Pubblicato il 23 lug 2019
Today we share with you a cool drawing technique that you will totally love! Spray paint art is a very cool kind of art that will let you create real masterpieces in minutes. You can create truly surreal landscapes and even other planets that will look great! You can decorate your room with various posters or even create gifts for your friends. Moreover, you wonโ€™t need any special instrument, you can use can lids, paper plate, and a liner.
Start from composing your painting on a sheet of paper by laying the paper plates that you will turn into planets. Spray several paint colors over the plates. Next, remove the plates and paint planets in various colors. One more cool thing is that you can create various textures. Spray a layer of paint on a piece of paper and place a piece of newspaper over it while the paint is still wet. Run your hand across the newspaper and remove it. You will have a cool texture on your picture.
One more cool ideas are to make any shape on your picture in 5 minutes. Print any shape or picture on a paper and cut it out. Create any background, for example, the galaxy or simply sky with stars. Place your cut-out shape and spray black paint over it. But you should protect your beautiful background from the black paint. Remove the sheet of paper and add any detail you like. Watch the video till the end and you will find more step by step spray paint tutorials!
00:09 Spray paint planets
01:07 Spray paint galaxy
02:15 Star Wars poster
03:40 Spray paint phone case
04:39 Surreal landscape

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  • 15 ideas title but truly 2 ideas and 15 ussles arts that copy that idea.

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  • Sure ill paint my phone and hope it comes off, oh dont forget to light the phone on fire as well!!! I think i might do the first one be i LOVE RICK AND MORTY...i was talking about pickle rick once in town and a guy driving by literally YELLED PICKLE RICK....XD

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