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Pubblicato il 24 set 2018
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This week is 18 Rare Super Girly Girl Baby Names - I love this entire list. It's the kind of name I wanted for my own baby girl; pretty, beautiful but unique. These names are in pairs from nickname names, floral and botanical names, girl names ending in a, alternatives to Olivia and Shakespearean Names plus some wildcards!
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  • Love the name lavender but also love a shortened version plain and simple “laven”

  • You can name them based of songs especially rock songs they got pretty names.

  • I feel like Ivory would be a beautiful name

    • Yes it's a lovely long version of Ivy which is so popular too x

  • My sisters name is Bronwen. She died when she was 12

    • Tyanna Masterman im so sorry to hear that 😔

  • Most people when they hear my name said its beautiful and it's unique it's stand out. ..

  • I really like the name Valentina and Alba. Not many others like those names though😂😢

    • That's ok! Loads more baby names on m channel xxx

  • Aurora is also a very girly name

  • You are sooo sweet 😊😊I lovved you

  • Who else are playing sims?

  • These sound like names that anti-vaxxers would name their poor children

  • my middle name is Bronwynne 🙂🙂🙂

  • Bluebell is an ice cream brand where I’m from😂

  • What about siff

  • Posie? Lavender?....BLUEBELL??? What is this obsession with naming babies these random made-up words? Your kid isn’t going to be a toddler forever. I get that it’s fun to be unique and think of these uncommon names but your baby will be stuck with that name forever.

  • I absolutely love Bronwyn, but I feel like you would have to be very feminine and girly to pull off the name because it’s kinda masculine. If I ended up with a daughter that didn’t fit that mold the name would not be cute. It’s defiantly a name that has to fit a certain personality and look to make it live up to its potential. Which is why I am not brave enough to use it.

  • What is a good middle name to pair with the first name Jade. I might also spell it JAYDE. The only reason I would not use this name is because I cannot find a middle name. Help appreciated, huge fan

  • My last name is Posey (pronounced same as “Posie”)

    • Ah I love it! Such a lovely surname x

  • My daughter's name is Annalena -close to amalina

  • My daughter is called effie :)

  • my favorite names for girls Are Emilia, Hanorah, Ailbhe (pronounced Alva), Mallaidh (pronounced Molly) and Leah ☺️

    • Eva Neilan I’m from Waterford and used to know a girl called Mallaidh, and she pronounced it Molly so I’m not sure? I’m sure it varies around the country ☺️

    • Emma I’m not sure what dialect you’re from or if you’re irish but Mallaidh for me would be Moll-eye ?

  • Hi can you please do a French baby name list I really like the French name Leala

  • I would love to hear your opinion on the name Mielle (me-elle) it means honey in French and a few other languages :)

    • Wow I love it! How cute is that!!!

  • i love the names - joslynn, elise, paige, lydia, cassandra, bria, brooke, lex, santana, niamh, elena, cady, brielle, chrissy, violet, scarlet, sierra, cara, diana, cher, aria, ava, armani, cait, brianna, bella, bria, neveah, serena I think I will change my name in the future but im not sure which one I would change it to. These are the names i've narrowed down a huge list to, please comment down which one you would vote for to help

  • I love the name Shiloh. I’m considering it for my future daughter if I have a girl! It’s so cute to me.

  • I’m laughing so much at Mariposa 😂😂 in Spanish it might mean butterfly but in Portuguese it legit just means moth. Imagine looking at your baby girl and deciding that “moth” is the name that suits her the most 😂

  • I literally just decided to name my daughter Eliana because my husband likes the name Eli. Never thought I’d see it on a list.

  • Some great names there. My cousins name is Romani My favourite names for girls are Savannah Nevaeh (heaven backwards) Temperance Mackenzie Ruby

  • I love the name Blythe

  • What about Quinn? Cause I love it

  • Names ending in the letter a please! I always think they are super pretty

  • I don’t know why but I’ve always love the name Amalia

  • Kayleigh kyleiaha Maddi Mackenzie Aleaha Abree Ava Amelia Summer Savannah Emily rylie Lily milainna Chloe calie

  • How about the name Marinette? My baby cousin is obsessed with a French tv show where the main character is named Marinette and I thought it was an absolutely lovely name. It means “little one of the sea” or “of the little sea” depending on how you translate it and I think it’s got a lovely meaning.

  • when i saw this video on my laptop, i thought maybe I was watching Jenna Marbles ! not that you look like her - I just saw Jenna Marbles fan art today! I think maybe that's why... You're blonde I guess

  • I don't know why but I love the name Odette.

  • Hi

  • I’m welsh..... and the title super girly names umm... bronwyn is my brothers name in my class there is 2 other boy bronwyns and now that I think about it bronwyn is such a common name in my area


  • I had a chicken named lavender- she was killed by a fox

  • I LOVE the name Story/Storie but my partner doesn’t like it 😓😓 just found your channel and I love your videos! We are expecting soon so I’m ready to binge watch haha.

  • I’m not having a baby... Any time soon I don’t know why I’m here but I love it 😂😂😂

  • What about Emmy

  • Jenna I’m guessing it’s in this idk

  • Thank you so much for this channel! You are lovely!

  • I’m a Bronwen! Which is traditionally the female & welsh spelling of the name ☺️ x

  • My name is Juliet

  • If we ever have a daughter she will be Mariposa Dot - our last name is Spanish. I also seriously love Rafaela. Both your suggestions 💗🥰

  • Adelaide- noble- German and Danish Gemma-precious stone-Italian,danish Nora- Honor- Italian,German, etc. Harlow- army- English Catalina- pure- Spanish Alana, Lana- Little Rock- english Nova- new, star- Latin Luna- moon- Latin Avalynn- breath of life- English Senna- flower- Arabic Paisley- flower- Scottish Paige- young child- latin Adley-up from the river -Hebrew Adaline- noble kind- german Madeleine - magnificent - Greek Annelise- Graces with Gods bounty- danish

  • Posie is cute. My name is Josie so that’s really similar

  • Can you do baby boy names

  • These videos are porn to me

  • my name is Rosalie-Grace!

  • My name is Emilia (obviously) and my sister's name is Eliana

  • I have a friend in year 3 called Romola and I thought maybe you would like that name cause it sounds quite unique and u loved Romilly

  • I love Amalina and Eliana

  • For some reason I feel like the name Bronwyn is quite masculine, I was reading a book and I hadn’t heard the name before, one of the characters had the name and at the start I assumed it was a boy.

  • I’ve named my new puppy Bonnie, I think it’s such a beautiful name :)

  • Limelight here!! 🍋🔦 I hear a lavender!! 😍❤

  • I like the name Seraphina or Serena