2014 Mazda 3 Sedan 6MT: Regular Car Reviews

Pubblicato il 15 lug 2019
The Mazda 3 is a car for people who think they're too cool for a Toyota Corolla.
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  • Mazde exceed even Toyota in quality and stabillity, and it exceed also Toyota as the most boring car ever. You look in the mirror and you see that angry face, Oohh no it is a Toyota, no wait, Mazda, Aahh now i can relax, no aggressive person drives a Mazda, it is probably driven by a librarian.

  • Mazda 3 the official car of every college girl

  • Just bought a 2013 6 speed version a few months back. Excellent car really. Fun and simple.

  • Freaking love this car. Fun little commuter than makes you *feel* fast even when you're not, fun to toss around corners, feels super luxurious for the price point, and still comfortably gets 40+mpg on road trips. Not to mention I'm hitting 170k on my 2014 without a single hiccup. Headlights/Brakes/Oil+Filters/Air Filters. That's. It. 170k miles and not a single check engine light yet.

  • I am a Mazda 3 owner. After testing the Corolla (yawn no manual available), a civic (cheap piece of crap (with no manual), chevy cruze (cheap piece of crap with no manual), and the Subaru (CVTs only available outside of special order),; I drove the Mazda 3 and it was leagues ahead of the rest. I still have my 2014. IT is solid and free of creaks and rattles and troubles. The rest of that review is just bloviation.

  • I feel attacked. I have this car and order almond milk frappacinos lmao

  • Could you be any more obnoxious

  • Boredom really can inspire creativity

  • This is a fever dream on crack

  • ....Nice Carpet....is it shaaaaaaaaaag?...

  • I came here for a random RCR review to make my day It made my week

  • Video not long enough to allow four ads? Add in some surrealist bullshit!

  • I watched this on cold medication........ I am the cat

  • The hatchback one looks pretty cool

  • I own/owned both a Mx5 and Corolla. Toyota’s are so boring I wanted to buy a Mazda 3. Drove two and bought an Outlander. The Toyota never stopped running, but who wants boring to continue in their lives. People want interesting lives. I wanted a 3, but it was also boring.

  • you should try and reveiw a second gen mazda 3 gt or speed 3

  • Picked this over an accord 🙄

  • You’re the man,🤣👍. I gotta say once again even when I don’t want to listening to you go on about cars makes me smile. I love cars and although totally different you and Jay Leno are the best at what you do. Thanks man!!

  • The Hyundai Santa Fe Sport 2.4 of Compact Sedans? Oh gosh...😂😂

  • Nice Zennis! Lol

  • glad to know that im not the only one that feels that way about teachers

  • 2.5L on the 2019 review pls

  • All the ads are cat litter and cat food ads. Hahaha now that says something about RCR viewers

  • Regular Car Reviews: Mazdaspeed 3 gen 1

  • "FoMoCo?! That sounds exotic! Is that a *_JDM?!_*

  • I will never, ever drive a Mazda 3. They're fucking embarrassingly bland. I will however drive a Mazda 323, as those zippy little hatchbacks were the shit, and they were the best car to deal drugs with.

  • A quick review on my 2006 mazda 3: its normal, can be fun but oh boi its so.... fucking.... SMALL

  • I did own a 2014 Mazda 3 Auto and I can agree with it not being torquey. That said, I felt the engine was very Rev Happy and if you punched it full throttle in 6th, it would downshift quickly. I also managed to get 43.6 mpg in the car (65 mph for about 200 miles). I ended up getting something bigger, but it was a great little car.

  • 9:35 Fuck now I have to go listen to Hadestown again

  • We had an already well-used '80 GLC when I was a little kid. I dunno if any are still running but I've always kinda hoped to see an RCR on one. Already over a decade old when we had it, we packed a family of 5 into that thing and drove it all up and down and across the massive, mountainous, often snowy landmass that is British Columbia, Canada.

  • My friend had a 2017 Corolla SE that was a total piece of crap; parts were falling off of it all the time on the inside and something always ended up breaking down. He replaced it with a 2018 Mazda 3 and it’s miles ahead of what Toyota has to offer. Much nicer interior and doesn’t feel like a darn drag to drive. Honestly, why would anyone buy a corolla other than being a fanboy?

  • But a 1991 mazda 626 was nothing like a 1991 ford sierra and that was the same class.

  • Again drive a 2.5L GT! Much better car!

  • when you drive someones car and they have danglies on the mirror and you can't see shit

  • You guys should review the 1963 green chair and that shag ass carpet......

  • Wtf is this shit

  • A car for people who think they are too cool for a Toyota Corolla.

    • Also for people who were tricked into thinking that Mazdas are more luxurious than Honda, Toyota and Nissan by the salesman at the dealership

  • Its pitiful what they did to this generation of Mazda 3's. I have the previous gen, with minimal options. You press the pedal, and it goes.

  • that is Chinese in the background from 4:11 to 4:25...

  • One of those videos that makes you wonder if Mr. Regular is feeling okay.