160TB Server with Linus! (From Linus Tech Tips) - Smarter Every Day 222

Pubblicato il 30 lug 2019
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45 Drives - Customizable, economical, high density storage servers
unRAID - Safe, protected data storage, based on Linux, configurable
Seagate - 5 year warranty, vibration-resistant, data-recovery warranty
Linus's video when he visited the US Space and Rocket Center
Standard Raid Levels:
How Unraid works:
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    • did linus drop some oh those?? lol

    • I'd never found a spanned drive raid solution that meant you would only lose the data on the drive that failed before, or not as far as I understood (that goes from raid 0 to raid 5!). So there is no way to have the extra recoverability features that UNRAID provides by using any of the standard 0 to 5 RAID protocols on their own? Does this mean you have to use software raid instead of hardware raid? Also If i'm understanding this parity thing right, you can backup say 30tb worth of data on to 1 10tb drive through some sort of glorified algebraic form of compression? The question is how to have that AND never lose more data than is on one drive if one drive fails? (while also having the drives spanned so that they are recognised by the system as a single volume for organisational purposes)

    • SmarterEveryDay No need to trick, good buddy!

    • Follow up question: was it enough?

  • Backup ? .... lmao more seriously, ..... cant keep everything .... sometimes you need to let go.

  • Should have gotten an Dell VNXe for a few grand

  • Imagine the slow mo guys

  • The 5 year warranty is great...you'll need it with Seagate drives

  • Every time Linus installs a server for another youtuber he puts a little icon on the side of his car just like how fighter pilots put pictures of planes they have shot down.

  • Is it just me or do the mom cards that thay installed of the server look like NES cards

  • Hey Destin, how long did it take for you to transfer all that data?

  • Very nice! And what about backup? If the drives with the initial data are not spinning regularly they might not last long... I guess there will be a part II for the backup server...

  • I guess the real question now is, was it enough storage?

  • Linus!!

  • I never seen this guy that have 7 mill and need help of linus Snatch blocks

  • My pron collection is bigger.

  • The next video we found out that Dustin is the child produced by marring linus and luke. Smarter every day....

  • Hope you have fast network at home. I can't imagine to transfer data from server on slow wifi and so on ;-) Also, which file system you have installed for this storage and type of data?

  • On another similar one, I said exactly what you suggest. I'm a mix of the two worlds as I know a lot of the IBM guys who were on the project as I did their it system (now not way back). I'll assume you used the space up by now and I'm going to have to shoot a video to the "next problem". ...

  • His "Unraid" is actually a RAID 4.

  • I have 89Gb of Ai Shinozaki DVDs...I need a server and more Kleenex boxes

  • Linus has a mental breakdown: The Video

  • feel like i'm watching Linus Tech Tips Video..

  • Update video on this server! Thank you!

  • Expert :')

  • 5:25 LinusDropTips flag got triggered.

  • Seagate 12TBs? Hasn't Linus seen the Backblaze hard drive failure rates?

    • trust me seagate wouldnt send the drives if they didnt trust them to last long, it would be the worst pr stunt they could do

  • My my i cant understand enything.

  • At 2:29, a human tape drive?

  • Linus' face... is priceless while his mind is being blown

  • nice one hows it working out ?

  • this is great!

  • First time I hear Linus say: You dropped it instead of his co-workers... 2:46

  • You know, this guy needs one of the vault servers linus has, like he might actually fill it.

  • That flurry screen saver

  • Great! Finally new drive

  • That actually isn't a bad inventory system for storage drives, if you don't have a storage server.

  • Aren't you a rocket scientist? Lol

  • This dude: does 90% webcam style videos Linus: lEtS BuiLD a 160TB sERveR

  • so when will you make "How to Build a 8K Editing Computer" with linus

  • My IT heart brake at least three time XD


  • Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE show how you ported all the data and organized it. Its one of my biggest problems.