2014 Mazda 3 Sedan 6MT: Regular Car Reviews

Pubblicato il 15 lug 2019
The Mazda 3 is a car for people who think they're too cool for a Toyota Corolla.
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  • That's why you don't get the 2.0L. The 2.5L adds 34 HP and barely gives up any MPG

  • This car is the: I’m a single mother and has two kids that makes a mess in the backseat and puts stickers on the windows lol

  • If your in Chicago review my 08 335i hardtop

  • Didn't expect the Hadestown riff for the outro song. Welll done.

  • Keep RCR weird!

  • I only watch RCR for the crazy stuff he throws in. I just wish I could understand why he was pushing cars around to Russian voices.

  • As a former(sniff) owner of a 2017 2.0, I'd have to say the newer the better for the car applies here. Between a fantastic ride and a good bit of acceleration that felt fun, I miss my baby. It also kept me quite safe in a driver's side accident that mangled it into a total loss. Side curtain airbags are a good thing. The 2.5 is a much more fun engine, I'll concede that, and even the automatic from Mazda is a good automatic, which is a rare thing for me to say. Still, I had no regrets.

  • I liked the old Mazda 3 but I can't make myself like this one. It's just so ugly

  • I feel like hes been kidnapped and all the animated parts are code for something

  • Prob the last small car worth buying. 6 speed manual trans hatchbacks were selling for less than 16k brand new just before the 2019 came out. That's with full infotainment systems, unlike the one in this vid.

  • This was my driving school car

  • The mistake this owner made was buying the 6 Speed SkyActive. When I bought my '13 Mazda 3 new, I chose the 5 speed normal 2.0 litre engine and it was quite zippy. I had the option of getting the '14 model but didn't like it - it was too digital/techie for me and I wanted to be in control of my car rather than the other way round.

  • Who had to watch a Mazda commercial before watching this video

  • The random cuts and bizarre stop motion could carry directly into a a paranormal horror film and the makes this video very uncomfortable for me.

  • how about the 2019 Mazda 3?

  • The Mazda2 was a mistake

  • Hey he did my car and it was weird and I love it

  • 7:23 its true!its so true. Its scary like being on a dysfunctional family where your the only one that works but you still live with your mom. And she's on dialysis...and its inhome dialysis ....and you take care of it. But you cant buy a beer. So you settle for smoking because you're not young enough to vape anymore and you dont make enough to buy jullpods. Its scary

  • "we agreeed, why ya askin' for full throttle?" Lol had me rolling

  • I own a 2014 Mazda3. But I got the hatch with the big engine. Fantastic car.

  • as a third gen 6MT Mazda 3 owner named Andrew I feel slightly attacked but this is still good content :)

  • Can you reveiw a kia cadenza

  • The throttle not accelerating could be a bad ETC?

  • I went from the 1999 Corolla video straight to this one....love the sunglasses friend.

  • i actually have this car and its a fucking fantastic all rounder. Reliable, good fuel economy and very comfortable on long trips. I think I'll be driving it for 5+ years. It's also cheap enough so that I also bought an insane superbike for when I feel the need for spped. Would recommend this setup.

  • I laughed so hard at the stop-motion die-cast car with the distorted chinese commentary

  • Honds is a better brand to buy a commuter car from. The point of a commuter is reliability back and forth to where you need to go... knwoing mazda/ford they don't have the best track record with anything if we r being honest

  • I have a 2016 6 speed mt, it's slow and I wish I had looked around more when I was car buying

  • MX5 yaaay

  • And you mentioned CVTs for the autos. Maybe true, but when I drove a 2018 loaner 3 that was very similar to my 2015 but auto, I recognized the auto to behave not like a CVT, but shift like a regular but reliable 'normal' automatic, with an extra 'notch' at the bottom of the throttle to push thru to make it kick down, like an old 80s BMW I had but better b/c new cond. It was very normal, very predictable including the kick down delay, and I appreciated it for that. No surprises/wtf reactions to erratic or sudden de-throttling after heavy throttle.

  • The 'nothing' from the gas pedal would have been less so had you used a low enough gear. I drive a 2015 6 spd manual hatch w/the 2.5L spec'd at 184 hp. I was at first guessing you did that in 6th.

