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Pubblicato il 24 set 2018
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This week is 18 Rare Super Girly Girl Baby Names - I love this entire list. It's the kind of name I wanted for my own baby girl; pretty, beautiful but unique. These names are in pairs from nickname names, floral and botanical names, girl names ending in a, alternatives to Olivia and Shakespearean Names plus some wildcards!
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  • My teacher has three girls, Vivianne, Loralie, and Tillie and I’ve always thought that they are so girly and beautiful!

  • I wanted to see is my name was here

  • I’m 11 I am just trying to see how many girly names you can come up with that I might really like

  • My daughters called Arleigh in old English it means hare meadow it's the most beautiful name in world for the most beautiful girl in the world

  • imagine being named after an ice cream brand

  • Im supposed to be studying right now im not even pregnant

  • My name is serenity I personally think it’s a girly unique name

  • I also love the names Edeline & Fallon

  • my name is Natalia and my sister's name is Katalina and we always get compliments over how unique and girly our names are (:

  • What about Gezelle or Berlyn

  • I have a good friend named Bronwyn and I have to say I like the name a lot

  • Lorraine

  • I once meet a woman that named her daughter Sevelina (not sure if I am spelling it correctly). I have no idea where the name comes from or what it means, but I thought it sounded so feminine and romantic. Absolutely beautiful name.

  • I love fable!!

  • Please tell me where you got your bed spread!!!

  • My friend name must be extremely rare as I can’t find it anyway , Rosemary

  • WHY AM I HERE, I am only 12

  • I love the name lavender!

  • My grandmas name was Bonnie (:

  • My name is iliana and people ALWAYS commented on it when I was a child and even now as an adult...in my entire life time I only met 2 other iliana's so it is unique

  • Lavender I think of the girl from Matilda

  • I'm 13 I don't like kids I play the Sims I'm not pregnant I just want to not do a project

  • Also good for writers and people who need names for ocs

  • These r all 🤮 please call your children reasonable names do you want them to be bullied

  • I wish my name was here tbh. My name is Loriana (Lorijana in my language) and I like it so much.

  • "Mariposa" does mean butterfly in Spanish, but it's also a slang word for gay man. Not the worst there is, but still...

  • When you said Mariposa I got so excited! My name is Spanish (Elisa) and I love Spanish/Spanish sounding names!!

  • Why am I hear idk but nice names

  • My 94 year old mother is named Rosalie, and her nickname in High School was Posie! 😀 She has 26 grandchildren and 22 great grandchildren, and not one of them have been named after her😞 although there have been many middle names of Rose...and one granddaughter has named her company after Posie.

  • Mariposa means butterfly in spanish

  • My little girl is called Blossom. Love it as it's so girly and floral sounding. Have loads of compliments on her name, she's my little flower. 🌹

  • I’m here because I live that sweater! Where did you get it girlfriend?

  • Cordelia = Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. In my book, pretty badass name.

  • I know a lady named Cordelia and she isn’t pleasant.....

  • i had a grandma named Rosalie and a great-aunt named Clara.... and my irl name is a variant on "Juliette" ... Lyette I'm an older Millennial, my mom did the suburban mom naming thing in the 80's.

  • Mariposa means “moth” in portuguese... Didnt like that one much 🤷🏻‍♀️. But the other ones are cute!

    • Vitória Hebmuller means Butterfly in Spanish

  • My name is Florence, I don’t know any other Florence’s, especially none that are my age (22) so when I was growing up everyone went mad over it couldn’t go anywhere without people complimenting my name 😂 it’s much more popular now though!

  • Girly names may be fine for little girls but be careful! What sounds cute, sweet and girly for a child could sound ridiculous for a grown woman trying to make a career for herself. Posie, Precious and Blossom for example. In my humble opinion, that is!

  • Bronwyn is not a girly girl name.

  • I have a southern accent (I’m from Georgia, USA) and every time she said a beautiful name I said it and it made me sound illiterate

  • My spanish teachers name is Eulilia which is so pretty to me. You have to pronounce all of the vowels in spanish

  • I’m just here because I just wanna hear the names Oh and this video helps me name OCs :)

  • When I was 16 I once met a girl named Odette and she was the most stunning girl I had ever met and I got to kiss her one new years eve! :)

  • ok not to distract from how cool this video is BUT you have a very good voice for asmr SJ!! x

    • Ha ha - a lot of people tell me that!! x

  • I like the names, Bishop and Romi.

  • Do you like the name Seraphina,I think it is lovely?

  • Thank you for the name shoutout 😉 I have yet to meet another Bronwyn! Definitely a life goal of mine!

  • I LOVE Bronwen, and Bonnie! I saw Bronnie on Neighbours too! Bonnie means fat in the Midlands, but I still love it too 😍😍😍😍

  • Another one is “Brynn” No it’s not pronounced “BryAn” It’s pronounced like: “Brinn”

  • I’m here because I’ve never known another SJ before other than myself so I was really just curious 😅

  • My grandmas name is Amalie 😊 I think that’s very pretty. I’m from Germany and this name isn’t very popular:)

  • No one: Me: I just trying to find a name for my dog 🐶

  • My daughters middle name is Aurelia (uh-rail-e-ya)

  • My husband LOVES Story...it's growing on me!!!

  • My daughter is Juliet. I’m currently pregnant with our second and really struggling on another girls name! Help!

  • Um.. I'm 11, why am I here?

  • Ha, one of them is my name, I leave it to you to guess which one.

  • I love Odette

  • if the title was honest it would be: “what white moms name their 4th child”

  • I didn't search for this and not planning a kid but IT-tvs recommended me this... Am I still going to watch this? Yes.