1929 Air Compressor Restoration - Restored to New Condition - I Didn't Think It Would Run

Pubblicato il 11 nov 2019
I got this Air Compressor a while back and have been wanting to restore it. I finally finished it and it is ready to go. I also restored the Electric Motor that came with it. You can see that restoration video here: it-tvs.com/tv/video-B_1pYccubYg.html
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Equipment I've used in this video or others:
The camera used in this video is my old Canon Vixia I've had for over 10 years. I recently sold
some stuff from around the house and used that money to invest in a newer, nicer camera which I did use at the very end of this video for the motion shots/closeups while the compressor was running. It's a good camera and you should check it out. the link is below.
Camera - amzn.to/37iP5tl
Emery Cloth Strips - amzn.to/2OklBST (used off camera)
Bondo - amzn.to/2pJBYjO - Not the exact stuff, but as close as I could find on Amazon.
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  • Subscribing will make you smile

  • you are a brute! the choice of colors is horrible! the bondo end results are horrible - almost like you didn't use it. sorry, a little disappointed.

  • 22:17 oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah!

  • This compressor inspired Alien's design. Magnificent restoration

  • What the reason for putting so much time and effort into cleaning the parts if you end up sand blasting them?

  • I didn't know they used internal wrenching bolts in 1929. I'd say this is the compressors' second restoration. Tho it was still many years ago.

  • insides are brand new you fraud

  • Why does it appear, at 4:15, that you did not oil the shaft at all as you pulled the pulley? Even if the oil did not penetrate between the shaft & the pulley, once the pulley moved it would be moving, more-and-more, onto an oiled shaft. Did you even check for a set-screw? You do not need to remove piston rings 5:35 to remove the piston. This is true for _all_ pistons. In fact when assembling engines, the rings go on first, and only then is the piston inserted into the cylinder. I worked at a GM factory for 4 years, and saw this every day. Jeeze Louise, Twoi-Hands, have you never heard of the IT-tvs site on the WWW? IT-tvs is full of How-To videos such as this one it-tvs.com/tv/video-0Sr3so43vgU.html on How-To hone a cylinder. (See one minute in.) Never, ever, brush (22:16) the inside of a cylinder like that! Games OuGie is so right. At the factory the HONE them with FINE 400-grit stones. You have just ruined the polish on the inside of that cylinder. This video it-tvs.com/tv/video-7oLHtW2psbA.html is How-To change the oil in an air compressor. At one-minute he instructs you to get a NON-detergent air-compressor oil. This oil is sold at my local hardware! I am sorry to rag on you but this is crazy. You destroyed that compressor. In the final state you have it in it will not work for long, before the foaming oil, or the scratched cylinder, makes it fail.

  • It's good to see old things brought back to life. Can't say I'm fussed on the red and white colour.. Silver and blue for me would have looked better.

  • 👍

  • Great job, thanks for sharing.

  • After seeing your video I thought I needed glasses! Hard to focus the camera?

  • Почитал коментарии на русском , один положтельный, а все остальные охуенные знатоки и мастера и все так с издевочкой, а у нас был такой компрессорв 1929 году? Или деды тоже смеялись с них?

  • Какой-то рукожопый реставратор.

  • Very cool "streamline" design.

  • cool

  • instead of all the scraping why don't you make a soda blaster already ?

  • Better than new one

  • very good i m from brazil

  • Sy kok tdk yakin itu tahun 1929.. Kmngkinn tahun 60-70an..dilihat dri pnggunaan baut L dan bntuk motor drive nya..

  • A restauração ficou legal, mas acho que a cor branca não... suja muito.

  • Now ..can you please rebuild my life. For the better?

  • I admire your ability to restore things in this throwaway age of today>Great work and ignore th negatives

  • looks better with the rust on!!!

  • 30 weight non-detergent for compressors is generally prescribed. Why not grease those bearings rather than a lightweight engine oil. Might have added an on/off switch. Good restoration in that it does work.......for now.

  • It's a 1940

  • Super quite... 😂

  • Now its plastic


  • 22:04 you have a knack for pulling out instruments I've never seen that make me go "oh woah"

  • Other than that it was a nice restoration great work

  • Did a great job just didn't like those new Philip head screws, definitely not from that time period

  • Great project! Might I suggest that rather than using chemical stripper on ferrous metals; that you try electrolysis; non toxic, removes paint and rust FAST and EASY!

  • Beautiful!

  • the original internals like bearings etc look brand new

  • i didnt know they used allan keyed bolts back then

  • What did you used material for the gasket?

  • GORGEOUS !!!

  • Hi I was wondering what size of compressor you are working with (cfm and size of tank) and also I would recommend you look at some roloc quick release pads for your die grinder

  • What is the tool at 22:05 ?