1620 French Fry Challenge

Pubblicato il 1 feb 2019
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1620 French Fries!!! Over 6,900 Calories, and 5.1 pounds of straight up Deep-Fried Starch.
P.S - Yes, I counted every single fry..
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  • This is actually very dangerous

  • How those fit on Matt's belly?

  • hahaha amazing

  • He actually didn't used the sause beside him

  • Gluttony

  • I like my fries without sauce😂just salt and ready to eat😂

  • Matt: *didnt use the kechup* Ketchup: *Am I a decoraton for you?*

  • 끝나고 오바이트?각인가

  • You may want to become aware of the effects and consequences of fatty liver. Good luck

  • Why am i watching this at 11:48 PM when I’m hungry asf

  • Ketchup “please use me!”

  • Omg im gonna puke to even see that french fries mountain. I’m sorry.

  • I can do that I'm a big French fry fan I could eat alot

  • I heard 6 French fries is enough😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • All that carb and sodium, how does he not have diabetes and other shit damn.

  • I think i couldn't eat all those French Fries!

  • Helal olsun sana Matt

  • I wish I could eat all the food he always eats but I/we can't!!!😭😭😭 And he didn't even use the ketchup at all! And you know what bothers me? That he always drops food on the table and he never picks it up or eats it he just leaves it their!!😭 But I guess he can do whatever he wants its his video but I would eat ALL The food that's their!😂😂😂

  • This was just super annoying Matt, why in the world would you not use the ketchup? Come on!!

  • He don’t even touched the ketchup

  • No french fly Yes belguim fry

  • Now every french fries got a respect😂

  • you deserve to have a billion subs and views ❤️👍👏

  • This is just lowkey 4:20 because 16=4 in military time

  • Damn my mouth is having a new waterfalls

  • Enjoy high blood pressure

  • Why is there a ketchup there to dint dip it 😂😂

  • My guy legit counted the fries🤦🏽‍♂️😂

  • Give away

  • i can easily tackle that many fries but just not fast

  • You're going to shit out the state of Idaho.

  • This is the type of challenge that i will win

  • Actually his weight is 1 ton

  • How this man not fat yet

  • What was the ketchup for

  • SCAMMER GET SCAMMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Each handful looks like a large fry

  • Ketchup wasted

  • what he do in his videos.... *EAT* how he celebrate his 7M subscribers........ *EAT*

  • this guy so awesome whooo

  • Am I the only one who likes cold fries?

  • The right way you need to eat french fries

  • why is this guy not getting fat?

  • *ez*


  • everyone saying : dont eat fried stuff too much, its unhealthy matt : eeeeaasy its only 1620 fries me : sh*t

  • Terus sausnya buat apaan??????😂

  • I bet that cost a lot of money 🤣🤣😂

    • Am awesome tf YT it’s only 10 boxes maybe...

  • grosser than I expected

  • Waaaaaawwww

  • If you eat that fast, you mum will ask you what is the food taste like.

  • 5:42 Final Destination

  • Can we appreciate he didn't use the full plate of KETCHUP

  • i love thst fry

  • Did you spent all your time counting French fries

  • Mountain of fries is bigger than his stomach. How did it fit?

  • not gonna lie but, this is me at school whenever there is fries

  • RIP ketchup

  • 3:40 my dude don't eat your fingers just the fries