15 Best Magic Tricks That You Can Do

Pubblicato il 5 ago 2019
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How about a new compilation of magic tricks? Are you interested? Then get comfortable and watch a new video on your favorite channel!
Supplies and tools:
• Drinking straws
• Double-sided scotch tape
• Headphones
• Book
• Marker
• Lemon
• Cardboard box
• Banknote
• Hairpin
• Bed cover
• Photograph
• Black paint
• Elastic bands
• Pen
• Hair
• Wire
• Ruler
• 2 candy boxes
• Hot gun
Tobu & Hellberg - Sprinkles
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  • Do more i dare you challenge and one color challenge and pranks

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  • You probably would my favourites on my worst you're probably like my on hundred favourite video ever and not really a fan 1 2 3 go or who so if that's okay with you I like to watch a video so much I don't want to watch them any day everyday I watch them sometimes like they kind of work with a guy not I'm warming piano and stuff so that's because do I would probably like I love your videos. I want to learn how to do pianos animal magic trick players don't want to learn magic so that's okay with you and I'm not a big fan of your videos but I watched a lot when I don't have anything else to watch is probably the reason why I watched a lot and probably I'll see you in a minute but this is all for one two three go woo hoo and troom troom so you guys love the videos please come down below and five minute crafts so yeah I need love it please give me a shout out I love like the little things like the one where you fill up the water thing and then and then you put water and then you put a blender with water in it and then you give it to your friend with the Pringles in it yeah I love that when I just want to expose I might have been from troom troom I'm not really sure if I'll have to check it and I'll see you back in a minute on ninja hyper seal piece I have a lot of things to tell you I really enjoy this your videos and I really really hope that I can see some new things that you can show me on choo-choo with who and 1 2 3 go that's really my thing I want to see like a cool stuff I need to cool stuff I'm not cuz you know I'm a ninja I don't have a spy bag but if you don't know I'm a spy ninja and I try to be in my favourite things to watch Chad and V they're my favourite things because they're so cool because I just want to watch them they hire them I subscribe to them I think I subscribed to you if I didn't also describe and I gave child has 10 million subscribers so I think you're more than 10 million now like Chad has a lot of experience his name's not trial by the way I meant to say Chad but yeah we have a great time to go to watch them their favourite favourite favourite shows please leave me a comment and Shout me out if you don't shut me out best buddy I mean show you're going to get V money might not want to give you this because they're going to hurt me and I really love to see your thing diamonds but I want not to do cool in them play you know if you download simply piano it's a good app where you guys going to play a piano keyboard to play it I played everyday it's a fun thing I don't play it everyday because I'm not here a lot this the last weather RI houses my dad's house and Mom says and dog houses so there's a lot of stuff they have sorry that's dog dog d o u g yes. Sorry about that I got news for you on Amazon for you I do a concert and I have a good song young dumb young dumb broke high school kids yeah yeah yeah yeah Yad Yad Yad y Yad Yad Yad young dumb broke high school kids yeah yeah yeah okay show me out please thank you peace

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