20-Minute Victoria Sport Low-Impact Butt- and Abs-Toning Workout

Pubblicato il 15 lug 2018
Burn calories and sculpt your booty and core with this 20-minute low-impact workout. Celebrity trainer Megan Roup’s 20-minute workout requires no equipment, so you can do it anywhere. Get ready to jet, set, and tone!
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  • great! my legs and ass says thanks !!

  • This workout requires a considerableamount of controll

  • Love the background music😍😍😍 What's the title of the background music???

  • why not alternate sides between the sets?? 🤷🏼‍♀️ felt it in the supporting leg more than the one working...

  • Your video rolled here on IT-tvs for me Brazil sao paulo boraa practice exercises

  • Me gustaría saber si hay alguna clase en español Me encanta esta rutina. Saludos desde Chile

  • amazing!

  • Actually this one really hurts my arm, guess my legs are not flexible!!

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  • This work out really hurt my wrist and knees... oh my poor poor knees I bet they'll be bruised tomorrow. It's a intense lower body work out for sure.

  • Love this workout...challenges and burns calories as you sweat.. wishing didn’t hurt my right wrist.. I usually push on my fingers to avoid pressure on wrists...had to modify on the shoulder touch planks... trying to get stronger to finish the routine in entirety.

  • loved it!!!

  • Makes you feel fantastic the next day! Sometimes I swap legs sooner instead of following the whole length with one at a time...

  • Burned my shoulders for two days. LOL

  • Want to put all your body weight on your wrists for 20 minutes?

  • amazing asses

  • I don't understand why this one had to stay on one leg to long. It killed my motivation to even finish the work out since my stationary leg just couldn't keep up.

  • This was extremely painful on the wrists and shoulders and the abs part was as good as not there. The instructor went too fast and anyone who isn't this fit would have a hard time keeping up. Not worth it.

  • My left hip hurts bad after the first 7min. No, thank you.

  • I died a little, but I can't wait to revisit this one as I get stronger! Haha Thank you, PopSugar for always pushing us to be better!

  • OMG!!! This is tough!!! I feel sore! 😆 And the instructor is crazy flexible. Never seen anything like this. She looked like a rubber band! 😲😊 Great workout but super tough!

  • So disappointed. I dislike workouts where they focus on one side of the body for almost half the workout and then switch. The moves are quite unusual and difficult so wouldn’t advice if you aren’t as strong as the instructor.

  • FANTASTIC WORKOUT! one of my absolute favorites

  • The workout is a bit rushed but I do feel sore the next day after doing this workout. It works the glutes well! However, my wrists started to hurt a bit. No problem with shoulders just gotta keep lifting up your chest and activate your core. Will do it again! I think it is effective!

  • horrible workout, my wrists hurt so much

  • Liked this - it was hard and I could feel it in my glutes and arms. Modifications for wrists please! There's way too much pressure on the wrists the entire time. Thank you!

    • Come on your elbows n miss the first push ups to avoid any wrist pressure


  • الترجمة للعربية

  • This is one of my absolute favorite workouts. I do it weekly and always look forward to the burn! As always, thank you!!!

  • Good work out! although I wasn't flexible enough for a lot of it and hard on wrists.

  • Second time doing this was better because I geared up for focusing on one side for the first half. The first time I did this video I wasn't prepared for that. I love this workout, now! I do need to stop occasionally to stretch my wrists, but hopefully over time I will build strength there and not have to stop

  • Great workout

  • Nice and quick. Thanks a lot

  • Hard on my wrists and knees for sure. Good booty workout overall but had to take breaks due to my wrists and knees which took away from the booty workout. I wish she would have had modifications for wirst and knee pain like Anna usually does.

  • Challenging but way too repetitive

  • Wow this was way harder than I thought it was going to be!!

  • Training Tracy Anderson's style, but great to activate all the muscles, without jumping or squatting. Well done!

  • I am so sore after this!!! But I love it!!

  • I get really scary to wear stuff like every other 11 year old so k been watching what I eat and working out and these videos really help

  • I am only 11 but I love this work out it pushes me to do my best and its really easy to follow

  • Wonderful

  • This looks a lot like a Tracy Anderson mat workout.

  • So good ! It kills me

  • I hadn’t worked out in a few days and felt like I needed to sweat so this workout was great!!

  • It is still too challenging for me, but am getting there. Thank you so much ladies 😃

  • I try to do this workout twice a week. I find it better than some of the weight training videos (specifically for toning). It doesn’t put stress on my back. And it honestly makes me feel better afterwards. Like a yoga or Pilates workout. It’s low impact, with a punch!! And let’s not forget, the results are real!!! My Body is getting toned, without looking bulky. Love this video!!

  • all I felt was my quads burning from staying on one leg the whole time.... wont do again, hurt my wrists too

  • luv it

  • Ouch! lol Too much on one side at a time. Was hoping for more abs incorporated into the routine.

  • Holy moly! My butt was on fire after this!! I will definitely be doing this one again! My knees hurt about halfway through, so I just folded my mat onto itself and that helped tons! Get ready to feel that buuuuurn!!

  • Too much for the butt!! My knees r hurting too😅

  • Too much for the butt!! My knees r hurting too😅

  • This is absolutely terrible on your knees.

  • Was not a fan. My wrists hurt after this. So much on hands and news. Plus the instructor went so fast that it was hard to follow at times. Not my favorite from Popsugar Fitness. :(

  • Great great killing my shoulders, arms too.. Omg

  • idk if this was just my position, but this kept hurting my right hand

  • I did this once and the next day I could not even open my water bottle

  • Eh, not the best of workouts popsugar. They need to slow down slightly, break up the duration of work for each leg, and for the love oh God, don't stay in the same position the whole time! 😑 My wrists and knees were killing me, which is silly because they are so many ways to target that muscle. This whole work out was painfully unnecessary.

  • I love low impact exercise! It's very calm but effective!!