13 Minutes of Fortnite Players Having 200 IQ

Pubblicato il 8 ott 2019
13 minutes of Fortnite players having 200 IQ. They are so smart its crazy!
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This video contains:
When Fortnite Players Have 200 IQ
200 IQ Fortnite Compilation
Best Fortnite 200 IQ Plays
Fortnite Battle Royale
Fortnite Funny


  • These clips are so worthy of 200iq plays. Love to see it#usecodelit

    • except 8:30

    • @Hugi0308 not really

    • Ou mano tu é BR

    • Thanks for finding my clip😂😂 I had 5 views on that how the f”ck did u find that clip!!!?? Highest IQ play goes to me👌🤣 4:29

    • I play laptop and get 120 FPS

  • This is why I uninstalled this game

  • 3:01 B R U H

  • Is nobody gonna talk about the Cheeto playing Fortnite

  • But the cheeto filter in the first clip 😂😂😂

  • Wow nice 👍🏼

  • I’m gonna go to get the minty axe right now at game stop

  • Go all and see best albanian player Iampandush on yt go go go 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • First clip yt channel??

  • These type of people make the game unfun

  • Some are 200 iq. Some are just luck

  • U want to play i am FrickBoy of sniper

  • 5:50 that’s edited or something bc that definitely NOT real bc the junk rift never goes that high

  • الناس الي شعرهم طاويل احب ان اوجه رساله استرجلو

  • The sweat level is off the chats.

  • 2:27 What IS this name

  • 3:51 is fake

  • 3:05 when you see your Chinese friend for the first time in a year


  • *12 yr old hits 200 iq clip* 0.5 seconds later: *AUTISTIC SCREECHING*

  • Jedyny Polak na filmie Ale kurwe rozniosło kurwa ja pierdole XD

  • i hate every single one of their voices

  • I only clicked on this video because I’ve committed the thumbnail before

  • 13 minutes of Fortnite players being lucky*

  • 8:00 😂😂😂

  • I love fortnit

  • there isn't mr savage xD

  • Thats why stopped fortinite for a time. There are way to many gadgets and vehicles. It was no longer a shooter. It was game of contraptions.

  • 1:21 James Charles I didn’t know you were a gamer

  • Some people are trash at fortnite

  • Only geniuses can understand Fornite.

  • Skill shot doesnt mean good iq DUMBASS!

  • 1:50 “that was legit ness”

  • Good job all of you

  • This was so satisfying 😍

  • 200iq? Ok buddy Albert Einstein’s iq was between 160 and 190 none of these people are that smart

  • Me sitting here seeing 12 year old's gaming setup costing more than my monthly income

  • Oh the cringe. Couple cool clips though, snipes.

  • 1:45 the transition between clips is crazy

  • Since when are Fortnite players anywhere near smart

  • 6:38 the best part

  • Nice Video!

  • Fuck the system

  • You don’t have an IQ if you play fortnite

  • I can't understand what's going on

  • Fortnite streamer: **gets insane clip** Also fortnite streamer: *:|*

  • 5:17 that boi looks like the ikonik skin but more Asian

  • Bunch of sweats

  • 0:00 soz but we’ve all done that.

  • I fucking hate Fortnite why the hell am I here

  • 13 minutes of dudes being absolute virgins

  • 4:47 WhAT ThE FuCk DiD hE jUsT sAy

  • Someone doesn’t know the difference between luck and 200 iq

  • FAKE NEWS the video is eleven minutes AND one second AND the video is only like 10:50 seconds of actuall fortnite footage

  • Les français vous êtes là ????

  • Some of those transitions tripped me out

  • 9:43 When everyone’s laughing at a joke but you don’t understand it

  • did a cheeto just play fortnite?

  • Wtf cringe everyone knows fortnite players are peepee

  • Can someone explain the first one to me?