanging onto for a long time....for me that is a huge statement. Cheers and great review!

    • J. Rockett Audio Designs if I had to make the choice it would be the MT10, handles better, can tour on it and is simply easier. The Max is a niche bike and awesome but I would consider it a second bike. MT10 is as good as it gets for an all arounder

    • J. Rockett Audio Designs Debating on the MT10 or the gen 2 VMax. Which do you prefer? Hard choice for me! I have a Road Star Warrior already so I now I just need to decide which to get!

    • easy eat remedy , stand up :-)

    • Thanks for watching!

  • Which pond are you talking about? Coz true Aussies do not say that..."stoked" or "pumped"...and if anyone says "awesome" ...they get a smack in the chops. I know its in there...but...www.koalanet.com.au/australian-slang.html

  • I just bought a brand new standard MT10 today. I must have watched this video 50 times. I can’t wait to pick it up.

  • Regarding gas mileage, I'm averaging about 28.5 (US) since I bought the Mt-10 just after seeing this review. -That should be an answer for some and, that's not with me tearing around very often - just everyday driving. I've had two Tuono's and can say the range is about the same but mpg may be a bit less because I believe this tank is larger. Would you want to sport tour on this bike with that gas mileage? It certainly has the comfort of my last bike, the SuperDuke 1290 but, that puppy had 2/3rd better gas mileage. The seat is firm but I like it for daily use. Even though it has so much power, I am not "grinding my teeth" in frustration around town like I was on the SD. This is silky smooth and lighter to maneuver. I especially like to change down the power mode in the thick of traffic. It works perfectly there, allowing a progressive "roll on" at the throttle. That's nice too when you want to enjoy the scenery. Some days it just stays in three (rain?) but big fun is just a mode switch away instead of a different bike away. -Jonnyallover

  • I've watched and enjoyed every review you've done, excellent and informative work. The MT10 SP is the only bike that has genuinely excited you. I test rode one and I realised why.

    • I wouldn’t say it was the only bike - the Panigale V4, the Honda Goldwing, the Royal Enfield 650 Interceptor, Aprilia Tuono....all did a good job too!

  • Very cool Sir. Would love to have one. Thank you.........Sal : )

  • What gloves are wearing there TMF? Been struggling to find a comfortable pair here in australia.

  • Hey again, I didn't realize that the Mt10 was so up right and comfortable. So realizing that it's not apples to apples, and knowing that I have a monster 1200s in the stable... Mt10, or speed twin?

  • You can change mode on the 'fly', just have to select and close the throttle and it switches over. Very nice review though thank you

  • Hi TMF your reviews are the best on youtube, I am about to buy a new bike and am torn between this MT10 SP and the Tuono. I've seen both of your reviews and can see you like them both. Im just curious, If you were going to buy one which one would you go for?

  • No way that things faster than a Super Duke

    • I have both and I would say it is not as fast as the SDR but honestly, you would never be able to tell the difference in a real world situation. The MT10 is phenomenally smoother and handles better IMHO than the SDR. I love the Super Duke but I agree here, if I could only have one I would take the MT10 all day long....it s really that good!

  • Naked bikes all need belly pans, otherwise they burn bike covers.

  • If you need a spare 13 and half grand TMF, you could sell your panagali?

  • Best looking muscle bike since the v max looks so balanced aesthetically.......beast...

    • I agree - I think it might be a marmite bike but personally I love it!

  • I’m having some difficulty here. I’ve been a rider for over 40 years and had many bikes. I’m 64, like to run fast and smooth in the twisties, but at this point in my riding evolution I think I want brutal power and the “in your face” looks of the MT. I’m stuck between going off the deep end with a crazy 2016 MT or grabbing the vey refined gentlemanly 2016 Speed Triple. I had a 2006 Speed years ago, but obviously it’s not the same creature as the 2016. Any thoughts would be appreciated because I’m losing hair I don’t have.

    • Get the MT10 to scare the pants off yourself in smooooth power....

  • we dont get that color in USA

  • Mirrors are poor... just got off one

  • Hmmm... TMF and 44Teeth have me thinking maybe I should trade in my FJR for an MT-10 now that I have a K16GT for touring. Decisions, decisions....

  • I currently have a mt09 Tracer is there much power difference? I plan on trading the Tracer in for the sp 😁

  • Great review, I'm sold on the mt10 sp

  • I wish Yamaha offered the SP option on their bikes in the states . It’s a big reason I don’t own a yamaha. Yamaha needs to give us options to spend $$$ on those upgrades . We r only offered generic. I guess that’s y I option for euro bikes that offer more refinement. How do u copra it with the mt 09 ? Handling ,ride ,power. Great review as usual. I get all my info from u and laughs & scenery from a Brit a Blonde a bike. My 2 favorite channels.

