14 Videos That Will Definitely Freak You Out

Pubblicato il 13 lug 2019
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In this top 14 list, we look at scary videos that I'm confident will freak you out. Whether they're real or fake, let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Enjoy my analysis of these entries.
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
jdgehlert (pond5.com)


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    • Hi im reza ,im from Indonesian ,I hope in your channel there is an Indonesian translation

    • @Gracie Antcliff yet you sat through and watched the entire video and then had the nerve to take the time to type up and leave a reply. You probably even subbed and I guarantee you'll be back checkin for content too. You know why he sounds like that right? Because he's an alien and he's learning to speak our language. And you can bet that he has already infected your mind.

    • I hate your voice. oh my god

  • it chills when when chills begging for subscription

  • 1:40 had the same thing happen to me, just a fox

  • No

  • Number 6 someone’s arm look a bit long

  • The thing with the worms in the chocolate, that happened to me once, only with a different kind of chocolate

  • Number 13 is just a fricking bird

  • That blob of spiders was actually a bunch of harvestman(daddy long legs). They aren’t actually spiders, but they are arachnids

  • Idk why but I really want Chills as a Siri setting

  • Its a chupacabra

  • Number 9 looks like a dog

  • 7:56 "Exploration date"

  • 6:35 That is the dude's *LEFT* eye, not his right one.

  • The first video he was very dumb to do that

  • Your voice makes me want to hunt you down

  • I like the videos but his voice is annoying

  • 9:20 translates to: *Super pubic hair*

  • I think the forest scream is a dying deer

  • I just noticed this is the guy who said "BuRgErKiNg FoOt LeTtUcE" no hate,

  • Man: *touches “fluffy bug”* Spider: I’m about to ruin this mans whole career

  • why does he talk like that

  • You should do a Sam and Colby video

  • Im not twelve but his voice is interesting 😂

  • Before we get to number 1 My name is burger king foot letuce

  • Go to 1:54 Your welcome

  • Ive gotten so used to his voice i now kind of like it

  • 7 is a pure talent

  • The noises in the woods r birds

  • Is it me or does this mans voice sound more creepier by the minute cause I literally think his voice is possessed no offence but I actually think it's cool to make the video creepier with ur voice

  • 12:18 I'm pretty sure that guys autistic :/

  • My mom never bought Capri suns again after my little brother accidentally drank maggots from it 🤢🤢🤢🤢

  • That kid in 2 is a boss

  • ghost is theres no shadow! i am right? or not?

  • so we not gonna talk bout that shadow figure in 14 ok

  • Viet Nam is creepy as heck bro ,i am viet nam so i know cuz most of viet nam is empty streets or forest

  • Seeing a spider isn’t scary. It’s scary when It disappears

  • Monotone Computer generated surfer dude stoner voice

  • Alright boys I'm going full screen wish me luck

  • Why would a baby crawl out of the window like that they should save guard that window And make a baby proof

  • Thats a windego

  • I think that creature is actually a human cuz I put myvmothers phone up to my ear and it sounded like a scream if police found anything in the woods at that place it's for sure a human screaming for help

  • 9 Definitely based on the movements of the shadow, its gotta be a small animal, most likely a cat.

  • Number 13 It's either a Moose or an Elk

  • The story is frightening but your voice is so funny.

  • OH sh*t

  • The sound might be a loon.

  • 1:40 probably a skinwalker

  • Nobody else gonna talk about how the clown on the highway was a sign

  • 11 is probably a gap between two trees

  • 1:17 this guy made me jump

  • Thanks for telling me about the Caprisun when I had literally just drank one.

  • 6:25 um ok

  • Chils. This was taken before HD so its to hard to tell Also Chills. I can make out the buttons on his shirt... 😐

  • dude talk faster u sound like ur learning English

  • Chills u creep me out

  • Sounds like a bear

  • 9:49 14?

  • That kid looks like he's done that before climbing out the window that was scary

  • No7 wa d fuk

  • I heat his sound

  • At 4:55 it kinda looks like a dog

    • Also number 6 really

  • 2019 I’m sorry dude but that music vid has 1M views and I didn’t watch it yourwelcome

  • So, we're not gonna talk about the shadow person down the hallway in #14???

  • i hate the speakers voice soo much.

  • Number 13 sounds like it maybe Manbearpig, This looks like a job for Al Gore!!! Excelsior!!

  • That guy in #3 just said "super pubic hair" wtf

  • Chills why can’t I watch the video?

  • Guy on number ten was either drunk or like how chills says probably someone who needs another person or a guide with him

  • That’s not human

  • 3:55 OMG TTC

  • me enjoying the video: "i am oddly calm...." chills: *shows his pfp me: *"sweet baby jesus wtf"*

  • I love peanut butter cups Nevermind

  • I have a really monotone voice and my mom thinks I sound like this guy Bruh

  • Hi

  • No one: Absolutely no one: Chills: Ex”pli”ration date

  • No one: Absolutely no one: Chills: Ex”pli”ration date

  • Alright boys I'm going ful screen wish me luck

  • that sherk is not animal or human i not know what sherk that was

  • 11. My only thought another person at the funeral or a statue

  • 4:58 its a cat chills, a cat