13 YR OLD called Pokimane WHAT?! Fortnite Duo Fill!

Pubblicato il 14 ago 2019
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I played more Fortnite Duo Fill on stream the other day! I matched up with a 13 yr old kid. Thankfully he wasn't as inappropriate as the other one 😳 😅
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13 YR OLD called Pokimane WHAT?! Fortnite Duo Fill!
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  • Kids these days are wild 🙄😅

  • “No no no I was telling myself that I was thic” hahaha

  • 2:00 who noticed he said ps4 and poki put up a picture of a xbox controller?

  • Nwope

  • Roses are red Violet's are twisted Bend over poki You're about to get fisted

  • « If I was only better at this game » poor guy😓

  • How many days you will run your channel from these kids Pokemon

  • all kids now playing fortnite soon game will close for that reasson haha

  • Wow pokimane u said good dmit

  • Fortnite player:someone send me a anacholan PokiMane:NO don’t look at it Fortnite player:oh my god

  • Wait* i keep idk pwease help just like to hwelp me of my night mwares

  • Waig how in like...nvm like um um idk i just IDK MAN Creepy Fnaf is scare me pwease help me on the night mwares

  • Formula tryed to copy pokimane and he HAD THE WRONG SETTINGS

  • Says I’m on ps4 pull up Xbox on edit

  • How do you hit the bell?

  • I subscribed!!

  • In the start she was playing Fnaf In VR that keeps driving me crazy like oh drat

  • This is the first time pokimane swore

  • Its funny how ppl say I'm such a fan when they get to play with her but irl they dont watch her streams lol

  • Nobody cares 😤😭

  • He's rightio

  • "im a Christian "

  • I am also crishchen

  • At 2:45 the kid calls pokimane thicc just fyi

  • how does he sound like he is 13? sounds like he is like 8 or 9

  • LoL pls

  • נשבה זה אני

  • Wow you are so kind poki❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😅

  • I love how he said he plays on ps4 but the editor put a Xbox controller

  • These kids weird bruh

  • Why are you so mean poki wtf

  • It’s true

  • I'm sad i don't wanna tell my cousin that i u are My fav youtuber i'm scared to tell them

  • Omg this kid is hungry

  • Trash

  • All of my guy fri nds watch you now

  • :D FNAF 1 :D IN VR ILFNAF :)

  • No I'm Christian

  • Listen please ones at a Quran recitation

  • Says he’s on PS4 *shows Xbox controller*

  • I am a cristin what are you saying

  • Can you play sims 4 pls

  • Trash

  • Ur voice is soo cute

  • I liked the vid cuz the true contract meme

  • Your fit

  • All I can say that *THIS IS AMERICA*

  • poki can we 1v1 im a defult and I really want ur tips to become a pro like u

    • Search up Faze sway hes pro

    • She's bad

  • Kid ain’t wrong shrooms are great

  • Ok, Im startin to get concerned with my voice rn, im 14 and have a voice like 9...

    • AKIY ORCA im 14 and i sound like 20

  • Lol cool video I sub I am new to the channel

  • 1:58 poki says you have to figure it out but you can't alt tab.The guy I don't know what that means cause im on PS4 shows a Xbox controller

  • I know it's against my traditions as a strong and faithful Christian but.. *Fuck this stream sniper shit*

  • Poki's duo fills are the cringiest ever dude lmao

  • BWAHA Poki has this other side of her personality that's like I DON'T TAKE ANY OF YOUR BULLSHI-

  • No

  • Poki cmon don't be mean to the streamer kid cmon he just doesn't use push to talk maybe he doesn't usually use voice chat

  • Your big but

  • Hi 👋

  • I know who that kid is he goes to my school he looks Latino