  • “Ex-colonials” well that’s a new one on me

  • Tried the MT10 yesterday and absolutely loved it, interestingly my last bike was a V Strom, and the seating position is very similar, the power is much different, raw power in every gear with the 10, but like a pussycat in traffic, and a delight in town or busy traffic, i love the look of the MT's but always feel the naked bikes need a bellypan for the aesthetics.

    • Interesting comment here. Would you think that it could satisfy a calm, not very sporty rider? I know it'd be idiotic to buy one precisely because I'm not a sporty rider, but there's something about it...

  • "My word its got some shove..." you are right about that ! - I watched your vid loads of times before getting mine. Great bike, had it a year. Been down to Spain on it as well. So easy and glorious to ride. Trading mine in soon for an R1. Thanks for your review.

    • I actually preferred the MT10 to the R1 - why are you changing out of interest?

  • Sale your bmw gs and get a mt 10 😃😃😃😃😃🤘

  • Grail bike, respects from South Africa

  • I would like to have one of these...

  • Another great review. BTW: SP stands for "Special Production".

  • Yes you have lol!

  • What about Triumph Speed Triple rs?? Have you tried yet?

    • @TheMissendenFlyer I found it. thank you

    • Yep - my review is on here somewhere if you google...

  • Do you like it more then the 899?.

  • Any Star Wars fan will instantly recognize the Darth Vader design. Simply Bad A__!

  • Why would Yamaha insist on fake ram air intakes ( like the early V- Max ) for looks? make them real.....

  • Love the swingarm !

  • Thought it had a blipper 🤔

  • Does it have a phone app like the r1

  • For the money I’m not impressed, at higher speeds the display seems to go all blurry?

  • A is not the sporty mode,,, B is,,,,,,,

  • Comfort vs superduke?

    • Nothing in it really - this may have a slightly softer seat....

  • Awesome machine the SP & no 'White Vans' either😝

  • I would love one flyer but cannot afford bikes anywhere near it's price so it's the £3000 types for me lol.

  • u r deliberately blurring the speedo ....wow

  • Amazing review! Keep up the good work :)

  • Nice vid, also nice of the shop to loan you the bike! How do you compare it to the trumpie as you are quite a fan of those?

    • TheMissendenFlyer might consider upgrading to it if I ever get bored of my current ride, great review

    • Compares very well...I possibly prefer it.....

  • It’s a great bike, if anyone is considering buying one get the taller screen, comfort seat and some Diablo corsa Rosso III 😉

  • Brilliant review, thank you. I'm looking at the MT10 Touring 👌

  • Finally got round to taking it out today...wow amazing!!

  • I blame you TMF ! Well you and a mate of mine, less than 2 weeks now and I pick up my new MT10 SP😁 I was unsure after the test ride on a standard MT but took one look at the SP and said yes. Bearing in mind that my bike at the moment is a FJR 1300 I think I’m having a mid life crisis it’s the complete opposite of my bike . I do like your videos very good.

    • Tony Pammen did the same thing mate. 60 years old and fjr to sp

    • Cheers Tony and congratulations!

  • 1290 R or MT-10 SP ?

  • I would have bought one by now but I don't like the color options here in the states. I would have rather had a blue tank they have now with a silver painted engine. they also need to fix the seat. the stitching allows water to get in and when you sit down it squishes out on your legs. they also changed the name to MT-10 in the states.

  • Hi TMF do you think the sp goodies are worth the extra money? P.s I test rode an s1000r at the weekend, very unimpressed.

    • TheMissendenFlyer so speed triple rs or mt10 sp?

    • Probably not, but if money is no object you would probably regret not having them...


  • It's almost the same engine as in the R1, in which it has titanium con-rods (not present in this variant of the power-train). I'm pretty sure there are a few other minor differences (which obviously dictate the lesser power over the R1).

  • Great reviews TMF! Would love to hear your opinion about the Aprilia Tuono which is probably in the same category as the MT10. I have tested the Tuono and found the engine and exhaust sound to be intoxicating.

  • Great review - that bike really "hauls the mail" - super-fast!

  • WELLL >>>>> Lamb chop bought the KTM ..... Hum.

  • Nicely done 1st impression. You make it sound very attractive. .... I don't know what is going on in the UK, but it seems like most of the reviews for cars and motorcycles are coming from your side of the pond. Whatever the reason, hope you guys keep up the good work. ;-)

    • Really? Wonder why that is....anyway, I shall keep it up as long as you keep watching! All the best - TMF