14 Minutes of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Gunfight PC Gameplay - Gamescom 2019

Pubblicato il 20 ago 2019
With Nvidia RTX On we got some hands-on time with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on PC.
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  • Foot steps sound and the fact am going to play this on 5k tv hmmmm

  • As oothers have said, the way the guns fire is amazing, but I have said this for a decade, get rid of all the overlays and have a mode where there is no healing and proportionate damage to limbs.

  • anyone else feel like it's to jarring and making them uncomfortable....lol

  • I haven’t been interested in a Call of Duty game for the pass 6 years, but I gotta say this game has me on the edge of my seat. I just hope that is not “always online” and I wanna see some single player campaign gameplay as well.

  • Still no leaning?

  • I like how it shows your loadout before the match starts

  • "Молодцы ребята! Well done!" Порадовал этот момент, снова русские фразы в английской версии😊

  • how does the scoring system work in this gamemode?

  • That FOV is disgusting

  • Does this one has mission campaigns ?

  • improvement since ww2 it's like a decade i think

  • Finally they've stirred away from the typical cod death animations... gives a more authentic feel

  • This recoil of the pistol. Omg. Like playing as real person, not the Terminator.

  • looks nice but a bit worried about my gtx 1060 running it well.

  • can a nvidia geforce gtx 1050 ti 6 gb run this?

  • 14:06 lucky :D!

  • After watching this, I felt like... Why FPS game feel the same? My taste is just so different now and I'm starting to more interested to TPS game instead

  • Someone pls tell me what should I get call of duty black ops 4: like Call of duty modern warfare: reply

  • Wow the audio is awesome.

  • If you can take the lights out in this I will be happy

  • 7:18 damn they got robbed right there

  • Cs 1.6 aim_awp

  • the sound design is top notch

  • How i can download it on pc

  • Man I Love The Sound Of Gunshots... It's Satisfying!

  • Can’t wait to play on PC. PS4 version is like moving through quick sand.

  • No nvg?

  • nice spawn music

  • RTX is mad

  • They actually tried on the audio this time

  • ITS the only camera mod?

  • Listening to this through head phones, even moderate volume, the guns are so loud. I love it, it's almost realistically deafening. Cannot wait to get my hands in this.

  • Call of duty " laterally " i have hope after the amazing mw 2007

  • Man had 8/10 bullets left then reloaded 😑😂👍

  • wtf...when did we start focusing on death match or any kind of online playing rather then campaign trailer

  • I hope there’s ground war in beta

  • Im here, who loves me? :))

  • Kinda want them to release some indication of pc requirements before pre ordering xD

  • wait what? IGN gameplay thats actually played by someone competent?

    • Nah the video cut out the parts where the guy died. Just look at the scores at the end of each match it's pretty obvious

  • Wow this is soooo NEW!!!! A FPS game that has soldiers in “modern warfare” and online gameplay. The bar is set people the FIRST OF IT’S KIND!!!!! I am so excited and impressed by the new technology and innovative game design. 🙄

  • Wow it’s like they manifested all of our complaints over the last 5 years and fixed them into this game, looks epic

  • I just played a few rounds on PS4, and even tho it's only the alpha, I am very dissapointed with the gameplay aswell as the graphics, both are very sub par. I was finally hyped about a COD since Ghosts, and the hype is gone again.

  • Now this is COD!

  • sehr nice beste spiel der welt

  • Wow Awesome Graphic!!

  • Es increíble lo bien que se ve el juego, vengo por SOKI xddd

  • @5:50 - The music here reminds me of the zombie mode in World at War!

  • The guns feel 10x better

  • The music makes the match more intensed.

  • 1v1 me....said no battlefield player ever

  • charlie04 is cracked on the rocket launcher

  • is the creator of the vid too insecure to show your team losing a round?

  • It's just the same map over and over

  • This map is awp_india from cs 1.6 lol only a few changes made really creative map designers

  • Diamond is not the hardest rock ever since the release of this gameplay!

  • And this isn’t even its finally form yet 😤

  • One question.. The new cod hasn't singleplayer? Thanks

  • They should get rid of nametags.

  • 6:55 that win tho

  • Wow the gun physics n everything looks amazing