15 Men Compete for 5 Women

Pubblicato il 11 set 2019
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  • the dude who played cello though

  • How can Gabby decide when all those time that long haired dude was talking and the others are silent because of him 😑

  • Every minute : My NoMaDiC jOuRnEy

  • Mmm uh no

  • 1:26 Damn........ Nothin gets me harder than amish children (Sarcasm)

  • Damn did Phillip catch a stroke when typing that name

  • Hey blonde chick u live near me hmu

  • 5:19 I find her personality so bubbly, funny, and cute. 7:55 Just my feeling, but I think he talked himself out of the date. :)

  • All the asians went for the Asian

  • I need more Voji in my life

  • The tall white guy only said 2 words this whole video and won lol

  • 2:49 yooo I live in Myerstown too

  • badabing

  • 7:48 This guy is the type of guy to lose his legs and be like: sick dude

  • 7:50 how many times did he say my friend plus, he annoyed me so much he's like a hippy

  • The long-haired guy was really sweet

  • 6:03 no offense but this dude didn't give anyone else time to talk, he just kept rambling about his life

  • 2:25 made me dislike the video.


    • She'd be safe if she ever gets a fever.

  • They were all attractive. That's not fair. Pair up average looking people man!

  • This is the number of times they said "oh my god"👇

  • That long haired guy was hella annoying omggg

  • "I like to spend my free time in the gym...i recently got into that :D" I can see

  • I swear everyone just separated into ethnic groups

  • love that all the white guys lined up for the white girl

  • The girl willing to swallow that gum.... can swallow these kids😭

    • Hold up she said she made out in front of millions nvm.

  • Roman is soo hot!! 😍🤩🤩 Lol I think it's cute that he doesn't seem to talk a lot. Maybe he's just shy. But overall he seems like a real nice guy. I don't know why she eliminated him first. 😭 I wanna see more of ROMAN please!! 😅

  • 2:23 that pickup line is pure gold

  • “Byeee.. ha ha, ba da bing” He’s heart broken...

  • The Voji guy. Crazy as they come.

  • Asian girl: "who likes bobas?" xD cant stop laughing hahaha but bobas are soooo good!!

    • Yeah I can rattle off favorite flavors and add ons. Definitely a good small talk starter for me. Litchi with mango jelly or strawberry popping boba-let's start there. 😂

  • Mackenzie was absolutely gorgeous and cool.

  • long hair guy kinde of remaind me of tom hollend

  • They are told who to eliminate.. That long haired guy needs to get into his home and drive off..

  • Nobody: Literally no one: The guy with the blond hair: take a deep breath

  • The long haired guy sounded like he sucked a helium balloon 😂

  • im so glad she didnt pick the nomadic journey guy jeez

  • That long hair dude needs to stfu

  • This is so much better than the guy version.

  • Girl, never mention how much of a hoe you’ve been to any man! That’s a major turn off! Next time use a different introduction 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Anyone knows Gabriella's IG? Asking for a friend...

  • There should have only been two lines. One in front of the blonde yoga girl and another in front of the social media girl.

  • Dude can u not be weird just cause u have long hair, its possible.

  • they all got adorable men tbh

  • gangbang!

  • God why did the one black guy have to have his hair blonde

  • this is the most heterosexual video ive ever seen

    • This was some cishet nonsense.

  • this hurts

  • when did joe pesci grow such long hair

  • 2:17 i feel with the guy in the back, respect to him 😔👊

  • The girls r acting in a disgusting and annoying manner jumping around and acting like they r making such a huge decision uurggh yuck nkt


  • I gotta say, I love the hippy

  • Is no one gonna talk about how hot the guy that plays the cello is??

  • Would like to see this with adults instead of kids. These kids be rambling lol it's cute but all the same after a while

    • Yeah it'd be nice if they were in their 30s or close to. Then everyone would be more likely to be past their ridiculous signaling phase.

  • I play the cow bell..

  • The girl with the long blond hair is crazy and annoying 🤯🥵

  • Just take a deep breathhh

  • 6:35 what a chill dude

  • Voji reminds me of a mixture of the hippie dude from the grown ups movies and beast boy from teen titans