  • I really like RCR but why do you have to be so crass?

  • Lol this car is shit

  • I daily a 2012 Mazda3 with the 5 speed stick, and it's a total blast. The engine isn't really powerful, but it's nice and revvy, and there's something to be said about flooring the gas pedal whenever you need to pass someone. Also the shifter feels great, so I'm always happy to drop down a couple gears. Handling is awesome, although I wish the steering were a bit heavier. Overall it's a total winner, and it's genuinely fun to drive.

  • I'm so glad this channel is still weird. Never change.

  • Imagine how the new people feel watching this. Lol Really hope they come back.

  • There's something incredibly depressing about acoustic ceiling tiles in a domestic setting.

  • 8:18 Ah I'm glad it's not only my car that does this. Or rather, doesn't.

  • As a teenager I beat my parents 04 Mazda 3 GT into the ground... it was gifted to me when I went to college in September 2010 annnnnd I blew the engine Christmas Eve crossing a flooded road. It was nicer than a sunfire I guess.

  • I think the Mazda 3 hatchback it's a really pretty thing. And the car have independent rear suspension so it grips nicely the interior feels upscale

  • Mr Regular missed what actually makes the mazda 3 good; It's handling. Im disappointed.

  • Looks like I found my car that I'm going to buy this year!

  • 8:42, i hope thats not your actual carpet. That carpet is gross.

  • Stop making every video over 10 min. Obviously they don’t need to be.

  • I own a 2015 base model. He's right, it's slow. You have to leave it around 4 grand if you want to go anywhere, but I don't think it's quite as uninspired as he says it is.

  • I CAN NEVER WIPE ENOUGH. Ain't we all?

  • Is the future? Stop motion and folding laundry? Maybe I'm not artistic enough to get it. This just got in the way of the otherwise descent review.

  • mr regular volkswagen beetle when

  • Do Chevy cobalt SS

  • "Accelerates with 1/4 throttle as it accelerates with 3/4 throttle" - same as my 97 BMW 316i xD... At 1/4 throttle you sense some torque is coming in but once you keep pressing the throttle further your hopes are disappointed... Still like the car though... who else has velours interior in 2019...


  • I need anyone with a running Ford Probe to in touch with this man so he can review it for all of us. You wouldn't just be doing it for me, or for RCR, or even the viewers. You would be doing it for AMERICA

  • Must not have a lot of business to take care of out East...

  • ALL my launches are unassisted.

  • That's interesting, I figured it would be a lot more like my Mazda 6 of the same year. Guess not.

  • Mazda is just Honda's cousin who took acid and dropped out of engineering school after attacking a guy with a rotary nacho he made into a Thor's hammer

  • It's the car that makes electric cars sound aggro

  • What's the point of the Chinese and Russian part...

  • This car is so artless i cannot see it even if i see it.

  • Mazda protege5 a wagon that i will remember fondly

  • Hadestown is my favorite musical right now, thank you.

  • A little more gonzo then normal. I can currently taste the colour purple

  • nunace?

  • The Duratec engine is based and redpilled, my 04 focci is basically a Mazda 3 wearing a I LOVE NY shirt

  • The ECU wagging its finger at the driver bit was my favorite rcr moment in recent memory.

  • When did this channel become a numbers station?

  • Damn if this isn't one of my fever dreams.

  • make a daewoo lanos review

  • You buy a Mazda 3 if you have no interest in cars and just want a reliable and fuel-efficient commuter.

  • Inject the stop-motion *DIRECTLY INTO MY VEINS*

  • regular you drive other people's cars like a cunt

  • Oh no, he's getting really A B S T R A C T again.

  • Hey, RC guys, if you verify yourself on the Brave browser then I can tip you cryptocurrency that you can exchange for money

  • I used to enjoy these reviews, but its all just so Central PA for my taste.


  • Mazda doesn't make CVT junk. In house skyactiv 6speed auto.

  • I’m sure you’d like the 180hp 2.5 model better

  • It's time for RCR to drive a stock Ford Pinto or stock Chevy Vega.

  • Between your foot and the engine is a Drive By Wire controller. THAT is what enforces the prenup contract.

  • 8:59 communism intensifies